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What do you think when you see someone in a car smoking with the windows most of the way up and they have a baby in the car?

Asked by mellow_girl (872points) December 12th, 2009
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what’s your opinion when you see someone in a car smoking with the windows rolled most of the way up and they have a baby in the car?

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This seems like a lopsided question – surely no one would seriously favor that?

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I think they don’t give a damn about their child.

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I get really angry. Some people shouldn’t be able to have kids as evidenced by the fact that they do idiotic things like smoke around their kids. Smoking should be banned. Period. I don’t know why it isn’t, it’s gross and extremely detrimental to the health of not only the smoker but to those around them as well.

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Of course it makes me both angry and sad. I was a heavy smoker until I got pregnant, and by the third month I had quit entirely. Since I had my baby I’ve smoked maybe half a pack (this is within a 2 month period – I used to smoke 2 packs a day), and it’s always outside while the baby is safe indoors, and I wash my hands and brush my teeth before I handle her.

It’s one thing to smoke by yourself in the car, or even with other adults who have a say in the matter. Babies can’t speak for themselves. As the adult in the situation, the parent should do their best to keep their baby safe by not smoking around them.

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@global_nomad It’s not banned because the tobacco industry makes loads of money for the country. But that’s a different and ridiculous story.

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I think that they are more concerned about their creature comforts than their child’s needs.

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I think about removing the baby, locking the person in with the windows rolled up and filling the car with flatulence.

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I think they should be arrested.

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I find it upsetting. I’m a smoker myself and I have never smoked in a car with my kids. Even in my house, I only smoke outside or in my bathroom with the fan on.

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I feel like yanking them out of the vehicle and smacking them around ; then taking the child away from them .

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Saw a commercial once where the pregnant mother inhaled the cigarette smoke and the Baby’s heart stopped beating…

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i dont care

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they are idiots plane and simple probably some one with limited education or some one who just does not care period might I also state im in favor of population control some people should not be allowed to reproduce

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I wish I could take a picture. So the child could show it to their parents when they’re old and puts them in a nursing home. Payback!

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“Fucking idiot who doesn’t deserve a child” comes to mind.

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Not much.

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Lets compare the same scenerio to reckless driving. a child or baby has no decisiion if his parent is driving recklessly in an automobile. the child is at the mercy of its parent. lets compare this to smoking in an automobile with a child inside. the child here, also has no decision to his parents second-hand smoke. reckless driving above, is a traffic offense and a violation of the law. what about the second-hand smoke situation. should this be considered child endangerment by the adult(s). i have often wondered why the lawmakers have not made second-hand smoking in an automobile with a child, a law violation. children, in automobiles, are at the mercy of their parents.

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I wouldn’t smoke around any child but just for those of you non-smokers:
When the car is moving the windows don’t have to be down very far because the smoke will be pulled out. Its actually better not to have them too far down because they the smoke will be pulled back in.

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@Spirit_of_the_Nomad I beg to differ about the windows. Back when I smoked weed, if I rode with the windows atleast halfway down, there was very little smoke in the car… but if I drove with the windows just cracked, when I got out of the car you could see the smoke billowing out.

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I think they arent very good parents. +6 mellow lol:)

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lol yeah, that happens to me when I smoke weed too. We each have our own window science down. I usually just have all four all of the way down.

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It sickens me to see this, not only a baby, but any child for that matter.

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I think they are selfish and should be charged with child abuse. If you want to kill yourself as an adult that is your business. When a child is involved it should be a crime as that child can not help him/herself.

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I can honestly say I’ve never seen that…

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Makes me want to crack someone with a whiffle-ball bat.
Though, I’m a little touchy about being reminded of my own childhood—and the reasons I’m having breathing problems to this day.

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I think that they are inconsiderate. Smoking is fine, if you want to do it, fine. It’s NOT fine to force someone else to inhale your smoke though, like a baby who cannot object.

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uhm, its illegal in ontario(canada) to smoke wilst anyone under 16 in the car is in the car.

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They are criminals and should be dealt with as such.

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There should be a Trunk Monkey for that….

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In California that would be against the law.

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“fucking idiot”

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no care or concern except for themselves….scum…trailer trash…f…ing idiots….pisses me off

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i dont see anything wrong with it, the windows are cracked a little that is better than nothing open at all.

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I get MAD, i feel like getting them out the car and shoving the ciggy down their throats.
you can always lock them in a room full of ciggy smoke for a few days, maybe that will sort them out…

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