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What do you think of the jesus "sun" of god theory?

Asked by master_mind413 (891points) December 14th, 2009
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I was just watching this you tube video a friend sent me a lot of it makes sense but some of it seems kind of iffy to me, so I thought I would ask the collective what they thought about it all ” Ive only watched 1 of 3 ”

if the link does not work the title is

Zeitgeist [Religion] The Greatest Story Ever Sold (1of 3)

The Theory uses Historical References and History to Prove that the Sun sign of the zodiac and Son of god are the same reference just a Play on words watch the VIDEO ! and you will understand

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Same thing I thik of the Santa Claus theory.

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I think its ridiculous.

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Anything to do with Jesus is nonsense to me.

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every theory has holes in it…you get out of the story what you put into it…believe or not according to the Bible everyone is worthy of salvation you just need to ask and repent…what may I ask is so hard with that!?

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There’s absolutely alot of truth in it. But I knew this before hand. I have watched the videos’ as well, and am a member of the movement, but this is not what the movement is really about. You have to check out their orientation vids or literature.

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No sir, I don’t like it.

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I think whether or not he existed, the Jesus talked of in the Bible lead a good life, and his philosophies are certainly pretty good ways to live your life by.

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I believe there may have been a guy named Jesus who did a lot of philanthropic things, but do I think he is the son of God? No.

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Zeitgeist is a sham. And no, not shamWOW.

Its just another conspiracy theory just like any of the others. And to be more concise about the answer of your question, I don’t think most of it is true. The similarities of it might be true, but for the most part, its false. A friend gave it to me to watch because he was an idiot and believed everything that anybody told him(not infering that you are the same). He was a D average student in highschool. I mean, it was ridiculous.

I don’t think you should pay it any mind. And if you do, it should be to actually be a harbinger of knowledge. Show us/me that the information is real, with referances and cites etc. Then I’ll believe it.

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@Sonnerr nice reference to shamWOW…haha.

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G’day Mastermind,

Thank you for your question.

I would want stronger evidence than a YouTube video. Besides, I don’t know if it is a coincidence in Aramaic or Ancient Greek which are the more relevant languages than English.


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I think it is a little far fetched. Truthfully, I don’t give anyone that much credit. I think the character of Jesus is undoubtedly a collage of previous deities, but I don’t think it was as coordinated as the video suggests.

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I think it was all said in a Star Trek episode.

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The usual popular trash for the feeble-minded with overactive imaginations.

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The Catholic church in Cuzco capitalized on that association. The native religion involved sun worship, so the priests convinced them that the sun’s name was Jesus, and that he was the son of the deity. That way they could get the natives to “convert” to Christianity, helping the local Bishop’s track record, without interfering with their beliefs.

However, the priests have worked hard to convince the locals that it is no longer necessary to sacrifice llamas either on the alter, or outside the back of the church near the alter (although the latter apparently still happens from time to time). At least, this is what a local priest told me when I was visiting the cathedral in Cuzco.

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The interesting question behind this question is: Were the ancients right to regard the Sun as a living being with deity status? Whatever continent, culture, or century you choose, this was a near universal belief. It was not science that taught us otherwise; scientists and scholars were also burned at the stake. There’s a new book shedding light on the subject titled “Sun of gOd.” It’s by me, and there’s more info at Google or Amazon.

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@tyrantxseries You throw in a free Slap Chop and I’ll get twenty of my friends together on it!

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It so interesting theory, this solves the problem since God has no sons, God is in our hearts, He is not physical for God sake, also sun points to light.

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Son of God.

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jesus is not the son of god.allah has not a son.jesus is a humanbeing like you and me.he will be judged like you and me .jesus was chosen by god to be his messanger.

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