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What do you think when you see someone texting and driving?

Asked by mellow_girl (872points) December 12th, 2009
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i see people texting and driving all the time, i also do it. please give me your opinion; how do you feel about this?

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I’m always HOPING they are also seeing the road ahead of them. Not much of that in my little bitty town though. Good question mellow girl!!! (((HUG)))

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I want to punch them in their genitals.

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It annoys me. They need to pull their ass over and phone then.

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Reminds me that a car will travel the length of a football field in that time you take your eyes off of the road to text.

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I’m too busy texting to notice.

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I am always amazed at the selfishness of people.

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I think it is totally irresponsible and I wish they would receive a fine in all states.

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Mostly dumbfounded that some have such littler concern for themselves, their passengers and other travellers. Heaven help us!

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IF someone with me has a cell phone; we call the Police / Law Enforcement…

If no cell ; I wait and follow them… then call from a pay phone etc and alert authorities…

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Accident waiting to happen. Geezer watching teen-aged girl sexting while driving—certain death for someone.

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I work with someone who admits to doing that. We have arguments about it and she is annoyed with me because I constantly tell her how dangerous it is. I don’t want anything to do with her at this point.

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I would mind my own business and keep driving.

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I stay the hell away from them!

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I get freaked out. As said above, it’s an accident waiting to happen.

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I think it is awful, horribly irresponsible.

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Think about this guy

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There irresponsible, and careless, and they don’t seem to care about the safety of the other drivers.

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I text if I’m at a red light, and know that it’ll take time. But, I don’t text while actively driving…are we talking about people in a moving vehicle? I’d be really freaked out if I saw someone driving and texting.

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Texting and driving? Someone has a death wish, don’t they?

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I think “I hope s/he runs into a large stationary object and kills him/herself, thus removing him/herself from the gene pool, and getting off the road before s/he causes harm to someone else.”

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I think they should get in a car crash of some sort, not too bad to kill them but bad enough to scare them to NEVER do it again.

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It makes me fighting mad. I think it should be banned in every state. What is so important that you have to write someone right at that instant? Talking on a phone is bad enough. Get a Bluetooth. That way at least both of your hands can be on the wheel. As those of you said up there before, it’s very irresponsible, selfish & dangerous. You deserve what you get. No sympathy from me! Just don’t kill some innocent soul along with you.

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An accident waiting to happen.

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dude is about to crash. maybe not today, but eventually he will crash. i’ll speed past you just to get away from you. they say texting is the same as a driver who has just had 4 beers.

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I think, “How can anyone be THAT stupid?”

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It pisses me off and makes me want to run them off the road!Then I remember that doing that would be assault with a deadly weapon, and then go drink some tea by my koi pond.: )

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I saw a man texting while driving a Motorcycle. Talk about breaking the “stupid” limit.

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@dukeG Wow! That’s smart. It would be an insult to people who had to ride the short bus to school to have to share it with him.

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I think that they are ticking off the moments until they get into an accident. It is inevitable. I know it happened to me. Hey, at least I learned from my mistakes!

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It really pisses me off. If they want to endanger their own life…that’s your business. But they have absolutely NO right to endanger anyone else with their selfish, irresponsible stupidity.

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It gets me kinda angry but then I do it too!

@HighShaman I think that is really really lame, I don’t know what you think gives you the right to tattle on people, like don’t you have anything better to do?

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I think of how irresponsible they are for putting themselves and others in danger.

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I can text without looking. When I see people who are OBVIOUSLY texting while driving, I feel smug because I’m better at it than they are. And annoyed because OMG LOOK AT THE DAMN ROAD, JERK.

Note: This is not entirely serious, but also not joking/sarcastic enough for a tilde.

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I live in hope that these people will crash their cars due to their idiocy, and thus prevent themselves from passing the stupid gene on to the next generation.

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Well since as texting/talking on a phone while driving is now ILLEGAL in New Zealand I just mutter under my breathe something along the lines of I hope they get caught. There is even a group on Facebook that has been formed called “F the law…I STILL TXT WHILE DRIVING” for those who don’t care if they get caught or harm others.

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I hate it. When we were on a road trip in October, my husband kept keying things into his Blackberry GPS while he was driving, such as restaurants and motels. I was very uncomfortable and complained several times. This is the first time in 35 years I did not trust him.

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If they crash and die I just hope they don’t take anyone else with them.

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they are sooo going to die someday

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@tooty_fruity88 I read your answer and agree completely .. even before I noticed who’s answer it was :P lol

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It makes me angry. I feel the same way when I see some woman putting on her mascara while driving. People who don’t pay attention are not only risking their lives, they are risking the lives of others and it’s a degree of selfishness I find repulsive.

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Mascara?! Now that is one I would never do. I have been guilty of putting on lipstick at a stoplight, but mascara, what if you poke your eye or something?

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@JLeslie Yeah. Poke your eye out with a semi truck.

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@Val123 Lol. I was raised by a mom that did not let us it lollipops in the car, because if she stopped short it could fly down our throats and get stuck. She always knows what can go wrong.

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@JLeslie I’m kinda like that! I have to watch myself so that I don’t get so over cautious and paranoid that it screws everyone up!

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