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Are you living your dream?

Asked by Silhouette (8845points) December 17th, 2009
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Sometimes our goals reflect youthful enthusiasm that is not necessarily grounded in reality. Life also has its way of changing our paths at times in unforeseen ways. There were things you loved to do as a child, imagined yourself doing as an adult. Did the reality come close to what you had imagined? Were there disappointments? Did any of these experiences turn out to be better than what you had anticipated?

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Not exactly there yet. Things are stressful, and painful now, but I know with hard work we’ll get through it. I think the day I graduate, the day we sign for our very own house, those will be days that I’ll be living my dream with my husband.

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In a word, “no”.

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not exactly living my dream..i should say not even close to living it. Drugs and too much fun and the highness pretty much came to bite me in my rare. I’ve overcome that and hopefully m getting my life back on the track now. :)

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I’m working on it. Not there, yet

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Not even close.

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If it’s the dream about making a living as an artist with a wonderful wife and daughter in my own home…then ’yes’.

If it’s the one about a half-dozen redheads and an endless supply of freshly-baked cookies…then not so much.

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NOWHERE Near it! I’ve lost site of my dream. Been too long without dreaming. Hmmmmm I think I need to put a new light on my life! Thanks for the eye opener! Great Question!!!!

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No I woke up and I’m just working on my life and being present.

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Yes, I’d say I am. I’ve been married to the same man for 42 years, (and I still love him with all my being) we have 2 beautiful daughters, 3 wonderful grandkids, we’re retired & we can do anything we want to whenever we want to do it. Life is good. I could die happy & fulfilled tomorrow. I’ve been blessed.

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I’m getting close.

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Yes, I must say that I am now living in my dream. Of course, there was a time when I had no goal setting dream. I remember a teacher in high school was canvasing the classroom one day about what their dreams were…when she got to me I replied, “Well, to be honest…I don’t know if I’m gonna raise hogs or write porn novels.” Everybody cracked up and I got sent to study hall.

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When I was a kid my dream was to become a pilot/lawyer/model (not unlike Barbie herself), in high school it morphed to getting a cover story in Rolling Stone. In my 20’s I was going to write The Great American Novel, adapt it into a screenplay and proceed to win an Oscar.

Well, none of those things happened, but here is what did happen…. I found the love of my life and we are at the beginning of an amazing journey together. I found a faith that makes sense to me that I love and fills me up every single day. I have the three most incredible boys on the planet, I’m able to go to school full time to finish my teaching credential, and I have a job I enjoy. Am I living what I thought were my dreams? No. Is my life pretty dreamy? Yes.

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@casheroo ,Owing my own home was one of my big dreams too. I’m glad you are close to reaching a goal.

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@Silhouette The house owning is far off. I hope in ten years we’ll be able to though.

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@Cold cut. You’re still trying and that’s the important part.
@cprevite So dreams are better unrealized too many cookies will make you fat.
@SirGoofy What did you call your first novel? I hope Pigs wasn’t in the title?
@jbfletcherfan & SuperMouse Most of us dream of happiness looks like you both found it.

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I’m to lazy to have a dream…

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Well…..I’m 13….So I really haven’t had a chance. I guess I’ll just share my dream.
-Going to college and graduating with a degree that has something to do with photography
-Getting a fun job taking awesome pictures
-Finding a man I love
-Getting married and having kids
-Raising my kids and being a stay-at-home mom, homeschooling them for the first few years maybe

I realize that life has a way of changing. Lord willing, this is what I want to do. If it works out some other way, I’ll be alright with it. I just hope to find somebody I love eventually.

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In many ways I am living my dream. Unfortunately I never did dream all that big :)

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No not yet. But I’m not worried. I’ll get there eventually.

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No. Soon enough perhaps.
At least in the meanwhile, I’m not living a nightmare, so that’s always good.


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not yet, but when i move next month i hope i can say yes to this. i’ve always wanted to live in colorado…and i finally will, and i can’t wait. i love the mountains and everything about it out there. its been my dream for a while. and its finally happening. it makes me nauseous and so happy at the same time.

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@SirGoofy How funny!

@ChocolateReigns You have many good goals there. You have your whole life ahead of you to make these things happen. I hope they all come true for you. :-)

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Don’t hurl :)

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@SeventhSense thanks!! :)

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Often, when we’ve accomplished what we dreamed of we find it’s not what we had expected it would be. I don’t remember having any particular dreams but I DID marry my dream MAN once. Long ago.
This question reminds me of the rich and famous movie star who looks around and thinks, “ok; what’s next?” Human nature I guess.

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@deni I am very happy for you. It is one beautiful place to live and I know you’ll love it.

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OH ! Is this dream life mine?
This is even better than I thought.

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