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What do you save for or like to do on a rainy day, what would it be and why?

Asked by Cruiser (40449points) December 11th, 2009
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Rainy days happen…what do you save for or like to do when it rains on your parade?

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The wiff likes to scrapbook. I like to write computer programs or play vidja games.

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Rainy days are for making love and watching a good movie.

Even if with yourself. ;-)

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I save for all the unexpected bills that will come up. And they will.

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I like to curl up in bed with my husband.

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Rainy and snowy days are for baking cookies. I’m gonna bring some to @cprevite’s house soon.

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Snuggle time. I also like to sit back and just watch the rain come down and roll down our street.

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Drink heavily.

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@mowens But that goes for any day.

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Rainy days are meant for snuggle time. Making hot chicken noodle soup and watching TV! If it isn’t a work day that is!
HEY Cruiser!!!!! (((HUG)))

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heh, yeah it does.

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Sleeping in, bonus if w/ someone you adore
Cuddling while watching movies
Hot mulled wine or Hot spiced chocolate
Drive somewhere scenic with favorite music if the rain is light
Fireplace while making out and then picnic on the floor
Bake a lasagna or pie
Do laundry and nap in the pile fresh from the dryer

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Movies, snacks, and snuggling.

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Might sound weird but I save housework, Like cleaning the garage n stuff. Can’t do much outside on a rainy day.

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It is a good time to have one of these…

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Wow…. when I answered I assumed the asker meant money. Like “save it for a rainy day” Sorry….

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@King_of_Sexytown I think both concepts were implied in the question and people just went in one direction.

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Excuse to watch tv and knit or read a great book all snuggled on a corner og the couch, pillows and blankets just so.

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On rainy days I like to curl up in a blanket by a window, and read a good book. I love being able to look outside when I’ve just finished reading a particularly interesting part in the book. If I’m reading something philosophical it’s even better, because then I just let my mind take me where it wants to go.

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vacation it doesn’t happen very often were pretty broke these days but we try to go some were far away at least once a year these last 3 years have really been rough

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I love movies, and there are some very highly rated movies I purposely haven’t watched, saving them for when I feel blue. My next one is the Russian version of “War and Peace”.
After that, Brief Encounter.

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@filmfann The Russian version of War and Peace is great. I saw it in NY with my mother when it came out. We both cried buckets. Hope you have a big screen.

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Now some men like the fishin’ and some men like the fowlin’
And some men like ta hear, ta hear cannon ball a roarin’
Me I like sleepin’...

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