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Anyone know what I should write in a funeral guestbook for a schoolmate that has passed away?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) December 1st, 2009
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Well, we knew each other a bit but not very well. She had passed away Friday, due to a horrible accident. Tomorrow they’ll bring her corpse to the school and there’s a funeral guest book put at the school hall & I wanted to write something in it for her but I don’t really know what I should write.

So what can I write for her?
She’s into anime, she’s nice, quiet, outgoing, loving, Asian, she’s only 20.

I wanted to write something in a japanese/anime thing for her in the funeral guest book but I don’t know what. Help please.

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“Our lives were made better because we knew you”

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Do you have any memories of her that you could tell? Any conversations you remember? Just direct it to her and tell her your thoughts about her. It needs to be from your heart, not ours.

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Like @rangerr said, share a memory if you have one. If not just be sincere…say what you feel. You’ll miss her? Then say that.

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They’re bringing her corpse to school????!!!!

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@faye That was my first reaction as well.

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(Yeah I wondered about that too.)

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@faye @rangerr @Dog Well, I meant in the casket ofcourse. I don’t know if they’re going to open the casket or not but they’re bringing it by so that we can give a tribute to her(have a moment for her).

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We lost 6 students to 6 separate incidents within 3 months my senior year, and nothing was done like that… I don’t mean it in an offensive way, but that’s weird.

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@xTheDreamer Are you in Aruba?

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I understood it was the casket. I am just amazed!! that they would bring her to a School. It seems very unusual.

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write anything about what you remember about her- the way she tilted her head, the swing of her hair. anything that you remember about this person.

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@rangerr Well, our custom is just different.
@Dog Yes, I am, I live in Aruba.
@faye Yeah, it is unusual to some hah.

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May I ask you to describe this custom? When thinking about it ,it’s touching. Funerals in Alberta are a huge money making industry. To bring a body to a school and then to the cemetery would cost sooo much more.

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@faye For us it is not for the money for us it’s more about paying respect, memories & cherishing the moment we had with a schoolmate. The loss we had for our school, it’s like one big family that has lost one of the siblings and such. You know? I don’t know, maybe it’s silly but I think of it like we do care for that person, even though not everyone at the school knew her. But it’s the thought that counts and all that.

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@xTheDreamer actually a lovely sentiment

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Think about what would be meaningful for your parents to read about you, and write that.

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“I’m a better person for having known _____”

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I feel…............from your heart, in your words, in your way. Nothing we can add can really substitute.

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Do you know which her favorite animes are? I’m just thinking that if I were to die suddenly, I’d want people to mention Akira, Kenshin, and Cowboy Bebop – animes that mean a lot to me – over, say, Lupin or Paprika (not to imply that that these two are not also excellent shows, just not as close to my heart).

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Anime isn’t a type of writing.

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Even if you can’t think of a memory just write what you remember.
“I never really knew you, but you always seemed so nice, quiet, outgoing, loving, and Asian (jk). I’m sorry that I didn’t get to know you better in our time as classmates.”

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The book will be given to the family yes? I think this idea is lovely and will mean a great deal to them. Sometimes it helps, to know you are not alone in missing your loved one. So, maybe keep the family in your thoughts when you write whatever you write in the book honey. I don’t think I’m expressing this well, what I mean is that this book will probably be treasured and might go a way towards helping them to, not get over their child’s death, how could that even be possible, but help them to cope a little, to know that their child was loved and will be missed from the world.

I’m sorry I’m making no sense here. Our family has just had their 11th funeral in 8 years and anything that can make the pain of that any easier would be much appreciated I’m sure. As others have said, maybe just any memory you have of her, even that she was a nice person, a good student, someone who cared for others.
love and hugs

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