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Would you like to be a Fluther Moderator?

Asked by filmfann (50088points) December 15th, 2009
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Fluther is looking for new mods. Care to make a campaign speech? Or are you afraid of being too consumed by power?

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I’m too strict and I’m sure the mods are sick of me already. So, nope, I’ll just stay on this side of the fence.

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I would like to, however, I know there are many other great people as well who also deserve the chance.

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Can I vote for Marina or Jeruba? That’s what I want to do.

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Ooh, this should be good.

<<sits down with and monches on a stack of pancakes.. waits.. monch..monch>>

I second Marina and Jeruba.

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I’m a bit of an asshole. It is best that I stay in my own yard.

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I’m afraid I would not make a good moderator, due to my lack of motivation to mod anything, even when given to authority to do so.
Besides, well . . .

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You don’t want me as a mod, trust me.

I’ve modded two forums in the past, and somehow, they quickly emptied themselves…:/

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Oh, shit, I think I see a pink slip….Fucking recession! There better be a giant severance package.

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Fuckin’ A yeah!

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(runs away)

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No thanks. I relish the heated debates, I don’t want to have to be dispassionate.
Plus, I’m trying to spend less time here, not more.

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No, thank you.

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Does it come with Obama care, a 401K and a company car??

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I’d be willing to do it. Fluther needs more daytime mods. On the East Coast. holla! lol

and I’d win by popular vote over @eponymoushipster because I have boobs. trufax

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Yeah, sure. I was a moderator on another site for 2 years and I did pretty well there. Not to mention I’m fair to all.

Elect me!

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@shilolo Isn’t the severance package a lifetime supply of pancakes and guacamole?

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@johnpowell: Obviously they let assholes mod. Just look @shilolo.

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@jonsblond Can’t answer…enjoying my pancakes…See you next year…
OK, who am I kidding, I’ll be back in 5 minutes. :P

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I am so not personalality[sp] nor tolerant enough.

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No thanks, I just got here.

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Make me a mod and I pledge to arbitarily apply the banhammer generously whenever I feel like it and make W.T. Snacks look reluctant by comparison.

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Well now that I’ve finished school I’d be happy to be a southern hemisphere mod to be on duty when everyone else is sleeping :)

But I agree, I’m going to nominate Marina and Jeruba. Except that I can’t seem to get to Andrew’s page to PM him….

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I nominate (and have already nominated her several times before) @shrubbery.

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Could you just imagine…? This place would close down faster than you can say “Unmoderated!

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@Zen_Again I hope you don’t mind, but that’s making me lul; LULZ WISDM.

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I don’t mind. I lul myself to sleep all the time.

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As I have pointed out before, a European mod would be nice to cover the European daytime (and American nighttime) a little bit more. I’m not just saying that to increase my own chances, I’m not looking to be a mod right now, a month ago? Maybe, but not right now.

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@Zen_Again Ye’d best. XD I tried Wisdm…or whatever it was, but most of it is yes or no answers…how is that wisdom? I was all like; ASS.

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@markyy YOU ARE SO FUCKIN RIGHT DUDE! OOps, didn’t mean to shout; great idea to have one from our time zone!!!

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@Zen_Again I know, right? But where do you find a non-communistic European? It’s impossible :p

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@markyy I was gonna say some smartass bullshit concerning Vikings; but they’re not Europeans. Damnit.

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@markyy This place needs a little Eastern European commie moderating.

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Quick quiz for all the candidates:

Are you left-handed?
Are you a communist?
Have you been to the International Space Station?
How many natural disasters have you single-handedly caused?
What’s the speed of an unladen swallow?
How is babby formed?

No cheating!

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@timtrueman, African or European swallow?

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Yes, when I retire. Which probably won’t happen for another 20 years. At least if we believe our demographic doomsayers.

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If you have no problem with extreme favoritism, random answer/question removal, and personal vendettas, I am your man.

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Are you left-handed?N
Are you a communist?N
Have you been to the International Space Station?Y
How many natural disasters have you single-handedly caused?None
What’s the speed of an unladen swallow?I dunno
How is babby formed?I know.

No cheating!Okay.

Do I qualify?

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@timtrueman How many natural disasters have you single-handedly caused?

Hurricane, flood, rash of tornadoes, straight line winds, earthquake, city-wide fire, freak blizzard, 100 year flood, 500 year flood, volcano rumblings, and the recent business with the economy.

I can keep job?

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I don’t think I’m ready. Too many liberals. I’d be on edge far too much and wanting to overpower them with my modly powers. XD

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Probably not. I agree with @La_chica_gomela and enjoy getting involved in heated debates. I probably wouldn’t set a good example as a mod.

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well… is there somewhere where we can see a list of Moderator Responsibilities?

I’d love to be a Mod but don’t think I’ve earned the status yet… I am level headed, dedicated and lovely but John Powell, Darwin, Jeruba, Marina, JonsBlond, Gemiwing, Matt Browne to name but a few… deserve it so much more xx

is there an actual list of Mods too?

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@lynneblundell I think you’d make a great mod!

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There is a list of mods in the FAQ.

Copy + paste:
* omfgTALIjustIMDu
* syz
* Allie
* petethepothead
* shilolo
* Dog
* PnL
* Harp
* augustlan
* EmpressPixie

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@Leanne1986 aaaah thank you!! that’s 2 people at least thank you xx

@markyy thank you xx

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No, I don’t find much inappropriate.

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I’d do it. I think I am very impartial and fair minded.That doesn’t really comes across here, does it?

No one wants me though. Sigh.

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@tinyfaery, I’d vote for you, girl.

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@NaturalMineralWater I keep forgetting I can’t stand your politics or beliefs because you keep posting such cute profile pictures. :)

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I don’t forget.

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I’d like to nominate robmandu!

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When do we get to find out who the new mod is?

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Voilà and more to come….

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I am so stoked that Shrubbery is on the team! :)

Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (2points)
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No, I’m too strict. Everyone who used any one of the seven forbidden words would be banned.

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Forbidden by whom?

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@Blondesjon The TV networks, per George Carlin

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So even seeing a string of letters that symbolize the sounds needed to make a word frighten you?

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@Blondesjon Are you talking to me? I’m not talking about being frightened, unless you could say frightened that people refuse to acknowledge the power of words. When there are words that people insist on using by pretending they aren’t really ‘swearing’ because everyone does it, that is so wrong, it frightens me.

If they aren’t using those words as swear words, then why use them incorrectly at all? The four letter word now called the F-bomb is actually a word for a very pleasant intimate activity, why call it a swear word? Answer: because of the power it has.

Example from yesterday: “I can’t find my f—king keys!” Why not just say “I can’t find my missing keys!”? For some people it just doesn’t have the power a swear word has.

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@YARNLADY . . . At the end of the day people are still 100% responsible for their own decisions. To say that words incite or hurt is a cop out and a lazy excuse.

Most attempts to ban words, images, or ideas are a result of fear. If nothing else, it is a fear of not being in 100% control of the world around you.

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Has someone been picked? This discussion was started so long ago… surely someone has been picked? Did I miss the announcement… probably! lol

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Yes, there was an announcement in the blog a couple of months ago. “We have chosen the new moderatorS! Darwin and shrubbery!”

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And @markyy !!!!

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