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Don't you wish "COMMENTS" to our "ANSWERS" appeared directly UNDER our personal answer; instead of through the question thread with the @ sign?

Asked by Millenium_TheMysteriousM (371points) December 15th, 2009
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I think it’s great when members respond to your answers! It shows interest in your answer and generates a discussion! But I don’t like having to “LOOK” for the @ “signs” to see if one has been left for me! How do YOU feel about this?

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It doesn’t bother me.

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It threw me a little at first, but it’s getting easier. :-)

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Doesn’t bother me either, I get a notification that the response is there and I go look at it. No big deal.

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No, I don’t want that, actually. I feel that it would mess with the natural progression of the argument with respect to time.

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I don’t think it would work. The comments are often referring not just to what one person has said but to what others have said afterwards as well.

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Yes,I do :)

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I much prefer it the way it is. It just flows so much better. I view each thread as an ongoing discussion, between multiple people.

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Not at all. It would completely destroy the order of answers with time. It’s not that hard to find a response to you: if you’re really too lazy to look for the @symbol, just do a command+f search for your name on the page.

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This is not answserbag.

No. That’d be chaos.

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Ew, no.

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No, not really.

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@rangerr: Methinks this is a loaded question.

I always hated when sites did that. It seems disorganized and I certainly don’t want to take the time to sift through each every comment to see if there’s something relevant in there.

Mostly, we do what I just did. We respond to someone and then answer the question or vice versa. If you want to have a conversation with someone that’s not to do with the question, go to PM’s. That’s why we have them.

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No. Getting tired of this now.

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No. This isn’t AnswerBag and it never will be.

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,Its just what we had and got used to at AB. Fluther is a little different, we will get used to it as its a lot better here better I think anyway

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Oy Vey.

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Not at all. It is so much easier to follow the thread and find responses. Besides, I’m more interested in the discussion as a whole than just what people think about what I have said. This format feels more like a conversation to me.

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Nope. I think we have been pretty accommodating to AB users. Just as you didn’t want the old AB to change, we don’t want Fluther to change.

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No. Answerbag is dead.
Enjoy the new site and adjust.

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Not really. At first I was a little confused, but I like it this way, it allows everyone to be imvolved with the whole discussion, and if anyone does want to have a private, one-on-one discussion they can simply do it in private messages. It’s not hard to see when someone has left a comment for you, you get a notification.

I think we former AB users may be wearing out our welcome with all the criticism. Flutherites love their site just the way it is. It hasn’t taken me long to love it too.

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In my experience, it seems message boards where replies are formatted that way tend to foster arguments and negativity, while Fluther’s format keeps people on topic and less interested in breaking every sentence someone wrote in order to refute it.

We are a collective. I wouldn’t want to see answers getting broken down into side discussions between only a few people. I like that everyone is involved on Fluther.

And how would you even follow that? As it is now all “new activity” is linear. I wouldn’t want to have to jump around to see what progress has been made in each thread.

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It ain’t broke- don’t fix it!!!

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I refuse to waste one of my wishes on that.

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No, I like it the way it is. I like having everyone’s comments out in the open. I don’t miss clicking on a comment only to find I had missed an entire discussion on a topic.

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@petethepothead- And they say pot makes you dumb.

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I much prefer it this way.

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Most other Q&A sites work that way (BlurtIt, Answerbag, etc.), but this way works for me too :-)
(The advantage of putting commentary in “comments” under answers is that answers can be rated; and good answers float to the top of the page, whilst bad answers drop to the bottom, yet comments remain in chronological order irrespective of the relative position of the answer on the question’s page.)

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Although I’m presently used to that arrangement I wouldn’t wish for that change to be made here, unless a majority of the Flutherites who were here before the Abag exodus petitioned for it on their own.

To impose that here otherwise would be similar to what the Abag administration did to AB last week.

I’d rather just get comfortable with the setup as it is now.
One mountainous advantage that Fluther has over A*** is that we can edit any of our posts here.

Actually, I posted a lot at a Corrs message board for almost 6 years before I joined AB, and it had the same general arrangement as Fluther.

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It was like that on It got a bit messy sometimes. This is more open.

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it is ok to me, that what make each QnA site diferent ,,

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Nope. I like each question being one great big discussion. I like being able to reply to multiple people/threads/ideas at once. I like the idea that everyone has to read the whole discussion to find replies to them.

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I prefer it that way too M but this way doesn’t bother me. I got used to it. The only thing that really gets me is that for me it is almost never a comment for me but someone else or some stupid answer. The other way was guaranteed to be a comment.

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Wouldn’t it take more time to sift through every comment that way instead of having it all out in the open in one spot like it is here?

Wouldn’t it generate more discussions having the comments posted the way they are here because everyone will see it?

Just asking. This is the only site I’ve ever been a member of. I’ve looked at others but they are just too busy and cluttered. I like the clean, simple look of Fluther best.

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@jonsblond Nope. Same amount of answers, same amount of comments, same amount of time. It’s just easier cos you KNOW it is a comment for you as opposed to…. well, not a comment for you.

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Oh Fluther, oh Fluuuuuther….

I love you just the waaaaayyyy you arrrrreeeeeee! xoxoxo

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maybe we can change that silly “fluther” name to something like myspace while we’re at it.

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@Blondesjon I don’t care. I can go with comments either way. Used to it now.

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More than that I wish new members would use the search function and contribute to threads that have already been made on the same subjects. And that air quotes and hysterical punctuation and capitalization would die.

I actually like how threads are laid out, it’s clean and flows easily. Threaded replies piss me off.

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@asmonet What is hysterical punctuation??

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maybe that wasn’t meant for you. . .oh my gawd, you’re right. it would be easier.

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I like being a part of the whole conversation, and the fact that private chats are kept out of the original question, or should be and I really like being able to

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@King_of_Sexytown: I don’t know!!! What could it POSSIBLY be????? Any ideas?? I’m freaking out here?!??

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I find it inconvenient yes but after the changes made to our old home I think its best to just adapt =P

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I see the advantages and disadvantages of both ways. Enthusiastic dialog is what truly matters. The changes they made to that other place killed enthusiastic dialog (although they say they plan to fix it). I’m getting used to it this way :-)

(Above, I stated an advantage of putting dialog in comments and letting answers change position based on their rating. The disadvantage of that is thst it requires a lot of computing power to to keep track of each member’s position in the comment threads and to notify each person of new (to that person) comments. One of the common complaints of AB was its slowness – that’s the price you pay for threaded dialog. Just my opinion :-)

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Mil, you lost me already! How do you find or write in comments to an answer? ... (I don’t see any way to do that!) ...

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@Trissinger…Ah! Yup, I finally figured it out… I’m just a bit slow on the uptake today, folks! ’:)

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“The disadvantage of that is thst it requires a lot of computing power to to keep track of each member’s position in the comment threads and to notify each person of new (to that person) comments. One of the common complaints of AB was its slowness – that’s the price you pay for threaded dialog. Just my opinion :-)”
That’s a good explanation- it makes sense to me. :-)

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It took some getting used to… about an hour and a half or so… but I hardly even recall that other place. Plus we can get lurve for every comment! That so outweighs whatever you might feel we’ve lost from you know.

I especially like the way all of the comments and responses are linear under the Q, instead of having to page through long comment strings. (I seldom went past the second page on some of the 10-page response strings—and of course, those were the most interesting / popular ones!

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