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Have you ever been in love with someone you know you can't have?

Asked by CupcakesandTea (353points) December 12th, 2009
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I feel like I’ve fallen in love with a man that I met when I went to a 4 week school. He was an instructor but I always felt like their was a spark between us. I barely know the guy and he probably isn’t interested but he remains on my mind.

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when i was younger i thought i had, but when i heard that he was only talking to me because he wanted me to have a threesome with him and his girlfriend that i didnt know about, it turned my stomach. so it wasnt love, just puppy love…

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I have love some women in my life ,but sometime the things did not turn into my favour and i believes that there should be no force in love and it should comes naturally from both sides.

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Impossible ~

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Doesn’t it usually take longer than 4 weeks to tell if you are really in love with someone? Maybe you’re just in love with the idea of you and him together.

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@Facade it’s impossible to be in love with someone you know you can’t have? I think it’s possible… Actually, I know it’s possible.

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Yes, for a good 2 or 3 years in High School. I’m not sure I “knew I couldn’t have” him, but I surely knew it wasn’t likely to happen. I did get to mess around with him a few times, and we were good friends, but he wouldn’t ever have had me as a girlfriend. I know that now and I’m pretty sure I knew it then, too.

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Yes, many times. Either I was too shy to approach the person, or I learned that they were interested in me as a physical being and not as a person.

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I had a major crush on my friend once but they were a different sexual orientation. :(

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Well not really….I like this guy (and he’s amazing – exactly “my type”) but he’s gonna be a freshman in the fall and so am I. Except he’ll be in college and I’ll be in high school. So I guess I could have him, but it’s highly unlikely because we probably won’t see each other again after school gets out in the spring. It’ll be nice to be able to say that I knew him when he was just a normal kid, because I (and alot of other people) am sure that he’s gonna be famous once he gets “discovered” (he sings – check out the group Song of the Day on facebook).

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@lonelydragon But as a person aren’t you a physical being?

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Those kinds of thoughts don’t cross my mind. Everyone wants me. /vanity

No, ok, really, my answer is yes. I had a huge thing for a guy who had a girlfriend. He was going to school here and his girlfriend was still in Southern California. They had been dating on and off for a few years I think. That didn’t stop us from hooking up, but I knew he wouldn’t just leave her to date me. (Regarding the hooking up thing: I didn’t make him do anything or ask him to cheat in any way. He constantly invited me over, let me stay the night, and flirted with me. At first I refused to do anything because he had a girlfriend, but after a while I gave in. Andddd.. that’s that.)

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Not really…

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I’ve been in love for over 10 years now with someone I can’t have.
You get used to it with time. It never really goes away…you can still be happy.

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@Narl The ”~” used on this site denotes irony, satire, or a joke. The fact that the symbol was small means I was only halfway joking :)

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I fell in love with a guy while I lived in India for a summer who I knew from the beginning I could never have. There was no question that his family would arrange his marriage at some point or another…and sure enough they did when he least expected it. Thankfully, we had both moved on by that point but we still remain great friends more than three years since we first met despite the culture, the ocean, and the time zones in between!

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@Facade oh… forgive my ignorance. Thanks for letting me know about ~

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Yes, once! Not a good plan! End up getting bumed over it! Not worth the heart ache it caused! Find someone that is not taken!

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when I was a teenager, I was in love with a TV show Cowboy.

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@Narl & @seekingwolf…you’re right. It happens. Sure does. :-/

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Yes,I might be able too have him but im not sure i should break up my family.

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@Narl Sure thing

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Sure have… Brings back some sad memories…

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My life will be very much like @seekingwolf

Sometimes you just have to accept it was not the right lifetime. Maybe in another life, when we’re both cats.

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This is not a GQ, but rather a great thread-starter – how could it have not been asked before?! Way to go @CupcakesandTea !!

Answer: of course. Too tired to elaborate. I’ll be back. Where’s my fucking Earl Tea???!!!

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Absolutely… maybe I am now? Who knows, I always hope for the best.

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Oh sigh, just too many a times!!!!! sigh again

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If you really think you have a connection by all meanings go for it!!! go call him right now if you have to!!! trust me you wont regret it!

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Rose McGowan doesnt realize what shes missing!!!

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@nicobanks What I meant is that they were only interested in my body, and not my personality.

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