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Who wants to join me in welcoming wildflower to the 10K club?

Asked by jackm (6212points) December 18th, 2009
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Everyone, you know what to do! Bring out the pancakes!

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Fantastic! :-)

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@Wildflower! Wow! Good job, girl. I noticed you right away when you joined and have found your contributions consistently valuable. Congratulations.

This is a banner day!

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I was so happy to see you posting here again, and I’m even more thrilled by this achievement. Congratulations!

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Well, OK, then!

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Aw, welcome to the mansion, @wildflower!!!

Congratulations on a job well done!

Jude (32152points)“Great Answer” (20points)
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Well done, Wildflower. Congratulations!

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You go girl!!

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Congrats @wildflower!

I can’t believe all the lurve around here recently. Lurve-alanche!

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Wildflower? You’re still here? Man. I thought I was all over fluther, but you must post somewhere.

You truly are an old timer and should have been in the 10K mansion long before many of us, including me.


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Finest Irish salutations, dear @wildflower!

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Now pass out the pancakes.

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Uh-oh, I couldn’t have, because Wildflower was here before me. I must have seen her reemergence after an interval and thought she was new. Anyway—I’ve enjoyed her posts for a long time.

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Nice one!

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CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS Wildflower!!!! Well done!!!

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I met @wildflower on my first ever Fluther question (it’s amazing how those first encounters leave such a lasting mark), and have enjoyed her all-too-rare contributions ever since. Plus, just being from the Faroe Islands automatically puts you in a higher level of cool

Harp (19174points)“Great Answer” (19points)
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A most excellent congratulations to you wildflower…happy 10K and a big cheers!

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What a day for the 10K club
look at all the great people joining it…

Wildflower, congratulations!

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@wildflower – You were one of the first people who impressed me with your answers and writing/thinking ability when I first joined Fluther. I enjoyed both your thoughtfulness and the perspective you brought as a Faroese working in Ireland. I’m sure if you didn’t have a ‘real life” you would have been here much sooner. Welcome to the house!

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Congratulations Wildflower :)

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Eg elski teg!

haha! it’s the only faroese I could find.

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Wow!!! I’t a 10 K feeding frenzy!!!!!!! Congrats @wildflower!

Judi (39890points)“Great Answer” (18points)
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Here is a link to her interview.

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Hvordan siger du “Congratulations” på dansk?

Glad to see you’re back.

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Good on ya matie! It must be getting crowded up there.

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Holy wildflowers, Batman!

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Wow, this week we have a 10k epidemic!

Congrats, wildflower!

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@fireside :: I think it is all the new users that haven’t maxed out on people yet.

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Another 10K achievement you say!?!?

Well that’s just…just…WILD!

Congratulations @Wildflower!!

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Congrats @wildflower!!!

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Awww….you lot are awesome :D
Thanks all! (and very impressive @kevbo and @petethepothead !)

….cheers for the pancakes :)

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We’re going to have to rent a bigger room! Congratulations!

syz (35679points)“Great Answer” (15points)
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Congrats @wildflower !!! Someone better start construction on a new wing of the 10K mansion!

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Wow…10K festival today!


J0E (13167points)“Great Answer” (17points)
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Happy 10K day.

Congratulations to you.

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There should be a 10k parade around the mansion today for all you folks. Congrats, wildflower! Awesome job!

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Well done wildflower! Congratulations! WOO HOO!

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Congrats wildflower! Much lurve!

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Happy happy! Congratulations wildflower! The castle must smell so sweet now. :)

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Cheers wildflower!

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Happy happy, joy joy! Congratulations on reaching 10K! Break out the Faröese pancakes!

Just think of what Bon Jovi would say if he could see you now!

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yay, congratulations!!

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awesome… awesome to the max!

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Congrats!! :)

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Congratulations, Wildflower!

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Congratulations to the Faroese Flutherite!!

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Hi, @wildflower! Congratulations! I’m very happy for you!

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10K Day indeed! Congrats! Remember, no matter how hard you try, you cannot make anyone give you lurve. This is everyone showing you what a great contributer you are! You deserve this, so be proud!
A toast to you!

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Many pancakes to you on this fine lurve day!

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He wants to send you his best.

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YAY!!! I’m a bit late I think, but YYYYYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Congrats for your wonderful work. Where’s the Cake??

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