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What's something that was free but cost much more then you thought?

Asked by Reptar (512points) December 13th, 2009
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Sometimes in life free things have a price tag we couldn’t see, baggage we didn’t expect and ramifications we never thought possible. Can you relate to this?

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It’s definitely true when they say there is no such thing as a free lunch.
I was given the gift of life for free, but at the cost of having to grow up, live, and experience this thing we call “the human condition.”

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I think it is Love too. It is free but sure carrys alot of baggage…good and bad.

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A man in my state won the biggest jackpot lottery at that time, around 350 million dollars. Free? No. It came at such a high cost to him. He handled the money badly, made huge mistakes with it. He gave his 17 year old grand daughter an allowance of something like 5,000 a week. He bought her 7 different vehicles, one for each day of the week. There was so much money, she didn’t know how to spend it all. But she did end up spending it on drugs for her friends and herself. She overdosed and died. Her boyfriend hid her body for 2 weeks because he was scared. This was the only grandchild he had and he contributed to her death.

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Believing, love and faith are free; but it cost a great deal when you lose them. You can lose the best part of who you are-innocence; it’s nearly impossible to get that back and it’s invaluable.

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Never yet believed anything was free Reptar. Cynical as well as contrary.

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If things keep going in the direction they are going now….I’m afraid some of us will be able to say that about health care.

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.. Answerbag lol

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Making our three children was free. The rest of it . . . not so much.

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Adopting two rescue dogs, there was no fee but one dog has chronic ear infections and has cost me at least $1500 in one year. I have to admit he is worth every dime though.

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Have you ever tried to get one of those “free” laptops, iPods, gift certificates, or whatever, by filling out a bunch of “offers” which are really opt-ins for spam, spyware, and junk mail until the end of time, or where you have to buy other things that might even cost more than the thing you’re trying to get? Not free. If you even get the premium, that is.

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joining an online website and getting to know it’s members then have it change to i don’t even recognize or desire to be there any longer.

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When I read the question a one word answer came to mind – love.

Hey Icy! Good to see you.

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A friend of mine had a dog with a litter of puppies, and I got one of them for free. It ended up costing quite a bit due to health problems, but i would do it again in a heartbeat.

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making a movies

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Keeping my sanity.

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@janbb, Oh thats a costly one all right…LOl

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Unnecessary words said in anger may come freely but cost much when the fury ends.

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We adopted a stray dog once….Holy Money Pit…That girl cost us thousands!

I also ordered a “free” silicone bread pan, earlier this year. The pan was free, but I had to pay $1.99 for shipping. Because I was a dumb ass, and didn’t read the fine print, that bread pan ended up costing me about $40. Apparently, somehow, I gave permission for this site to take $14.95 a month out of my bank account for membership fees. Membership for what, I’m still wondering about. I saw this charge on my bank statement, but thought it was something to do with ebay….when I found out what it was, I had to research for a phone number to cancel my “membership”.

NOTHING in life is free!

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@Vintage55 That was poetic and so very true! Thank you.
@AnnieB , lesson learned I hope.
@ Everyone else, thanks for the great answers.

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@Reptar That’s a for sure!

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We get “free” motel rooms on our credit card all the time, but in reality, the merchant adds an extra 3% to every credit card charge to cover their expense.

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