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What are some crazy things you could do to distract yourself from your troubles?

Asked by cyn (6913points) December 7th, 2009
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Some Examples: Play Frisbee with the old, worn-out records, smile all the way through class and make your teacher wonder what’s going on, or cover your front teeth with foil to look like braces, etc.

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Drink heavily.

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I would never break my records.
I think just me staying awake during a class would be enough to make my teachers wonder.
I have braces.
I’m with @Poser. I drink.
But the crazy think I do is practice trick riding.
I don’t think it’s crazy, but my family and I’m sure my horses do, too.

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I like to put fake mustaches on things around the house, like taxidermy. I also childishly draw them on random faces in magazines.

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Watch Batman: the Animated Series. Or at least, it’s my most recent solution. :D

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When I found out my son lost his job today, first I cried, then I took a hot shower, and then I went online and visited all the blogs of my friends and their friends, and played a couple of word games. I visited the site which awards rice for correct answers, and contributes to help end world hunger.

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marijuana always worked for me

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omg, i thought @peedub said “put fake mustaches on” as in WEAR THEM yourself. which is what i sometimes like to do. i was going to say, @peedub, you have stolen my heart.

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@deni We must meet one day, and take fake mustache pictures. I wear them when I ride horses. I like pretending I’m a fancy man.

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@deni I sport a real one every now and then, but have nice little collection of fake ones.
You’re welcome to come over and try them on.

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@rangerr HOW’S TOMORROW FOR YOU? I CANT WAIT MUCH LONGER THAN THAT…......................youre clearly my other half

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@deni :D :D :D :D :D :D :D It’s finals week though. I’ll sport one during my exam.

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Until I heard about mustaches I was thinking sing. I have also been known to prance around in public fountains. (fully dressed of course.)

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I usually read a good book, but currently all I have is “The History of Bird Flu” and “1984”, so that doesn’t always work. If there’s nothing better to do, I’ll distract myself by making sure all of the suede in the house in the same color, not the weird two-tone thing..

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me and my friends made slush angels. . .it was basically puddle angels . . .with a bit of snow invloved. it was cold and gross in retrospect but fun at the time

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Get high on sugar and be random! (Actually, this happens everyday, school can be so drab sometimes).

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two words – Halo 3

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I would have a glass of wine, put some music on and take a bath.

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solve a rubik’s cube with one hand

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Go outside turn up the amp, annoy the neighbors have random people stare at you, police called, and some how end up on jerry springer :O

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