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How have the past several days been for you?

Asked by Polly_Math (1738points) December 13th, 2009
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Have you been on an emotional roller coaster or remained stable?

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GREAT ! I added some cash to a loan I already had AND my payment was NOT increased !!

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Thankfully, the past few days have been quite good for me. I got a bunch of my school work done, I am making a bunch of money working and I have made a new friend with whom i am spending a lot of time. Things have been good.

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Quite great, actually. Emotionally, I was together which is a feat given my erratic pregnancy hormones and my parents came for dinner. I made some cash babysitting and have spent some good time with my sister.

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I have been withdrawn from society the last 3 weeks. I would gladly stay by myself a while longer but I’m afraid I can’t do that. So, roller coaster…

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The past couple of days have been indicative of what’s good in my life – I have had a great weekend with my family, danced wonderfully at a Tango milonga last night, got some rest today…

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Uneventful…I like it like that… Great Question Polly_Math.

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the past few days were a chore – i was working – the only thing that kept me going was knowing i would be having my days off lols (which are just starting woo hoo!):)
great Question polly!

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Not great.

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I got to spend the whole weekend with my girlfriend. We ended up buying a real Christmas tree, decorated it, had some nog and Capt. Morgan and watched a good mobster movie with the beautiful Johnny Depp.

Great weekend.

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Hey Polly math I was Marasa old the AB, well I have been getting alot done in the last few days as my AB addiction has been cured!

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PDG! Thanks for asking :)

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up and down.i did a time trial ride and totally sucked 25miles in girlfiend made her famous chicken parm and it was KILLER.

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Very busy, painful and wonderful! Getting ready for the holidays is always a hectic time for me, PT is always a very painful thing, and we got to see family, friends and I had a wonderful night alone with my husband this weekend..(=0 P

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@Polly_Math: I love your user name.

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Good i was Christmas shopping.

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Mine has been a roller coaster. It is every year when the tree is decorated. Happy memories of past Christmases. Remembering loved ones no longer with us. Watching the little ones is fun and are new moments to remember.

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My days have been busy…planning to move so not much spare time and the AB curve ball came at a great time as I need this extra time to pack boxes and paint!

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an emotional roller coaster very long and very very drawn out im ready for Monday ( it is my friday )

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Pretty sucky. Someone who I thought liked me told me I was mistaken in no uncertain terms.

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It’s been a real emotional whirlwind, and I think I’m pretty silly for having put myself through it. I feel better now and more settled.

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The past several days have been better than most lately. I took a 10 day break from fluther (the longest break since I joined a year ago) because I was such a mess and I didn’t want my bad feelings to be taken out on others here. I returned two days ago, the day that many new users came aboard here at Fluther and it was just what I needed. New insight from a great group of people!

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Oh god, drama filled with this guy I was seeing’s ex-girlfriend, myself, and him. I ran, and am doing better thanks.

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Pretty equal in length.

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I just celebrated my 21st on the weekend (although my birthday is not until next tuesday) we hired a house boat and relaxed on the Murray river allllll weekend! have friends and family down there for a big party saturday night!
it was the perfect last couple of days/

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Eye opening would be the best way to describe how my past few days have been.

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very hectic. i’m trying to make enough money to head back to my hometown for christmas, i just finished my first placement(for college), i am in the middle of exams, i have to study like crazy, i am trying to maintain the house and the driveway(lots of snow this week), am making muffins for christmas exchange and did groceries… i don’t have any social life right now.

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Before AB fucked me in the ass, my week was going quite nicely. I’m kind of in limbo now.

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Disasterous. Flying to Europe and back in 4 days, severe jet lag. An angry meeting with my employer almost resulting in the loss of my job, Migraine headaches. Finding that the Q&A site I had been a member of for 6 years had become an incomprehensible train wreck. Not a good week.

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In a word-Shitty. I work retail and just did my 7th shift in a row tonight. I’m glad I have the next two days off! Then I’m doing 8 straight days but I have Christmas Eve and Day off so it’ll be worth it. I had a really bad day Friday so I went into Saturday with a positive attitude and it really helped. It still was hard but better, which is all I could ask for!

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Busy, busy, busy. Baking all kind of goodies to take with on our summer holiday and getting last things done at work.

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Great! I met a boy I might actually date!! I also sang in a huge corny holiday concert; the Hallelujah Chorus with a live orchestra kills me every time.

But yeah, finals are no good.

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surely been a rollercoaster polly from the site i gave my time to, to my personal life..:(

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Fine, not a whole lot to report. Watched movies, played games, got drunk, came on here, a whole lotta non affective random, really.

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Very good in some respects.

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Oh my [deity], I’ve been so effing irritable and I just can’t stop. Aaagh, I hate it.

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@MacBean Well, I imagine you’re a bit stressed.

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@ubersiren: Yes, but it’s still really uncharacteristic of me to take it out on others like I have been. I can’t wait for it to be about this time next week.

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Stressful at times, but otherwise been very good.

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