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How do Fluther Moderators (and the community, I guess) take to "cookie-cutter" questions?

Asked by EgaoNoGenki (1164points) December 18th, 2009
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They’re the kinds of questions I used to ask, like:

1. What is the origin and meaning of the Russian surname “Ivhadenov?” (Pronounce that slowly…)

2. How long and/or how many miles would it take for a typical Volvo XC90 to breakdown?

3. How did “Psych” jump the shark?

For #1, replace one Russian surname with another, but leave all the other words the same.

For #2, replace the make & model of vehicle with another, but leave all the other words the same.

For #3, replace the title of a TV show with another, but leave all the other words the same.

For all of the above, I used to do this in order to attain and maintain my “Most Inquisitive” title. I kept it for two years, in fact. Then Keithold overtook me one day…

His life had more spare time than I could muster, (my being in college and all,) so I could no longer keep up with him.

Therefore, I stopped trying.

The above types of “cookie-cutter” questions were getting QUITE unpopular with the userbase of Answerbag, so that is also why I discontinued that practice.

I don’t believe there is a title that is anything like “Most Inquisitive” here on Fluther, and at this point, I view trying to reach that here, as too much work.

That, and the other reasons, is why I have retired from those methods, and have gone on to explore new ones- ones that will be more constructive for this site and its users, and more likable amongst this new userbase. People mature from old, unfavorable habits, and that’s what I’ll do from this day forward.

Now, and here is the most important part: If, say, a devil-spawn inspired by my old habits decided to go on Fluther and spew a junk-load of cookie-cutter questions, how would the mods respond to that? How would the new community respond to that?

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Those type of questions are here.
You can find them in the Orphans: section.

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I never did like that type of question. It is too much like an automated Question-Bot to me. I prefer questions from people who are actually interested in receiving information from other people about things that interest them, like friends having an interesting conversation with each other. If you just started spewing questions like you were reading out of an encyclopedia or, worse, a telephone book, it would not fit with my idea of a ‘collective’ or community.

Besides, here on Fluther, you can only ask three questions a day.

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I am going to tell you how I reacted when you started with the cookie cutter questions or any flood of questions on AB:

I logged off until you were done.

You can only ask 3 questions in 12 hours here (or is it three a day?). You are not, no way, no how going to get “most inquisitive” here. They do not want that. They want quality, not volume.

The Jellies have been very patient with us and some of them are not terribly pleased with us. I am leaving my suggestions to you in this thread and in the other and, after that, I am commenting no further because I shall not feed into it.

Leave answerbag and your aspirations at answerbag at the door… please. If you are going to stay here, you are gong to be expected to produce quality work or have every question rejected… period.

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Heck, I think I must be really Dumb or something cause I didnt really understand even One of them until you explained it! LOL….(sorry!)...

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@Arisztid: When I grow up I want to be just like you!

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[mod says] Such questions can have a place here, if they are genuine. If you’re just asking for the sake of asking, a pattern will be noted and you would be quickly asked to stop doing it. There is no award for asking the most questions here, so really no motive to do this type of thing anyway. Check out the guidelines for some tips on asking great questions. If you’re ever unsure, feel free to ask a mod for help.

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@Arisztid WOW, that was very good!

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my solution, “throw the old bag in the garbage!”

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@SABOTEUR @Cotton101 ~~blushes~~

And I am fully with Cotton… throw that bag in the trash or, at the very least, leave it at the door before you come in here. I am bloody sick of the AB questions and these two are the last for me. Oy.

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@Arisztid <spot on> my friend!

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The competitiveness, also one of my faults, must be abandoned when entering the halls of Fluther. Quality is the key here.

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why strungle to be “the most inquisitive”? isn’t this like saying “the most stupid” or what? here you have 3 questions no matter what. why ask all the time things that you don’t even care what answers you get? and noone cares to answer cause these questions are and LOOK to be fake-robotic-automated

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@Sebulba I used to compete for “most answers”. But 90+% of them were noncommital crap in response to inane questions. Competitiveness is an addiction that we have to face up to and overcome.

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Some of the AB questions were stupid but lately I miss them. My life is very stressful and I can always use a laugh.

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@philosopher Can you link us to the questions which made you laugh? I think we all deserve it too.

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@Arisztid – stick around… you’ll be a great Mod!!

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@Cupcake: I’ve been thinking that for a couple days now. Been meaning to ask Arisztid if he would consider putting his name in the hat.

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Personally, I’m adverse to anything you can google and get a solid answer to. Aka: No. 1 and No. 2 of those example questions are shot down. No. 3 is up for debate… I feel like that’s been a question before or there’s been one extremely similar. Which brings me the next point: If you still can’t find an answer after you google your question, then try searching it on Fluther. If you still don’t have an answer (even if it’s to question No. 1) then go ahead and post. Someone else on the internet might want to know.

PS: I admire you for stepping up and taking this into serious consideration.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land On the rare occasions that I felt competitive, I tried to go for “Biggest asshole that people don’t actually hate”. Given the nearly-but-not-quite-oxymoronic nature of that title, it was more of a challenge than just racking up numbers.

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@Cupcake Aris was certainly a “shining star” at Answerbag. We’re all lucky he’s spending time at Fluther now!

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“Jesus wept.”

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Cookies are evil.

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I think the community would react the same way they reacted to you on Answerbag. Talking about you badly, and if there were a downrate button here they would probably use it. I think @augustlan summed it up nicely.

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@Symbeline Cookies are AWESOME!

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