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Can You Help Me Find this Fluther Question?

Asked by RedPowerLady (12591points) December 3rd, 2009
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Yes I did a Fluther search and did not find what I was looking for. If you find using search please tell me the search terms you used.

I remember a question awhile back that I thought was quite funny and for some reason it keeps popping back into my head. I want to know if the issue was ever figured out and/or resolved.

Someone asked about slugs in their sink. And ooze coming from the floor (perhaps due to the slugs).


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you can remove this if you want, how did you find it?

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I searched in the admin for it. Once I found it, I tried ‘slugs kitchen sink’ which gave me the question right before it. Google stinks.

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well thanx again, i didn’t try searching google, just fluther (tried again and didn’t work but glad you found it)

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A neat way to narrow down a search query is with the usage of double quotation marks – single quotations marks will not work.

Say, for example that you remember a particular string of words from the thread like “slugs in the sink” – you would wrap that in quotation marks. To narrow it down further, you could achieve that with the aid of the plus sign key and the hyphen key, by using these you can add or subtract/eliminate certain words from your search results. You remembered the word “ooze”, so the search query would look a little something like this: “slugs in the sink” +ooze

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Your question is very relevant. I have searched for questions many times and instead of finding a question, I found a list containing every time the words, both together and individually showed up in an answer.

@Gokey I have not found that using quotes has helped narrow the search very much. It searches answers word by word, and does not stick to questions only.

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Could you post the items you used? It’s a very effective method to eliminate irrelevant and unwanted search results – it can cut out thousands of results.

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@Gokey Not at this time, I forget as soon as it’s past. I will keep track in the future on my notepad, and present the answer at a later date.

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I looked up slugs and there were only four pages, i searched them all and didn’t find it.

@YARNLADY Thank you for understanding!

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It’s helpful to remember the exact string of words from the thread. When you enclose something in quotes it has to be verbatim – close guesses won’t work. If you can’t think of the exact words, try to think of key words that might have been in the thread.

For example, I took a glance at the thead and typed this into the Google search bar:
“invading my kitchen sink” +baseboards

I also tried this: slugs +baseboards +orange +oozing +fluther

I found that neither showed up in the Fluther search, but both of them showed up in Google. Also, typing in the name of the website will help to narrow down the search as well.

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@Gokey so you didn’t find it on fluther search either…

I did find on google after Andrew already found it, just to make sure.
But I am talking Fluther search here.

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I’m stumped! I tried shortening the Fluther search query to: “kitchen sink” +slugs, but it wouldn’t work.

However, when I typed in a few key words to my last thread post: “gym class” +santa
it immediately directed me to thread.

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@Gokey Ya it’s kinda hit and miss. Well thanks for trying! :)

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Wow! Someone searched for a question I asked. I truly feel honored!

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It’s my all-time favorite question!!

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@Gokey OK, here is one. I want to find my question about “pick and choose the laws you want to follow”, but when I do a search, every quip that contains any of those words comes up. I just want the question, not every instance any of those words occur.

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