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What is your irrational fear of the day?

Asked by Cupcake (15502points) December 1st, 2009
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I woke up to the neighborhood covered in a sheet of snow – the first snow of the year. As pretty as it was… I new almost immediately that I would have to do one of my most dreaded things of the year: go down to the basement and dig out the winter boots.

It’s not that the trip to the basement is that bad in and of itself (I do go down there regularly to wash and dry laundry), although I have to pass the litterboxes on the way. Nor is the digging around in the gray plastic bin that holds out of season shoes and other bits of things.

The real issue is the process I have to go through with my boots to make sure that no mice has nestled deep within the fuzzy hollows of my boots and made itself a cozy home.

So I found them… turned them over… banged the mess out of them… slowly unzipped them… timidly dug my hands in… and made sure there were no creatures lurking deep within my boots.

I do this annually.

So I am irrationally afraid of mice in the bottoms of my boots. How about you?

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starting reading Hearts in Atlantis and i’m scared of “low men”. irrational because its a fear stemed from a fiction book.

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I have a turkey carcass in a plastic bag in my kitchen sink that I was supposed to take to the dumpster when I left for work this morning. However, I forgot all about it until I walked into my office, so now there’s going to be a heinous smell that greets me when I walk into my apartment tonight.

Oh, the perils of living alone. I need a wife.

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Finding critters in the Christmas tree boxes at the barn. There’s always a few dead and alive hiding in them.

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Not getting enough rest so I can properly enjoy the holidays. Unfortunately my favorite time of year coincides with the busiest time at work.

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I would be more concerned about centipedes in the boots than mice shudder

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Why don’t you put your boots upside down next fall?

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Or put them in mouse-proof boxes?

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Upside down in mouse-proof boxes. Win-win situation.

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But that’s the point… I haven’t even had a mouse in the house for a couple of years. It’s an irrational fear. not that I shouldn’t put them in a bag or something…

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@poofandmook – Ugh. You had to go there, didn’t you? You just had to.

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@Les: For what it’s worth, I gave myself the willies :(

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@poofandmook Try having a river of them in your basement

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@rangerr -No. No. No no no no. That is wrong. God, I hate those things.

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@rangerr: I would never sleep again, seriously. If I see one, I don’t sleep that night, and if I do, I have nightmares you wouldn’t believe.

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A cockroach fell from the ceiling of my classroom once three years ago. There’s not a hole or a vent there, it was just a freak thing. However, I refuse to stand in that section of the room without first checking the whole ceiling for roaches.

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@Les @poofandmook @Cupcake They’re just centipedes. What you should be afraid of is finding poisonous spiders or the like.

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@jfos: Re-read. We’re not scared of mice. We’re scared of centipedes.

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@poofandmook Who says you’re scared of mice?

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@zephyr826… ewwwww!!! Gross! I would do the same.

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@jfos – Thus the whole “irrational” fear of them. I make no apologies for admitting I’m afraid of those things. It is irrational. I can smush them, and then they’re gone. But I still scream and hide when I see one. Being afraid of poisonous spiders just makes too much sense for this thread…

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@jfos: you edited. That did say mice.

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@Les I see, I see. The concept of irrationality slipped through my fingers. I once knew someone who was irrationally afraid of garlic and sunshine. Haven’t seen him in a while, though.

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@poofandmook Are you sure?

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@jfos – I’m also irrationally afraid of large flags. Who the heck knows where these things come from…humans are strange.

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Spiders always make webs in between the columns on my porch and the columns are in from of my steps I have an irrational fear of walking into them and the spider fall on me! Then just hanging out in my hair or other part of my body until I’m least expecting it and crawl on my face!

Another one I have stems from when I was little and saw a wasp in my room I was trying to find it so I could scream for my mom to come kill it. I kept looking for it with no luck. Then a few minutes later I sensed something on my shoulder so I slowly turned my head to look and there it was staring at me. To say I completely freaked out is an understatement. Now when ever a bug flies around me I will look from shoulder to shoulder for like 20 min like I have a tick and brush them off constantly till the feeling passes. I guess that one kind of tied into the first one. Oops!

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@ruk_d then don’t read Ur on the Kindle, or Wizard and Glass, book IV of the Dark Tower series. Low men freak me out too.

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that when i go into the spooky basement of this very old house to do my washing that some murderer will have broken in and be hiding down there with the blopoke by the old fireplace…...

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My irrational fear is of leaving the vacuum cleaner plugged in when not I’m not in the house. I just know that it’s turning itself on and vacuuming all alone.

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socialism taking over Latin America :s

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@jfos: Whatever.

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@poofandmook I’m only joking—I did edit.

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@wilma – I wish my house vacuumed itselfl!!

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my irrational fear is that I will get yelled at today, by somebody. That makes me stress a lot and I get really jittery and unfocused too.

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I check every ceiling almost everywhere I go for spiders. I tell myself no one notices this weird head movement.

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I also check the locks on the front door and back door more than once in a row when I get home at night and periodically throughout the day.

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First, all fear is irrational fear.

I fear poverty.

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Hitting a deer in the car and one of its legs breaking off, shooting through the windshield and piercing right through my face and into my brain.

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I fear tap-dancing centipedes that have 103 legs.

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@ubersiren once, when I lived in Fairbanks, Alaska, I saw a picture of a wreck in the paper where a car had hit a moose, and the moose was sitting in the front passenger seat with its upper body sticking out of the hole where the windshield had been. The driver was ok, escaped serious injury.

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@ubersiren: Have you seen the movie Get Smart?

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@ubersiren My mom saw Final Destination and is now terrified to drive behind log trucks.

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I once posted about an irrational fear of mine… to this day I still do it! In wonder if it’s more to get my partner to do the laundry for me than actually a fear anymore… LOL


Scroll down for the purple flowers…

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I haave an irrational fear of spiders whenever I see them. As long as I don’t see them, I’m not afraid.

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Scorpions and spiders, they’re both common where I live and I dread having to smash them into paste. One night while my SO and I were enjoying a wonderful hot tub and conversation with another couple when the woman told a story about a scorpion she once spied hanging from the apt. bedroom ceiling fan and the clack sound it’s body made against the fan paddles. Every time I hear a noise on the overhead ceiling fan then my mind immediately thinks, SCORPION!!! My SO thinks this is amusing.

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I tend to shake my boots out before I put them on. When I was a kid, I was putting my roler-skates on and a big daddy-long-legs came running out. It scared & scarred me!
I lived in fear today..fear of everything, irrational & otherwise :/

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my irrational fear for today is my having a flesh eating disease.

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I have a real fear that one day there will be no batteries in the house when I really, really need them.

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Another one for me is having electric windows in my car, so when I go into the river I won’t be able to open my window to get out!

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that the GERD that I have will not clear up with the medication that I’m on and that the flesh will become so inflamed that it will turn into cancer…

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Back in my first apartment, 15 years ago, I once poured out a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and a small brown cockroach was right on top of the cheerios in the bowl. I saw it right away and put the whole bowl and box into a bag and brought them right out to the dumpster.

To this day, I have a hard time eating Honey Nut Cheerios and sometimes catch myself pausing for a fe seconds after pouring a bowl of cereal just to be sure there is nothing moving in the bowl.

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I thought of another irrational fear of mine. I cannot bring myself to look through a peep hole on a door for the fear of someone staring back at me on the other side of the door. I always have to get someone else to look and if I’m alone I am just screwed.

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that my mum offered to drive me to the hospital this time and because I was too scared… I drove myself… she’s getting on a bit and doesn’t look at her blind spot any more…

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Too many to name.

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People in mascot suits, like Chuck E. Cheese. I’m 24 and I’ll still hide behind my mother.

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that I might have chipped/ fractured a bone in my wrist :-/...actually that’s probably not irrational either…

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Oh no @lynneblundell… I hope it’s not so.

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:-/ me too… bit concerned though…

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cobwebs in my car

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