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Who wants to join me in welcoming Delirium into the 10k club?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21501points) December 9th, 2009
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I maybe finally get to start one of these things, and it’s perfect because Delirium is one of my favorite jellies!

Brains, good looks, sense of humor… she has it all! I know I always enjoy reading her posts and I’m grateful that we have such a stellar person as a member of our community.


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Way to go! releases the conga rats

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=o woah, i wish i was somewhere near 10k.

c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s ~*

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Delirium delivers! 10 kilolurves of brilliance with sauce on top! Good luck with your test!

Harp (19169points)“Great Answer” (25points)
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Wow, people I don’t even know are starting to reach 10K.


J0E (13167points)“Great Answer” (21points)
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Awesome! Keep it up @Delirium!

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Congrats! You know you’re doing something (or many things!) right when you have that much lurve. :)

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zoot! everyone ♥s a party… and your Happy 10K Day is quite the occasion… congrats!

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Great job Delirium! Congrats!

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Thank you for contributing as much as you have :)

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Congratulations, Delirium! You’ve joined a fine crew, if I do say so myself. Great job!

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Delirium ! Congrats to one fabulous jelly!

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Beauty, humor and the brains to boot!! What a fine jelly indeed! Congratulations, Delirium!!

Jude (32144points)“Great Answer” (20points)
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Yay, Delirium! Congratulations! Here’s to your next 10K!

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Congrats to a great contributer and one of my favorite avitars! You rock!

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Delirium, here’s to another 10k!

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How terrific for you ! Congratulations.

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Congrats Delirium! Much lurve! Keep on truckin’

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Delirium was one of the first jellies I met on Fluther and I am totally stoked that she is moving into the mansion!!!!

Delirium we have a suite between loser and I waiting. It is complete with a large reptile habitat for her pets and her own art gallery.

Your room overlooks the beach. :)


Dog (25137points)“Great Answer” (20points)
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Brava, Delirium! Well done!

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Superb job my fellow flutherite!

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Me! I do, I do! I want to join you in welcoming Delirium to the 10k club.
Welcome to the 10k club, Delirium!
Congrats to a very deserving and valued jelly. And about time I might add.

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:D congratulations!!! let’s throw a party at tevern on the green before it closes!
In this slow economy, we should find a way to ca$h our lurve (I know, @Astrochuck will have enough money to buy a new hybrid)
you know, just an idea :P

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“lurve is in the air…”

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Yay @Delirium! Congrats!!! :)

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It makes me deliriously happy to welcome @Delirium to the 10K club. You can pay your dues directly to financial secretary ;-)

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Careful, she has a severe case of herpetology.

Congrats, Delerium!

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Yay for Delirium! This is great! The 10k castle will be all the more welcoming when the rest of us get there!

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@mattbrowne,. thanx for making me have to hold my monitor up to the mirror…

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German is such a beautiful language!

Harp (19169points)“Great Answer” (11points)
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Did you hear about the 12 idiots attacking the german girl? She yells: “Nein, nein!”, and three of ‘em leave!

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!s n o i t a l u t a r g n o C

!woW !sdrawkcab si txet sihT

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Whoa, feels like every day there’s a new one! Congrats!

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Have a giant cookie, Delirium! Congrats!

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Congratulations to the lovely Del! Hats off to @Delirium for reaching the 10k club. You are a wise and highly thought of jelly!

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Hip hip horray
today is the day
Our friend @delirium
joined the 10K!!!!!

Judi (39880points)“Great Answer” (21points)
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@Judi Amazing poem!

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Mazel Tov, Delirium!

You are a delightful Jelly and the 10k are well deserved.

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Everyone kiss a snake! Del’s in the club!

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Who’s got the cake? Did anyone take it out of the frizzer yet?!

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@erichw1504, dude, at this rate, you ain’t never gonna get that Cake in the Frizzer award.

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@robmandu and how exactly do you get that award?

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I never see you and I just assumed you were gone. But since you’ve reached the 10K milestone you are obviously still around. Where the hell do you post?

Congrats to one of the oldest (not that you’re old) and most loved Jellies!

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@erichw1504 I don’t think anybody knows….

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@Val123, I actually do know exactly how to get it… but unlike the other awards, all those in the Atlantis level (like Cake in the Frizzer) have been intentionally defined in an obscure manner as a riddle or game for us to play. As such, I won’t divulge the “secret”... but will say that the best clue is the name itself… it’s just not the obvious route most would expect.

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Congrats, Delirium!

You were the one who taught me how to post unicode!

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@fireside HOW?? Please tell me!!

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Yesssss! Keep on going!

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I think it’s this way: surround your text with one @ on each side.


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I sent it in a pm, but Aprilsimnel is right.

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[ Off-topic ]


Actually, that’s just monospace (a.k.a. fixed-width). And technically, everything displayed here is in unicode, including letters, numbers, punctuation. It’s a choice of the web site designer and also a function of your web browser and operating system.

I think that sometimes when certain folks say “unicode”, they really mean “special characters”, like ß æ ÷ Δ Я Ω € ⅗.

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Err, that’s what i meant to say. I like the tool tip trick too.

robmandu's avatar

< < never learned the tool-tip trick, dammit. But yes, that’s right.

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@fireside – Heeheehee!

@Delirium, I don’t have cake. Will key lime pie do?

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Delirium hit 10k? ORLY? Coolness… Congrats to you!

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Happy 10 million!

Cool avatar too.

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Congrats to a very well lurved jelly!

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Congratulations! <3 :D

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Woooo hoooo!!! <<<Clapping>>>

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Way to go Del-icious. (You are the Ms. Frizzle of Fluther, only way cooler.)

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Happy 10k to you, happy 10k to you, happy 10k Delirium, happy 10k to you.

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Congratulations, Delirium! Couldn’t happen to a more sane person.

No, this isn’t a hallucination. You are not delirious. This is the real thing.

But not Coke.

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Yes, good job!

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Congrats @Delirium. lol hitting 10k is like a giant lurvegasim.

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Way to go Delirium!!!!!! Pancakes al around!

Dr_C (14324points)“Great Answer” (16points)
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I must be delirious to delve into this deluge of desire directed at @Delirium – but i’d be a dolt if I didn’t as she is one of the most delightful and devoted jellies.

Welcome to the dance darlin’!!

and to second @AstroChuck: sure took ya long enough!! ;^)

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Congratulations, sunshine!!!!!! You are a brilliant scholar, talented artist, and wise far beyond your years. I feel very lucky to count you among my friends.

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Congrats! We lurve you!!!

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Congratulations! I haven’t seen you around a lot but from has been said here, I’m sure you are fantastic!!!

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<—- waits eagerly for the guest of honor to appear.

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<—- Ditto!

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@MissAnthrope haha the avatar works perfectly with what you said. I giggled to myself.

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Eeeeee! Thank you!!!!

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Yaay. She squealed.

Axemusica's avatar

@cprevite it’s always nice to get them to squeal right? A satisfaction women may never know they give us. hehe.

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CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥

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A big cheers to great jelly and fellow veterinarian vegetarian @delirium! Well deserved for certain!!

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10K Par-tay!!

syz (35649points)“Great Answer” (17points)
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You must be @delirium with joy!


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Is there any cake left?????

Val123's avatar

@holden Wait! That wasn’t a GA!!! You’re just trying to take her cake! Give it, and the GA, back!!

Axemusica's avatar

@holden The cake is a lie!

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I do!

Congratulations Delirium!

delirium's avatar

I would like to thank God and my family for unwaveringly supporting everything I do. I would also like to thank my wonderful cast and director for lovingly… wait just a second here…. this isn’t my speech?!

Delirium shuffles papers around a bit.

Oh! Here!


I would like to thank Fluther for being here and Andrew for making me stick around way in the beginning and saving me from the occasional troll. Gail and Ryan I thank for reminding me why I liked it here in the first place. I appreciate everyone for not forgetting about me when I disappear because of classes. I thank my iPhone for introducing me to fluther in the first place so very long ago. I thank my reptiles for not nibbling off my fingers so that I can still type. I thank cookies and frizzers and pancakes and cakes that are lies and myself for finishing this paragraph.

I luff and lurve and snurgle you all!

Ps. Thank you for this thread, @missanthrope!

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Hey hot stuff =). Congrats on the 10K and the recent birthday and always being ready to answer all my evolution-related questions. When oh when do I get to see you again? This time with your art book, yes? Hope finals go well and you keep warm during the yucky winter!!!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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My last final was like… an hour ago and I am on break. We should get together! Our restaurant closed, though. We’ll have to go find a new one. A better one. With cuter waiters. And better food. And cuter waiters.

Soon, soon, soon, though. I was so sad about missing you last break but it seems like we were both just so busy!
Say a date and I’ll find a way to make it work. ;)

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Only if you promise to come snake seeking with me (to call 911 if I get bit by something dangerous and to poke at me if the venom is a neurotoxin…)

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@Allie Best comparison EVER

@tinyfaery I’ve been missing for a while. I kind of come back and forth periodically due to school and work and everything. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know that I’ve been missed. The back and forth is kiiiiind of why 10k has taken me so very long. Long periods of latency.

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I’m late! I haven’t seen you around, I just now found out you were on a break. Congrats!

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I’m so late, for a very important date! Congrats Delirium!

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@delirium A speech fit for Obama! Clap clap!

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I like your style, @delirium. Your thank-you speech is a perfect example of it. Thank you for the flavor you bring to fluther and for your never-boring answers. Congratulations! Always come back.

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Congratulations @delirium! Lots of lurve to you on this great 10K day!

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Del, I was so happy when I noticed you posting again, and even happier to celebrate your 10K achievement! Lurve you. <3

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CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS DEL!!!!!!!!

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Oh, congratulations Delirium on a job well done!!!!

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Nice one! I wonder if I will ever get to 10k :D

La_chica_gomela's avatar


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@pjanaway Ask, answer, comment and it will happen.

MissAnthrope's avatar

@pjanaway – You’ll get there, you just gotta keep pluggin’ and not pay too much attention to the number or it’ll drive you nuts. I recently got a whole bunch of lurve that pushed me along nicely, but before that, I figured at my rate, it’d be 2011 by the time it happened. ;)

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@stratman37 – You’re welcome! No mirror this time.

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@Jeruba It’s an honor to hear that from you. Honestly.

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Congratulations to a fellow snake lover. We’re a rare breed

delirium's avatar

Mmm, I love Bill Love’s photographs.

yay for snakes! Yay for people who like snakes, especially!!

Darwin's avatar

I like snakes but my family won’t let me have any in the house. I have a few in the yard though that they don’t know about.

MacBean's avatar

Snakes are awesome. I always wanted a pet one, but I’ve always lived with people who are afraid of them. Woe!

delirium's avatar

They’re so worth it as pets, though. If you ever get a chance, get a little male western hognose. They’re super small, super chubby, super sweet, and eat wonderfully.

SeventhSense's avatar

Hognose snakes are so funny. The Oscar winners of the reptile kingdom.

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Wow, I’m really late, but congrats anyway!!

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@delirium You would love my son! He has a whole freaking herpetarium in his garage….3 boas, little snakes, frogs. He’s been into the creepy crawly’s since he could walk and grab…

rangerr's avatar

@Val123 She can’t have him!

dalepetrie's avatar

@Val123 – maybe THAT’S who she’s sneaking around with!

delirium's avatar

NUH UH. >.>

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Very late but CongratS!!!

delirium's avatar

YAY! This is my favorite question EVER.

Axemusica's avatar

@delirium haha of course it is, ;)

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@delirium Funny, mine was a sinilar but slightly different question.

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