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What features do you find most attractive in a person?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) December 11th, 2009
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Whether it be the opposite sex, or the same sex. What features of a person do you find to be most attractive to you?

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I like where the neck slopes into the shoulder.

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I like the lips and the eyes! The first things I notice on a man! Yummy

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Happy trail…

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Just look at a someone that surfs a lot. Oh yes…I love that whole package :)

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Brilliance and honesty. Honestly.

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I love a big, bright smile. When I see one it makes me smile too.

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The web between fingers.

Just kidding, do not be alarmed.

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Prominent jaw lines (both sexes), Men only: facial hair, broadness, decent muscle build, lips. Two women of late, who I find immensely attractive are Taylor Swift & Scarlett Johansson. Pouty lips, small cute noses, thick, lovely hair. And scarlett’s body is incredible.

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I tend to like dark hair on both men and women. Good posture (I need to work on mine) the way someone carries themselves. Average build for both sexes, not too fat, not too thin, and not too muscular.

None of it really matters though once I get to know someone, then you just really see their inner beauty and the rest is meaningless.

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I like the Honesty, Compassion, and Understanding of people…

I like to look into the eyes and see into the soul ; as I usually forn an INSTANT like or dislike for someone .

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The first thing I always look for in a women is what she has in that great big beautiful head of hers. Smarts and intellect.

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@le_inferno I have the biggest crush on Taylor Swift right now!

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@J0E Hell yeahhh. She’s gorg. Although it’s kinda crazy that she’s like 5’11’’ lol.

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@le_inferno I’m 6’4”, she’s perfect for me.

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I like big butts.

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and you cannot lie?

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as long as the area on the left of the chest slightly above the heart fits my head well i’m happy…

but i also like nice arms, a genuine smile, good strong eyebrows, stubble. and a cute butt does not hurt.

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@J0E Hahaha, daaamn. You’re 13 inches taller than me.
Joe Jonas broke her heart though, so I doubt she’d go for another Joe :P
She’s also currently dating a werewolf with an 8 pack. Tough act to follow! But maybe you’ll prevail, and then you’ll have to brace yourself eventually for a scathing break up song about you…:)

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@le_inferno I would be honored if she wrote a break up song about me, that would mean I actually went out with her.

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@le_inferno HAHAHAH i went to see new moon as a joke and i just now realized that he was a werewolf. i was like “what the hells up with them morphing into dogs?” i also lol’d loudly at his hair, and when he ripped off his shirt to tend to her wound. i was crying.

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Wealth and old age

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I love eyes and smiles, but mostly a casual comfortablity with who they are.

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@deni Lol were you not paying attention to the story line at all? Yeah, when I saw it in the theater everyone burst out laughing at Jacob’s first appearance with his long hair and dorky voice. And there was a similar outburst when he spontaneously whipped off his shirt, combined with OHHHH DAMMMMNNN oOOOOHH. And cat calls and such. Haha.

And when they showed the depression scene where Bella was sitting at the window with the months passing by, the text said September then October and this black girl behind me goes “SHE STILL SITTIN THEA?!” Then the month changed again, and people just started laughing cause it implied she hadn’t moved from the spot. So much for their “serious” depression scene.

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@le_inferno that is sooooo funny. hahaha i guess i wasn’t following. i was mostly too busy laughing at how unbelievably pale edward was. during the sittng at the window scene for 5 months i literally became nauseous. way too much spinning. that movie was a trip. at one point i went to the bathroom and came back and said to my friend “whatd i miss?” and he said “uhh…the hawaiian mentioned the pale kid”...i literally died laughing

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@deni hahaha the hawaiian. that’s great. yeah they make edward look pretty ridiculous, he wears more makeup than Bella.

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The eyes and the sideburns.

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@cyndihugs ooooooomg sideburns

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Glad to see so many women dig sideburns, I’ve got a pretty impressive set of burns myself ;-)

In women, I like brains, ferocity, slight nerdiness, and bookishness.

Oh yeah, and booty.

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@deni What’s shakin’? ^.^

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Honesty, trust, compassion, sense of humor, intellect, nice smile, “lively” eyes. Physical attributes are nice, but they have no depth, they do not reveal the true person inside.

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