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Do any other AB crossovers enjoy the little sayings under our usernames?

Asked by Taciturnu (6040points) December 12th, 2009
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I find I get a little smirky. :)

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All it ever says under mine is “We like you best of all.”

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“Have you been working out? I thought so.”

Fluther knows I haven’t been working out, and it mocks me.

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hahaha!!! i love them!
‘you’re glowing! Absolutely glowing!!!’
such feel good messages :D

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Never noticed..

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kinda childish if you ask me…

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@CyanoticWasp HI! Good to see you! Guess it really does like you best of all… Right now, mine’s telling me “That’s not true, you look nothing like the Chupacabra.” lol!

@gggritso * hangs head * Sorry. :(

@Gabster They’re fun, aren’t they? Good to see you! :)

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Mine says:Ah, your the one we were been waiting for!!!! YES I think they are really really cute!!!!!

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That’s not true, you look nothing like the Chupacabra.<——-my favourite (I’m wearing no make-up.)
BTW, I am not from AB, I just felt like answering the question.

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Mine says “You’re back! Our wish came true!” LOL, I do like the little sayings, they are cute :)

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@cyndihugs That’s just fine! Nice to meet you. :)

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@cyndihugs Excellent! The more the better!!!

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Yes, I do. When I first signed up they were all about my hair and rainbows and I wondered if there was a person sitting there handcrafting them!

I see now that is was just a coincidence but I still enjoy them.

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April Fool’s Day was fun. The sayings weren’t very nice that day.

something about me stinking I believe. Please!

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“You look smashing.”

Meh… they got the verb tense wrong. “You look smashed,” would’ve been way more apropos.

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I think they are hilarious!=D

Taciturnu's avatar

@Merriment That is quite the coincidence. lol!

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@taciturnu – It was and I got a bit hinked out…Can they see me? I should have gotten dressed :)

King_of_Sexytown's avatar

I like them. They were one of the first things I noticed about this site.

talljasperman's avatar

yes I do

Taciturnu's avatar

@Merriment lol! I think I would have thought similarly. :) How are you doing over here? It IS a bit of a change from the old (and the new!) AB.

King_of_Sexytown's avatar

@Merriment Naked!!! LAWL!!! This isn’t AB anymore. We have to have some decorum ;)

butterflykisses's avatar

I talk back to them..LOL I think they are so cute…LOL how can you have a bad day when you are greeted with those?? =)

Taciturnu's avatar

@King_of_Sexytown Hiya! :) Me too. I keep checking them.

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Yes I like them, they are great.

kewlguy_exABuser's avatar

they are cute, but I first was alarmed because I thought someone was personally writing them

Conor's avatar

This is what it says under my username. I am from AB also
“Does your mother know you’re here?”

kewlguy_exABuser's avatar

@Conor well??? does she?

Talimze's avatar

It keeps telling me to take my shoes off.
Like I even wear shoes . . .

King_of_Sexytown's avatar

@Talimze It told me to take off my coat. It’s like -548588734 here!!!!

AstroChuck's avatar

You guys are getting those too? I thought they were just for ne.

You mean Fluther doesn’t really like me best? :-(

ChocolateReigns's avatar

Yes! they’re so cute and funny. I get quite smirky, too. Right now it says “It’s almost like you never left.”

Berserker's avatar

Haha yeah, it’s pretty neat, and delightfully corny.

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@taciturnu- I’m liking it more and more. Despite what AB is saying about those of us who have mostly left to check out new sites- I like change :)

@King_of_Sexytown I know, I know, I’m trying to show some decorum..but this darn turtleneck has ‘em all covered up!

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Yeah, they are adorable… mine right now says we have a crush on you

Taciturnu's avatar

@Merriment I also like a change of pace, but it is a little overwhelming to start from scratch. :)

@Raine that is cute!

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It’s so funny…and flirty!

bubblegum71's avatar

I like it! It’s cute and kinda funny and true at the same time! =)

randomness's avatar

Yes, I love them :)

POLICE's avatar

They fullfill my need for positive reinenforcement-I love them.

mclaugh's avatar

im not new but i lurve those little sayings! they always make me smile.. it says “your breath smells wintery fresh”...i don’t think so!!! just ate some chocolate! lol

CupcakesandTea's avatar

They are great! I think that they’re entertaining.

Rufus_T_Firefly's avatar

Sorry, I didn’t even notice the little sayings until I saw this question. Time will tell, I suppose. This is an interesting site, though. Hopefully, it will be a lot of fun!

Taciturnu's avatar

@POLICE I agree wholeheartedly. It’s like the first afternoon coffee… For me, anyway. :)

@mclaugh They’re pretty entertaining! I’m still learning quite a bit about the lingo around here, though. :) Lurve? lol!

@Rufus_T_Firefly Thanks for answering! :)

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I think they are cutesie… just wonder who is putting them there .

ChocolateReigns's avatar

@mclaugh I just ate chocolate too but my breath still smells wintery fresh – it’s peppermint/white chocolate! lol

Carbonproduct's avatar

I never cease to amaze…wow…yes, it’s nice.

lovehearts's avatar

I thought I might as well come and see what all this was about like :)

It told me I was their favourite. I respond well to immediate favouritism. Funny times.

mclaugh's avatar

@ChocolateReigns lol.. goes well with your screen name! :) i love peppermint chocolates!

butterflykisses's avatar

LOL now I am starting to look around..LOL I just got out of the shower and came back and it asked me if I switched shampoos =0 ROFLMAO!

SoulSearcher's avatar

First time here and started out with a little compliment. That’s a cute idea.

pouncey's avatar

I have no idea what are you talking about.

Taciturnu's avatar

@pouncey On the right of the screen, at the top, above activities between your username and “log out”

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Never gave it much thought. Doesn’t bother me and isn’t that distracting.

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Yes,,, mine’s talking dirty to me !! *j/k

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Yes, it’s super cute and makes me smile. ;D

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Very cute!

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Too Funny, mine says


It’s been so lonely without you.

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they were good for the first 10 times. now i think they are kind of annoying and repetitive. sorry

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It’s certainly more welcoming than finding I have a string of -5’s with some dingbat leaving comments like: “ur so gay omg why u think like dat”

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I love them! Mine says, oh, we were so bored without you.

stemnyjones's avatar


You had us at @.

I think they forgot the ‘hello’.

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Yes I love it. Feels like I’m being seduced. At the moment mine is saying “Wow. You smell really good!” lol!

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I love it. At first I thought they were monitoring me and messing with my head.
They’re great!

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@taciturnu – It is a little overwhelming – but in a good way :)

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I actually think they’re pretty flaky. They do amuse me, though. I find it hard to take this website seriously with fake compliments like that.

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@AnonymousGirl and maybe taking a site too seriously is what they are attempting to discourage?

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@Merriment Good point. You just might be onto something. ;-)

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