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Where can I find a collection of screensaver images from Ethiopia?

Asked by Cupcake (15502points) December 18th, 2009
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My brother is planning a trip to Ethiopia next summer and my mom would like to find an electronic collection of photos from Ethiopia for his birthday (which was yesterday).

Does anyone have any ideas??

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Do an image search on Google with Ethiopia as the search term, and you will most likely be overwhelmed.

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OK – perhaps this is a dumb question

I did search google and got lots of images. How do you make a screensaver out of them (that you can give to someone as a gift)??

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google: images from memphis ..... it will be the same thing

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You will need to choose your images, save them to a place you will easily remember, and then you can use any number of programs to make a slide show, starting with PowerPoint, which may already be on your computer.

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Windows has a slide show screen saver.

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@Cupcake Here’s a good instructional page on how to make simple and more complex custom screensavers for Windows. Happy Ethiopian slide show. The country offers some spectacular sights to see.

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