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Why do dogs howl when you play a musical instrument (for example, the harmonica)?

Asked by MRSHINYSHOES (13971points) December 14th, 2009
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Why do dogs howl when you play a musical instrument (eg., the harmonica)?

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My dog never howled when I played the violin. She just sat there looking bored like usual.

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They’re singing along with it. Dogs have a strong musical sense just as birds, humans and many animals do.

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I think mine does it to drown me out.She can’t stop me.She can’t.;)

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They are natural hams and want to steal the show.

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G’day Mrshinyshoes,

Thank you for your question.

They are philistines with no appreciation of talent. Alternatively, I can’t play the instrument very well. You be the judge. :>)


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Dogs howl with the pack and the person playing the intrustment is part of the pack, so Rover must join in!

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Um, how well do you play the harmonica?

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They are totally inspired.

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They sit, they listen, they tap their paws, the clean the throat, they sing!!!!!!! Even I ‘howl’ with the songs, well, thats what hubby’s telling me…..... (”,)

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I’m not 100% on this, but i suspect i has something to do with the harmonic overtones. Canines have a hearing range that extends much higher than ours, so maybe they’re wincing at those incredibly high frequencies and the best way to voice their displeasure is through barking.

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A dog’s hearing mechanism is very sensitive. Many times more sensitive than ours. Certain high volume sounds can actually be painful. That is why they also howl when a train blows its whistle or and ambulance or fire truck sounds off. When the tornado warning siren sounds off here, the dogs all over town can be heard howling in misery. The howling also helps take the pressure off their ear drums.

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Everyone’s a critic…

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