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Why do we gravitate towards sites like AB or Fluther?

Asked by Dr_Dredd (10540points) December 13th, 2009
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When AB changed, a great many of us moved over to Fluther. What is it about these sites that draws us?

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Good question, maybe tis simply because sites like these catch our attention or because we have questions needing to be answered :3

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because we want to find out if we can be witty

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Good question.I still believe all people from Q&A sites have something in common, besides that fact that we have an interest in Q&A sites. A thirst for knowledge, an addiction to internet? :p

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The satisfaction I get from knowing that my personal experience and knowledge are actually useful is great.

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I think they are fun and interesting ways to communicate, as well as learn how others think !! you meet tones of great ppl:).I Also love checking for responses!

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I think many do it to feel satisfied answering peoples questions in life. Some like to meet new people. Some are bored. Some like the competitive side (levels, lurves, points, etc) For me, I enjoy the feedback, answering questions, and getting to know people similar and dissimilar to myself

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Because I’m just so full of knowledge that I simply must pass it along to the lesser beings so that they may benefit from my infinite wisdom.
…I’m totally kidding, don’t eat me ;)

I think it’s because we like to give help and get help for random questions and problems. Makes us feel good. There’s also a great community here at fluther. Some come just for that. :)

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Good question! I found exchanging points of view the most rewarding aspect of these sites. Helps me round out my perspectives on a lot of issues and topics.

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To connect with others just like ourselves. Well…most of you.

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For me; it is because I have an opinion on just about EVERYTHING… and my family / friends are tired of hearing it .

So; I need someplace to come and express my opinions…

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Because we have no life. smile

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Well as Polly Math said already:Because we have no life. smile – I will add on to that and also say it is definately a combination of being analytical and having too much time on our hands. Oh well its better than eating kittens for fun and we are LEARNING things :)

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What keeps me coming back is the social aspect of it. As a human, I’m hardwired to be a pack animal. Social websites satisfy that need. The added benefit is that I learn a whole lot of things I never knew before, which in turn benefits society as a whole. I HAVE a life. This is how I enjoy spending my life.

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I am just really bored…

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We all crave social interaction, and I think most of us are crazy, attention starved, pseudo-intellectuals anyway, and these types of sites satisfy that part of us.

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What’s AB?

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I like answering questions in areas I know a lot about, and in turn I appreciate getting my questions answered. I also think it’s important for many people to remain anonymous and still get their questions answered…like those who inquire about anal sex, or doing ecstasy, or that weird lump on their ass.

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@buckyboy28, AB is an abbreviation for Answerbag, the social Q&A website that many of us new Flutherites migrated from when a erhm… “great purging” took place there recently.

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Here is my lame excuse. Because some of us want to help people through bullshit they are facing in their life. The benefit is that we form a bond with the people we interact with. They might come through for us one day.

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myself, i love a good idea and fluther is exactly that.

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It’s a Devine calling.

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For me, it’s a great way to meet people from all over the world, all walks of life .. I’d probably not get the chance to know such an interesting variety of people otherwise. It broaden my horizons and teaches me how others live. It’s always amazing to me to find out that even though we might live in different states or countries… we have so much in common when we talk just as regular folks.

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