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Why do ears and belly buttons smell similar? And why do they smell gross?

Asked by gememers (445points) December 12th, 2009
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What makes ears and navels smell the way they do?

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Who smells these things?

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This is not something I’ve ever noticed. I almost feel tempted to find a belly button to sniff, but that might just be due to the large number of martinis I drank tonight.

However, if you really think about it, ears and belly buttons are both areas where dead skin cells and dried sweat can accumulate. If you have a deep “innie” as opposed to an “outie,” and aren’t careful to thoroughly clean it, I guess it could end up smelling like someone’s unQ-tipped ear canal.

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Someones bored.

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Its all about the moister that get trapped in there and the sweating that goes on in your body too.

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Zacky’s exactly right. Just wash them, dry thoroughly and there shouldn’t be an odor.

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I smell my SOs ears and navel, and everywhere else all the time. Neither of them has a real odor, but there’s a faint smell of soap and skin, quite pleasant.

It sounds like the owner of the offending body parts you’ve been sniffing needs to bathe.

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Without going into too much detail, I can say that this is not true at all. At least not for everyone.

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I’ve never even heard of an ear stinking. I’ve heard of belly buttons stinking, from trapping sweat inside them. I have noticed that belly buttons on men with hairy abdomens seem to serve as a trapping device for hair, lint, and other debris, which I’m sure helps to increase the odor in someone who isn’t cleaning their belly button out.

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They are distant cousins of assholes.

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Funny. With me it’s my nose that smells.

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