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What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

Asked by global_nomad (1906points) December 11th, 2009
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Christmas is right around the corner! What are some of your favorite holiday tradtions for this time of year? Is there something that is unique to only you and your family or is there something that you really enjoy doing?

My favorite is decorating the tree (which I couldn’t do this year) and putting the angel on top. Ever since we were little my sister and I have taken turns on who gets this honor. Then on Christmas Eve my dad reads us “The Night Before Christmas” and we get to open one gift. I love these traditions because it doesn’t matter that I have my own life now and have to visit for the holidays; I’ll never be too old to enjoy or partake in them.

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I’m kidding of course. Every year my family goes to a chineese resturant on Christmas Eve. It is quite fun.

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Driving around town on Christmas Eve and looking at all the lights (After watching A Christmas Story, of course!).

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Going to St. Bart’s for the choral concerts. I may not be a Christian, but the music is lovely.

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Getting drunk.

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My moms home made tamales.. yummy :-)

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One of my favorites is going to downtown SF sometime before Christmas with my family to go to Macy’s and the Westfield and other places. I’m looking forward to doing that as well as going to the same places with my boyfriend (for the first time) at another time.

My family also has a tradition of driving around on Christmas Eve and looking at Christmas lights. Unfortunately, the other tradition we have had, getting out all the decorations and lights out on December 1st, this was the first time I’ve been away for that… :(

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cooking omelettes on christmas morning with has browns on the side and some early AM champagne and orange juice. oh yeah, we bout to get toasty!

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I really enjoy the “Airing of grievances”.

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My s/o and I have a Christmas Eve tradition of having a glass of champagne and opening our gifts to each other in private in front of the Christmas tree. We play christmas music and light candles. It’s about the only time during the holidays that we have alone together and we both look forward to it.

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getting the decorations out, going to Franklin Road, which is a hilly road in Auckland city, all the houses and businesses do up their properties in the most amazing lighting display, tis neat to wander the street at night, it s a buzz with people and action and energy ! L)

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Love the mimosa’s! Me and my husband have mimosa’s while the children eat their breakfast ice cream. I guess we view it as the only day to be deviant in the morning!

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It all centers around food and candy. Mmmm…holiday candy.

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@kiwigirl Franklin Road has got to be one if not the best display of Christmas lights etc. Havent been in there for several years now ~ might be time for another visit :)

As for Christmas traditions – our family one is simply to get together and have hot ham thickly sliced with butter on toast! Yum!

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celebrating every PAGAN holiday (easter , xmas , halloween , etc…) as it was before christianity stole them ,, changed them , called them their own ,,and sold it to you ;-)

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