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What should I bake to win a baking contest?

Asked by dianalauren (251points) December 7th, 2009
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This contest highly values VISUAL presentation – the more incredible the better.

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Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

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Based on what I have seen on Cake Boss, you should make a cake and then sculpt something out of Rice Krispie treats to put on top of the cake. Then cover the Rice Krispie treat sculpture with modeling chocolate and add decorations.

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Snowman Sweets

Then send me some ;)

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Lemon chese cake…..MMMmmmmnnnnn cheese cake!

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Make dinosaur cookies. I’ll be the judge.

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Some sort of cheesecake. Cool the cheesecake, then apply warm chocolate and caramel drizzle, then ASAP, use a butter knife to slice through it diagonally and perpendicularly to make designs.

I’m of the school of thought that dessert should look like dessert.

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Weed brownies. It’s a proven winner every time :)

In all seriousness, you should make a yule log. It’s festive, impressive, and only semi-difficult. You also get to make it snow powdered sugar at the end, which is the most satisfying part!

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Right, tha’s it, I’m off to asda!......

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@Pazza, see, I’d also go to ASDA, but it’s the A train from Brooklyn to JFK in Queens, then JFK to Heathrow, then the Picadilly line to Manor House, then I’d have to walk a couple of blocks from Dunsmere Road… or, wait, is that a Tesco? Well, whatever, I mean, I love cheesecake, but that’s quite a long trip. That’s an 8-hour trip!

MrBr00ks's avatar mmmm, German pastries, mmmmmm /drool

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@Pazza – Tesco is better :)

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Well, every little helps!

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Something that will go into an oven.

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Something like on Ace of Cakes!

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Cinnamon roles. I’d kill for my moms or my dads. They also present themselves well. Simple beauty and wonderful flavor.

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Lol. Rolls! Not roles.

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Dutch Oven!!

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thanks everyone. I made molasses cookies turned into mini whoopie pies with some sea salt.. and I won. Ask me for the recipe.

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Congrats on the win, @dianalauren!

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