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Matt Browne is in the 10K club! Who will join me in congratulations?

Asked by jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities (19692points) December 16th, 2009
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Happy 10K day to one of the smartest jellies out there!

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Conga-rats are go! Way to go on 10K!

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Congrats Matt…about 9,000 more and i’ll be there! loll

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Yay, Matt! Congratulations!!!

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Wow. Very Nice! Congratulations!

syz (35649points)“Great Answer” (20points)
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Congratulations on the achievement, Matt. Keep up the good work.

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Congratulations to Matt. :D
And good luck with your next 10K. XD

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Well Done Matt!
How long did that take?

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Congratz on all you’ve contributed, may you always be here to contribute more? :P
Ok, I’m really bad at congratulating people, but I really hope that you will take those next 10k fast and hard!

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Member since: March 24th, 2009”

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A fair while then!
Keep it up Matt. You were a great wis.dmer too!

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Mazel Tov, Matt Browne!

You are often the lone voice of reason in a sea of emotion and wittiness. It is a pleasure to have your solid scientific voice as a leveler in the Fluther sea.

I think the lab at the end of my hall is free. There is even a writing desk in it for you. It will be filled with “gemutlekheit” when you are here.

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I’m new here and it’s mind-boggling that someone has achieved this… Congratulations to you Matt.

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Way to go MATT!!! Here’s to the NEXT 10K!

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Congratulations to one of the many good things that came out of the migration!

I can’t imagine Fluther without you.

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Congrats and Well Done to one of the best contributers!
You Rock!

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Congrats to you!!!

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Well done, sir. Your meteoric rise to 10k makes the rest of us look bad. ~

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Awesome! Congratulations Matt! You da man!

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Congrats to @mattbrowne, our erudite Jelly! I salute you, sir! Welcome to the 10K club house. Scotch and soda’s over there. The cake’ll be out in a tick!

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Congratulations!! Welcome to the club!

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@aprilsimnel It was in the frizzer, correct?

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It was! Has to thaw.

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Congratulations on reaching 10K, Herr Browne! You are definitely one of my favorite Gelees.

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Kicking ass and taking names since March 24th, 2009.

Excellent work, @mattbrowne!

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Congrats Matt! :D

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Hey congrats!! Quite the accomplishment, Matt! Your Qs and As are top-notch. :)

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cOnGrAtuLaTiOnzZ!!!. LoLL!1 ~

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congrats Browne!!

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Man, this guy impresses me. Smart, smart fellow and he always keeps his cool. What a great guy to have around here.

Ich gratuliere, Matt!

Jude (32144points)“Great Answer” (19points)
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Completely well deserved. Congrats Matt! I always look forward to your questions and responses. I’m so glad you’re the active jelly that you are!!!


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To the man with the well-researched and thoughtful questions; the one who loves getting to the heart of the matter, I say:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! for reaching 10K

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I luuuuurrrrve mattbrowne! He’s my fluther crush. HUGS.I totally would’ve dragged him into the coat closet in high school.

Matt, I wish I knew some backwards German to congratulate you good and proper.

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Congratulations! Yay for mattbrowne! Here’s to many more!

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of course, congratulations…matt and I go way back to, :)...definitely a man with a brain.

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Way to go Mr. Browne!

J0E (13167points)“Great Answer” (16points)
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Very impressive comments here on you Matt! Looking forward to meeting you on Fluther.

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congrats matt!! :) GUTEN TAG!

deni (23100points)“Great Answer” (18points)
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Well, I finally managed to put you over the top. You owe me $2.50 for this brace on my index finger.

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Schrecklich job Matt! Bewahren sie es jetzt.

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108789.976/56471/3<X^5699115>Y=10K!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!

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Congrats, Matt!

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Nice one!! :D

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Yeaaaaa,,,Matt. Hot damn! Congratulations! :D

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Happy 10K to…

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Oh my god, @prasad, no wonder you were composing for hours!

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High five!
Cant wait to join the club myself real soon.

CMaz (26268points)“Great Answer” (15points)
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Oh. Here it is.

Congratulations @mattbrowne. You are one of the best jellies in the sea.

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@janbb Yeah, it took me much time. It was very fine in notepad, but somehow it didn’t work here on Fluther.

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@prasad Show off! :D

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You’re a good man, Matt Browne. Congrats!

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¡uʍoɹq ʇʇɐɯ oƃ oʇ ʎɐʍ

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Yeah!!!!! My favorite Jelly from the Old Country!!!! Hip Hip Hooray Matt Browne hit 10K!!!!!!!

Judi (39880points)“Great Answer” (17points)
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Way to go Matt! Quite the meteoric rise there buddy! Very well deserved!!!!

Dr_C (14324points)“Great Answer” (20points)
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Congrats! :)

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Matt; Just make sure that your publishers get a copy of this thread. Gail

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Yay! Way to go. Keep the thought provoking questions coming!

Les (9640points)“Great Answer” (13points)
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Congrats! Happy 10k day!!!

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It’s scientific, fiction or not but I like it. Congratulations! En masse!

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Nicely done mattbrowne! It’s been great having you around here, and this 10K party is well deserved for certain.

Cheers and congrats!!

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Edit: Should read ACH DER LIEBER.

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Congratulations, Dr. Spock Matt.

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Good job! So now you are Fluther’s published author and a 10ker. How does it feel? sticks microphone in Matt’s face for sound bite to lead off 6 pm news

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Congrats to one of the nicest guys out there. You always keep your cool, even when I’m being a dbag. Glad we have you around.

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Congratulations, Matt! We’re so glad you stayed. :)

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I am late but it is because I had to guide the 10k Mansion workers as they converted the attic dome into a fully functional Observatory for our own @mattbrowne! :)

Congrats! I have always enjoyed your answers and questions! It is great to have you at the mansion!

Dog (25142points)“Great Answer” (16points)
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Does this mean you’re buying the next round of drinks?

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Seconded. :)
I suppose I’ve tried your patience a lot too, Matt. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it run out.

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Glückwünsche, @MattBrowne. You really pour your brains into fluther, and at a higher transfer rate than I think most of us can achieve even with all the valves full open. Thanks for raising our collective IQs.

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@AstroChuck, you mean like this ?

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Congrats Matt! From what I’ve read in your answers, you’re, like, a genius!

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cyn (6913points)“Great Answer” (11points)
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@Jeruba: Not to detract from Matt’s triumph, but here’s the message I get from your Ach du lieber, Auggie. “The Scorch software currently doesn’t work with Mac OS10.6 using the Safari browser in 64-bit mode.”

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Congratulations, Mr. Browne! :)

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I just got the “CongoRats” thang….Boy do I feel sheepish.

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Congratulations to a most considerate, intelligent and reflective Flutherite and of course further evidence for Higher Intelligence in the Universe..not to mention a shoe in if there’s ever a Fred Gwynne biography movie :)

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@SeventhSense – brown-noser!

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Well I don’t see how..
but if he sends me a check I’ll do it again.

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@HunterSThompson imitator
..tempered of course with a Herman Munster reference…

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Did I miss something here? Is our Matt Browne an author?

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LOL no my reference was directed at the one three avatars above mine..

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@SeventhSense I was referring to a post by @gailcalled. :)

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^Most impressive. I wish I was so ambitious^

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Wow. That’s great, Matt! Congratulations on the book!

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Congrats Matt! You are a very wise contributor to the collective and I always look forward to your posts.

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Congrats Matt! Your posts are always insightful, keep on truckin’!

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someone stop him!

Fred931's avatar

it automatically did!!

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If being post-blocked is like being cock-blocked.. does that mean you’ll get blue fingers?

Dr_C (14324points)“Great Answer” (10points)
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Well, no, not really, apparently you cant put 4 or more consecutive answers, which explains why i could still keep talking after i typed 3 within a minute.

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Well-deserved congratulations, Matt! You are a great asset to Fluther.

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We both came over from at the same time, but I beat you to the castle nyah, nyah.

* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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@YARNLADY Well you have answered over 2,000 more questions than him…

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@chyna damn! good one!

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Congratulations! You are amazing and you deserve 10k more lurve!

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@stratman37- Shouldn’t that be Browne-noser?

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@AstroChuck LOL! Hey…somebody wanna tell me how the “congorats” came into being? Was it a typo originally or something? Or did some wonderfully creative person make it up?

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Didn’t Andrew start it?

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Yes, I thought it was Andrew’s play on words and other people picked it up from his posts in the party threads.

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@Judi @Jeruba-
As much as I love and adore and kowtow and pray to @andrew, CONGO RATS! didn’t originate with Him. It’s been around a while.

Praise his holy name.

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Wow, I finally found the page. Whew. They just fly by these days.

My sincere congratulations to one of the most intelligent and thoughtful question askers and answerers (many of which are way over my head) in the whole Fluther community. You richly deserve every bit of praise heaped upon you.

Enjoy your 10K day ! !

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Congratulations, mattbrowne! Glad you’re around these parts.

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At what point do you think he’ll discover there is a room next door singing his praises?

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Congratulations Matt. You are on the short list of folks I’d actually like to sit down and have a beer (or 12) with someday. You are one of the rare individuals that is able to keep a pretty even keel regardless of what is being thrown at them. Thanks for being a part of Fluther.

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Congrats to you!! I took a wrong turn and couldn’t find the party, hope I’m not too late. Congrats Congrats Woo Hoo!

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This is like a surprise party where the guest never shows up.

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I’m going to PM him a link… with all the new questions, maybe he thinks we’ve forgotten him!

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He always shows up at night. He’s like an owl O.O

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That was FAST! Seems like you just got here. Welcome to the 10k clubhouse!

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He’s also writing a new novel for us!

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Gah, I’m always so late to these. CONGRATULATIONSSSSS! I love your work ;)

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Wow. I am at a loss for words. I was staring at this yellow text box in front of me this morning for at least a minute, after having browsed all of your comments. I’m deeply touched by your posts! It truly feels wonderful and uplifting to be part of a large, thriving and caring online community. Fluther really is very, very special. In addition to all the interesting questions and answers and wonderful debates, it creates worldwide connections. This is why I like it so much.

This might come as a surprise to some, but one of the reasons I decided to join and Fluther – and really get involved quite seriously – is that I miss America. My time in Kansas really changed my life. Before that I’d been a graduate student in Germany in 1988 and competed with others to win a scholarship for a 1 year stay at an American university. Well, it turned out to be more than a year and above all our twins were born in Lawrence, KS in 1989, a place where we met the most friendly and supportive people in the world. Eventually we had to decide where to settle and the decision wasn’t easy. Our kids grew up in Germany, but we tried to never lose touch. As tourists – every other year or so – we went back. Very often it felt like coming home, which is not so say that we don’t like Germany. We like both and it’s a bit of a shame that there’s this huge ocean in-between. On the other hand, on Fluther all other countries are just a mouse click away!

There was a time at my company that involved lots of business travel, mostly to New York, but also some other cities like Baltimore or San Francisco. In many of our international IT projects we’re having IT folks from Frankfurt, London, New York and Bangalore for example. There are cultural differences, but since I know about them I’ve got involved quite often. As people get older, frequent business travel is losing some of its appeal, in fact, it can become quite a burden. And there’s a difference between having to fly to Milan or New York. Restructuring IT organization seems like an all-time popular pastime, so a couple of years ago my focus shifted. Doing European projects is interesting and challenging as well, but as I said, I really began to miss my connection with America. Maybe this was also one of the reasons I decided to write a science fiction novel set in the US. To me the US really is the number 1 place in the world where people are encouraged to think big. Where else could a journey to the stars begin? Of course, having written an English book I had to come up with an English-sounding pen name and this is how I became Matt Browne (well, Matt is also short for Matthias which is my German forename). Most of my characters are Americans of course, but I sprinkled some folks from other continents into the story as well.

Fluther has the charm to attract folks from many countries, not only the UK, Sweden or the Netherlands, but also India for example. Thanks @prasad for your wonderful post above (there are thousands of software experts from India working in the Frankfurt area over here and I got to know many of them quite well). On Fluther I think we should try to attract more people from Asia as well as Africa.

It’s also great that there are so many very smart people on Fluther with knowledge and expertise in all sorts of subjects. I think the moderators are doing a wonderful job keeping all of this up and running. This modern form of sharing insights and ideas on a global level is the future. Seriously. I’m convinced that American-only or European-only perspectives are far less powerful. We all can expect more undestanding and progress by having joint platforms that include not only all continents, but also include men and women from all age groups, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, belief systems and lifestyles. Fluther has created its own online way of life and lurving culture. I think it’s wonderful to have the 10K celebration ritual. It deepens community and friendship.

Thanks so much for all your wishes!

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You’re at a loss for words?

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@AstroChuck Perhaps one of your greatest quips ever! At least, it got the biggest laugh out of me that I’ve ever gotten from your quips.

Axemusica's avatar

@daloon ”@AstroChuck Perhaps one of your greatest quips ever! At least, it got the biggest laugh out of me that I’ve ever gotten from your quips.”


Is this a dream or did @daloon just say he laughed? EPIC! ;)

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Well put Matt. Is Kansas in America? I thought that was another unexplored territory like Texas…well here’s a toast to German explorers. :)

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He’s never at a loss for words @chuck – but more importantly – and as opposed to yours truly – his misives are always a combination of wisdom and sensitivity. I aspire to be more like you @mattbrowne – and I am proud you call me a friend.

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@mattbrowne Just a thought. Do you ever as a joke turn to your wife as say, “we’re not in Kansas anymore”? lol, just wondering, because I’d giggle a little.

Zen_Again's avatar

@Axemusica I giggled. I rarely giggle.

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@daloon and @AstroChuck – You asked: You’re at a loss for words?

Well, I’ve got to admit this very strange and unusual feeling lasted for about one minute and 12 seconds. Then, suddenly, and without warning, there was this stream of thoughts which I had to put in writing.

mattbrowne's avatar

@Zen_Again – Aristotle once said: the antidote for fifty enemies is one friend. And Henry David Thoreau added: the most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend.

Thanks for your kind words, my friend!

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Well at least now we know how you got inspiration for vast unknown space
in your Sci Fi Books.

mattbrowne's avatar

@SeventhSense – Good point. Western Kansas and the vastness of interstellar space have got a lot in common.

SeventhSense's avatar

How long did it take you to complete the book?

mattbrowne's avatar

@SeventhSense – 10 years. 1997 to 2007. I’ve got a very demanding day job. Writing a 720-pages book is a major undertaking.

But it’s worth the experience even with selling only 350 copies (so far). The Amazon “used book feature” is a killer and with the economic crisis the numbers in this category are going up. But it’s good for the environment of course. I thought about Kindle, but they require SSN, TIN or EIN and a US bank account which I don’t have. Maybe I’ll ask one of my friends in Kansas to become my business partner. It’s a bit strange it can’t be done from Europe. I thought Amazon was a global company.

SeventhSense's avatar

It’s quite an accomplishment regardless and probably something all of us here at Fluther should do once in our lifetimes. But hey it’s usually the average books that make tons of money anyway- Grisham, Steele etc. It’s uncommon to find an author like Irving, King or Crichton with mass appeal. But hey, Isaac Asimov was quite prolific and he had a couple of big hits. You never know.
Maybe you have an Andromeda Strain in you…figuratively speaking :)

mattbrowne's avatar

@SeventhSense – The big publishers only look at commercial success. Boris Becker (the former tennis star) wrote a book. I heard it’s total bullshit. Doesn’t matter. When people go to a bookstore they say, hey, I know this guy, and pick up the book.

Only 1 in 10000 people who write books are able to sell enough of them to give up their previous job. I’ve got a great job in IT which I like very much. I did it because, as you said, I wanted this special once in a lifetime experience.

SeventhSense's avatar

Yes it’s all the PR. And you can’t blame publishers. They want a return. Maybe in the future there will be a different game when we can quickly self publish and transfer electronic tomes into our brains.

mattbrowne's avatar

@SeventhSense – Yes, self publishing has a great future. The success of the blogosphere is proof.

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I’m so impressed with all these 10kers! Congrats @mattbrowne!

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Relevant, strong foundation, good logic, clear reasoning, sensible, back up with references, polite and considerate….one heck of a nice jelly that makes you really think about things. Describing @mattbrowne and his participation here is not difficult… is emulating him that is tough….and yet, that is a lofty and worthy aspiration for anyone. Congratulations @mattbrowne!
See ya…Gary/wtf

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congrats @mattbrowne ! You are out of this world!
who else hit 10k in my absence?

janbb's avatar

@patg7590 i did.

mattbrowne's avatar

Thanks a lot Gary !

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Hey, congrats, man!

My favorite theist here on Fluther. Always a pleasure to engage in, you know, actual, intelligent discourse on religious matters. Always a clear head, always empathetic towards your fellow man. Great job.

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@whatthefluther Gary be the man!

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