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Have You ever been published ?

Asked by HighShaman (3045points) December 16th, 2009
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Have you ever written a poem , story, article, song , etc that has been published ?

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One of my photos was published in the American Naturalist to go with an article a colleague wrote. That was pretty neat, since he didn’t tell me he was submitting it with his paper and then told me to check AmNat’s web site. :)

The only writing I’ve had published was just in a school magazine. I was the editor-in-chief of it my senior year, so I guess technically I published the whole magazine?

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Yes. Both Poetry and a Book.

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Yes. I enjoyed writing a few articles for a (university) newspaper once. It was great to see it in print.

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Well, hell, yeah, HighShaman,,,right here on Fluther. And you’re reading it. :-)

Here, let me pump up your Fluther score.

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Being published is no big deal. Being read is a lot more important.

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I have a song on the soundtrack of a movie…a really, really bad movie. I have both my music and artwork on records and CDs.

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Yes. Not as a writer, but as an illustrator, editor, graphic designer and desktop publisher, my work has been published in various forms.

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I’m a staff writer for my university’s newspaper. I don’t really count that as anything important though.

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Yes, I’d written several articles for a Connecticut magazine and I edited a book on the use of proverbs in psychotherapy. Haven’t published anything recently though.

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Well I have had some research published in medical and nursing journals. Wasn’t a poem though.

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I’ve had my artwork published before :)

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As a graphic artist I have been published many times.

As a research engineer I have one paper that has been published.

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I’ve written a couple of poems that have been published.

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I have had plenty of work broadcasted. Have been mentioned in published works.

And, does count? :-)

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@ChazMaz I don’t see why should NOT be counted….

Do you make sure to put a copyright notice on each poem that you place on there ?

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I co-wrote a book with my husband. It’s a business book, with all of the knowledge coming from him and the spelling coming from me. ;) The book has been published, and I still get a thrill when I look it up on Amazon and see my name there. I think a few people even bought it! Woo hoo!

It’s a very industry-specific book, not something anyone who isn’t a decorative artist or faux finisher would have read. If you’d like my autograph anyway, pm me! ~

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I had an article published in an esoteric scholarly journal many years ago. It was exciting at the time, but that’s long, long past.

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yes .. i wrote a book of shadows , with old natural remedies , and recipes for ointments etc .. and i created dvds on witchcraft and wicca . vol. 1 & 2 .

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Do scathing letters to the editor count ?:)

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A bunch of scientific research papers, a monthly science column in a museum newsletter, some illustrations, and one short story.

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Arts reviews for a local monthly, book reviews and a personal essay in The New York Times.

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I had a poem and a painting published in my college’s literary journal.

If websites count, I’ve had a number of comic book reviews published.

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Yes, I have had five articles published in two nostalgia magazine with two more to come out next year. I am trying to write ficton but have not submitted any so far..

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Professional peer-reviewed journals. A few historical articles. Nothing of interest to the general reader.

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I wrote for The Salt Lake Tribune

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My doctoral thesis, if I ever finish it, might morph into a book tentatively titled “The Battleship Race, 1890–1914”.

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I had a short story published in an artistic journal for Spokane Community College.

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