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How do you react in a crisis situation?

Asked by Silhouette (8845points) December 17th, 2009
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Do you have the ability to look upon a crisis situation in an objective manner? Can you separate the things you have no control over from the things that you can assume control of? Can you put aside your emotions and help or are you paralyzed by your emotions?

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I hide under a rock.

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I’m usually the one standing still and telling everyone else to shut the hell up so I can think of what to do.

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I’m actually very good in a crisis. I keep a level head and devise a plan, enlist help or bark orders with the best of them.

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When I was rather young, my parents worked at a convenience store, we were robbed one day by some guy waving around a gun. Well I reacted as anyone else would have by laughing, at which point the gun was then focused on me…only to have me ignore the robber in favor of my toy cars (I was 5 or 6 at the time…I liked my toy cars…a lot).

To this day I can safely say I have no sense of self-preservation nor do I really acknowledge any major stresses in my life…in short, I really never give a damn ^_^

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I am very good at handling a crisis as I’ve been thru several in my life…. and you learn by experience.

Then; too… I’ve had a little extra trainning which helps during a crisis situation .

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Yes,yes,yes,no.Bring it on!;)

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@Alrook -love this answer :)

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I am good in a crisis. I can’t handle people screaming and crying. I sort of withdrawl within myself and hide my feelings, but get things taken care of. I also hate people talking to me when I am trying to make decisions. What I am thinking of with this question is the many times I have had to call an ambulance for my mom and going the hospital with her. I have many decisions to make and don’t want someone talking to me, telling me everything will be okay. I need to think so shut up.

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I follow the old adage, ”When In Doubt Run In Circles Scream And Shout!!!

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I move fast and think on my feet.

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Not good – I’m definitely not the “go-to-person”.

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I’ve administered first aid to three seperate people who had attempted suicide. All three recovered. Aside from that, I’m well equipped for fires, floods, other natural disasters, home invasions, car wrecks, civil unrest… You name it.

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In a crisis situation I will usually go into panic mode and if things get too hard for me I will try to avoid the situation completely and let someone else handle it. As bad as that is it’s just how I deal with things.

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I’m usually quite calm, collected and capable when a crisis situation hits.

It’s afterward when everything is under control that I find myself shaking and falling apart as the realization of what had been averted hits me.

So, that sort of makes me the go-to person for a crisis. You just don’t want me around afterward :)

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It brings out the best in me.

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I get very quiet and very calm.

I’m analytical by nature and that doesn’t change during a crisis.

So I handle it and then, when the coast is clear, I have a nervous breakdown!

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I don’t know nothing but I’m streetwise. I can get out of anything unless I’m dead.

Me myself and I. It ain’t all that bad man.

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I used to think I was a quick thinker in a crisis until I was in a bad car accident. I was completely useless and disoriented. My car nearly caught fire and I never thought to turn off the engine. I was so focused on getting my seatbelt unstuck to worry about my car exploding! Luckily a man who happened to be nearby rushed over to help. He acted fast and shut my car off for me. He also reminded me not to move my neck in case of injury. So, I may not be too smart in a crisis but I’m thankful that there are people out there who perform good under pressure.

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I kill every single person who is not wearing the same uniform I am. I figure God is good at sorting and can handle the rush.

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I rise to the occasion, and… from time to time… go down with the ship.

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In a crisis, I’m calm and do what needs to be done. I’m pretty focused.

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I just go into “Got to get things done mode” and tend to take charge. Most people just freeze or don’t know what to do, shock can do that. But if you give them direction: i.e. call 911, get a blanket, etc., they do fine. I can usually handle things pretty well while the situation is going on, but when its all over and everything’s under control, that is when it hits me.

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