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Can you think of one life changing mistake you've made?

Asked by Silhouette (8845points) December 18th, 2009
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Some of us have emerged from the most painful circumstances with strong insights about who we are and what we want. Our sometimes stumbling attempts at growth and progress are necessary. We learned, we progressed. We went through exactly the experiences we needed to, to become who we are today. What painful lesson taught you the most and helped you grow to be the person you are today? Can you describe the one mistake that had the most impact on who you have become?

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I didn’t study much during high school. Therefore I didnt’t get into a good undergraduate college. But I worked hard there and accomplished a lot. And although it was a big mistake, I am a better man because of that. I am actually proud of that mistake, in a weird way

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Dating one wrong person… I could’ve had 8 extra months with the man that is now my husband if I would’ve been single and accepted his first date invitation. We will have a lifetime together, but I will always regret not having 8 more months with him.

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Most of my big mistakes were incredibly life changing to me in a very positive way.
Without going into too much detail, in high school I had a drug problem.
I don’t regret anything I’ve either ‘tried’ or ‘abused’.
It positively changed my life in the respect that I grew and learned from it, it gave me experience and character, it gave me wisdom and strength and I had I not experienced those ‘dark’ years, I doubt I would be the type of person who appreciates and values her life as much as I do now.
In a way, it’s hard to look at my past as a mistake. I almost feel fortunate.
I actually cherish my life now. Back then, I couldn’t give two shits about it until I almost hit rock bottom and swam to the surface again.

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The biggest, the worst….. I got married

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I caught my (1st) wife cheating and tried to throw my life away. The consequences that resulted from that action included, but were not limited to:

* being confined to a psychiatric ward
* my wife leaving me
* being asked to leave the Navy (General Discharge under Honorable conditions)
* returning “home” to mom’s house swathed in shame and defeat
* sinking into the inky black well of depression
* discovering self-help, psychology and the spiritual path
* meeting a nice girl via the city’s free paper dating ads
* marrying the nice girl
* stumbling into a decent job that I’m actually good at
* having 4 children

I think that’s “life changing” enough.

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I dated a 28 year old. I am 45.

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I got married at 22, I’ll never do that again, I mean get married that is. That was the biggest mistake of my life and I’m still paying for it. I’ll stay alone until I die if I have to lol. At least money can’t screw you over as bad as a woman can.

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I didn’t work hard enough on my marriage but also I didn’t know how. I wonder if my kids are better off because of the divorce or would they have been better off if I had worked harder sooner.

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@ChazMaz Why was that a mistake?

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@chyna – Long story. Was immature and had issues.

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@Vunessuh I have no real reply to that, but it deserves recognition.

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@Symbeline I appreciate it hun. :)

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Yes. It was actually the same mistake played out several times.

The mistake was trying to hold onto what I wished it could be, rather than accepting what it was.

Lots of wasted time and energy was poured down that wishing well aka septic tank :)

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@Merriment Indeed. And how many variations of that mistake do most of us continue to make on a daily basis. (For me, sometimes, simply stated expressions have the most powerful impact. That one hit me right between the eyes.)

Well…as my grandmother used to say,”...a hard head makes a soft b’-hind.” (behind, rear end, butt)

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@SABOTEUR – Thank you! I apologize for never responding I’m still trying to figure out if there is a way to track comments directed at me, so far no luck :)

I think your grandmother and my grandmother must’ve chatted..I was raised on the a hard head makes a soft b’-hind principal !

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You weren’t apologizing to me were you, @Merriment. If so, no apology is necessary. Though it’s certainly nice to receive responses to comments made, I don’t expect a response from anyone, especially if they don’t have anything particular to say.

As for our grandmothers’ applying the principle, “universal truths” usually stand the test of time. It’s why we’re able to remember them, apply them (if we’re conscious enough to recognize their significance) and pass them on to others for the wisdom they represent.

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