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Have you ever attended (or participated in) the "World Pillow Fighting Championships" in Kenwood CA?

Asked by MENSAN (459points) December 12th, 2009
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Yes, there really is such an event, if this website is to be believed:

So, have you ever entered it, or would you, if you could? Anyone over 14 can, according to the event hosts/organizers. I think it might be fun to watch, at least…

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I never hoida such a thing!!!

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You can’t say THAT, tomorrow!

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I have never participated in something like that, but I totally would. Here’s a brief clip for those wondering what the championship is like.

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No but I had a dream I ate a Giant Marshmello, and when I woke up my Pillow was gone.

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@dukeG: OLD, man, REAL OLD! LOL!

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No Mensan I have never attended . It sounds like fun . A non Violent way to get out all your aggression.

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Never heard of it but sounds FUN FUN FUN!!!

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Never been to one either, Nunya. Wouldn’t it be more fun in mud??? LOL!

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I’d prefer to land in Cherry-flavored JELL-O!

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@MENSAN – with whipped cream???

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I would do this and KSA at it too!lol!

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@lucillelucillelucille – I believe that!! LOL

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@dani6119: The addition of whipped cream goes without saying.

It also helps if the combatants are of opposite genders and unclothed, but that’s another question, I guess.

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No, I haven’t Mensan. I’m from near there, originally (Santa Rosa), and I had never heard they had such a championship. I know they have the World Armwrestling Championship in Petaluma, also near there.

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Thanks for commenting, Baggins. I appreciate receiving your remarks.

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