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What's the difference between a Curriculum Vitae/CV and a Cover Letter?

Asked by scars2b (111points) December 17th, 2009
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I’m looking for work and I’m asked to submit a CV and a Resume? What does that mean? And where does the cover letter come in if at all?

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In short, a CV is the complete list of everything you have ever done. A Resume is a shorter version (the highlights) (and in my personal opinion, no more than one page)

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A Curriculum Vitae and a CV are the same thing, CV is just it’s abbreviation. A cover letter is something you would send with your CV, a sort of personal introduction which can be tailored to suit the needs of each application.

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A CV and resume are similar and serve the same purpose; a cover letter is very different. You should always include a cover letter whether you’re submitting a CV or a resume. The cover letter gives you a chance to convey your interest and suitability for the job rather than just giving a list of qualifications.

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Your CV is all about you, you’re education; experience; goals; personal profile; etc., whereas a cover letter is what you would send with your CV to an employer highlighting your relevant key skills and experience, and to tell them why you’re just perfect for the job!

Of course @nikipedia and @OreetCocker got there first.

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i think i’ve been sending in all the wrong materials!!! thanks everyone!

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I thought that the CV and the resume were the same thing. Then the cover letter is different of course but others have already explained what it is. I would also add that in the cover letter itĀ“s important to make a link between the company or the departmentĀ“s values and your own, mentioning those values that you share, to show that you could make a great fit. So each time you apply you should write a different letter. Of course you can reuse some of the sentences, but the important thing is that you should find out something about the company on its website at least before writing the cover letter.

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