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Why the Smart Ass Answers ?

Asked by HighShaman (3045points) December 18th, 2009
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Why do people give smart ass answers , trying to be funny when someone ask a serious question ?

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It’s my job.

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For me, it’s because I type like I talk and I am a smart ass.

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Sometimes the questions just strike my funny bone so hard, I must cry out loud!

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… that and I have a slightly odd sense of humour.

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@jerv, I can verify! It is one of your many undeniable charms!!!

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Because I’m an attention-whore.

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I think some people just want to put their 2 cents in, and they don’t really care about the person asking the question.
Sometimes you just feel like you have to say something – it’s like you can;t help it

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Because I’m a smart-ass!!

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I never put smart ass answers

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we are smart ass jellies

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I have a tendency to do that with obvious stupid questions, and religious questions. Other than that, I hate when people give dumb answers to a question that is obviously serious.

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Why not?
Must everything be taken so seriously?
Are we all sitting at our computers in business suits? No.

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@Blackberry Does a serious answer in a smart-ass style count?

@Vunessuh I’d wager that half the people here right now aren’t even wearing pants!

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Sometimes it amuses me. Mods don’t like it to be the first answer so I am trying to learn not to do that, but sometimes I get seduced by a good straight line. If Fluther were completely humorless it would be a bore. Why characterize a witty riposte as a “Smartass Answer” anyway? Isn’t that kind of stacking the deck?

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Some questions beg for them.

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Because people want me to use the “Flag As” link as much as I can.

Seriously, no smart ass shit in serious questions until the question is answered.

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@jerv I am one of them.

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Because that’s what they deserve.

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I will look into this!;)

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Alka Seltzer!

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@jerv No that’s OK, as long as you get the main point of the answer out, which is to provide the facts of the answer or whatever is necessary to answer ther question wholly I think.

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Not everything in life has to be a project.

Whenever I try to be serious, nobody pays attention to me anyways.

Xena rules. Yodels

Besides your statement is kind of a fallacy, at least on here; there’s more than enough serious shit to create a brain meltdown.

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Because some people are gigantic douches.

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I um,ahm mostly give serious answers then a smart ass answer below it….I can’t help myself

but, I have been biting my tongue recently…lol

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<———————————————gigantic douche.

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I haven’t seen many smartass answers, but some questions do deserve them.

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I’d rather be a smart ass than a dumb ass!!!

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“Witty riposte* ” implies wit and originality. “Smart-ass ” answers have usually been seen dozens of times, are predictable and are often banal, vapid, and derivative. And yes, you can help it.

Check out @astrochuck and *@pdworkin for how to get it right.

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There really isn’t a right or wrong way to answer a question unless you are completely avoiding the question mixed with insulting someone.
No one has the right to tell other users how to answer a question.
If you don’t like what they have to say, ignore them.
Not every answer to a question has to be serious. It can be stress-relieving to just log on and be silly. God knows I’m not going to stop just because some people are a little too sensitive and serious.
Plus, there will be people who appreciate your sense of humor. When you want to be a crazy, fun, smartass, those are the only ones that apparently matter.

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because being a smartass is much better than being a dumb one

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What A smart ass question!

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Is there an echo in here?

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@jbfletcherfan Bahahaha. :D

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Sometimes a funny answer just comes to mind—and that’s the one you’ll get from me. Not always smart-ass though. Lighten up.

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Just cause

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Unclench the butt, Francis.

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Better to be a smart ass than a dumbass

@jbfletcherfan It’s not an echo. You’re stuck in a time warp :D

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echo. echo. echo.

jca (36054points)“Great Answer” (0points)
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I may be an ass, but I wouldn’t say I’m a smartass.

Dumbasses of the world unite!

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I don’t mind smart ass answers. It’s here that I get part of my daily dose of laughter. I agree, first let the question be answered, but after that, let the smart asses be. They often brighten a very gloomy day for many.
I was tempted the other day to be a smart ass, but I would have been the first answerer, so I rather left it.

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i knew it, im surrounded by assholes

please say you get it.

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It was a Space Balls quote.

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@Corporate_Avenger Hell, you remind me of a younger version of me.

@jackm But only one was a major…

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@jackm As far as I can tell, I’m only on one side of you, I would hardly call that “surrounded.”


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@jca & @jerv’re making my ears ring. LOLL

Good morning, daloon. :-)

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Everywhere I look its daloon.

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@jackm Don’t look up! Awww, I told you not to look up.

No one ever listens ;-)

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When smart ass and serious battle it out for supremacy inside my head, I almost always go with smart ass. It’s a first response system of sorts. I’ll try on serious, but smart ass just fits better sometimes.

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@Silhouette I have to say that sometimes your thinking is quite two-dimensional!

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@daloon Yes that’s true sometimes my thinking is rather flat. Black and white. I’m not very good at feigning depth when I don’t feel it.

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@Silhouette It could be worse. You could be an ass!

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@daloon Don’t tell anyone, but I can be an ass too. Big bouncy ass!—

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@Silhouette Gotcha there, too. My buns are big enough to support the entire planet!

You know, like those turtles piled on top of each other?

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@daloon I won’t go into too much detail here butt, let me just say, you have a map of the world on your butt, I have a map of the solar system on mine.

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@Silhouette I could get ridiculous and tell you that, should I turn the other cheek (and which other cheek you might ask, but I would say you were being a bit too cheeky), you would see a tattoo of the big bang, but really, I think that would be going way too far (as if we hadn’t already passed the bounds of…. well….. never mind), so I’m not going to do that. I shall just say that you have won. Congratulations!

Just out of curiosity, does your map include Pluto as a planet?

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Pluto and Uranus, I still consider Pluto a planet

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People come up with smart ass answers because they do not have the ammo to answer the question as it was asked. Because they feel the question is some conspiracy to attack them, they float out quips to try to discredit the question as serious, or the OP as anything but a rebel rouser, if not worse. Or they can’t answer for the answer is an indictment against one of their sacred cows.

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