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If you had to give someone Emergency First Aid or CPR right now could you? Are you trained in either of these areas?

Asked by NUNYA (3207points) December 18th, 2009
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Working in Childcare for many years I’ve taken the classes for First Aid and CPR. I could provide Emergency First Aid or CPR if I needed to. What about you?

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Both. And if you’re not, you need to be! Takes very little time, and it makes such a difference when you need it.

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I am trained in both, as a preschool worker it was a requirement and I have always kept it updated even after changing my employment field.

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I took a class that was required for work. But you are out of luck if you need mouth-to-mouth after falling face down on the floor of an airport.

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Yep, I have my CPR card, and I get it updated every 24 months.

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@johnpowell HAHAHAHA @falling face down on the floor of an airport. BUT would you then use your toothbrush if it fell on the floor while trying to save this persons life?

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Yup I could. I’m a nurse and also A National Registry EMT

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Yes; trained in both by the military and federal government . I can even deliver a baby….

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I am trained, but that was about 15 years ago so I am no longer certified. I’m not sure, if no one else around me could, and since my training is out of date, I guess I would in a total emergency. I would fear that they would puke in my mouth though. But if it saves a life, hey.

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I am trained how to and also how to do cricothyroidotomy eeek i am no longer certified nor licensed so I hope to god that excuses me out should I ever be in that situation

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Yes, I am certified CPR C.

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I could do both, too. Perhaps not very well, since my certification hasn’t been updated in a while!

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I could do both but I hope I don’t ever have to do it.

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@johnpowell (and everyone else) The new guidelines DO NOT REQUIRE rescue breaths (mouth-to-mouth resuscitation). The basic goal is to do GOOD, EFFECTIVE chest compressions until an AED or medical help arrives. So, if anyone is dissuaded from CPR because they are worried about mouth-to-mouth, worry no more. Also, the airport is one of the best places to collapse (the best is casinos) owing to the readily available AED devices.

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The guidelines changed between the last time I updated and the penultimate time. I was rather relieved, to tell the truth, although it would not have stopped me if it were necessary.

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@shilolo Again!? last rime I re tested they changed it to 30/2. I guess its good my certification only lasts 12 months.

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@shilolo Good to know!! Thanks.

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@arpinum You can still do rescue breaths, if you want to and know how, but too many people are dissuaded by the concern over mouth-to-mouth, and maintaining adequate circulation via chest compressions is much more important than rescue breaths (and certainly better than doing nothing at all).

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Yes, I could do both.

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I have been trained in CPR. As my parents aged, I wanted to have all the knowledge I could to help in case it was needed. In fact, all my siblings and I had training at the same time.

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I’ve done first aid training but not CPR.

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Yes, I could do both, and possibly give a preliminary diagnosis to paramedics when they arrive. I have finished two years of my medical radiation degree, and a CPR certificate is mandatory for us. I did first aid as well, because it is cheaper and the qualification lasts longer.

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Yes, I’ve had Red Cross CPR training. I’ll re-up in a year or so.

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I have both and often wonder if I would remember everything in a real emergency, with the confusion and adrenaline and everything. I hope I never have to find out.

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@shilolo – Why was it change?

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I took a CPR class, but I don’t think I would trust myself enough to actually resuscitate someone. (I took the class as a requirement for a Life Skills class also required for that grade)

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Before everybody freaks, there is a very easy alternative to mouth-to-mouth. It’s called a Mouth barrier, and the best news is that it’s cheap and pocket-sized! So there is no reason to let a person continue lying face down at the airport unless he’s a terrorist :)

Yes, I know both, as a nurse and paramedic.

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I could probably do both but haven’t recertified in a dogs age.

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Yes, in both and have had to use my training a few times. Had to do MtM on a dude that was DOA we pulled out of the deep end. This was long ago before dental dams and having someones entire stomach contents erupt in your face is a true test of resolve. I brought that man back to life.

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@phillis Each time that it is time to recertify, the First Aid/Red Cross hand out the packets that you leave in the car and one for the house. They both have the mouth barrier and an assortment of other First Aid items. I have one in the house and car as intructed to do.
YOU GO GIRL!!! I didn’t know you were a nurse!!! I knew you were a paramedic. I learned that in a thread at the old house. Cool!!! <<HIGH FIVE>>

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Yes. I volunteer here to work in a Rehab Center and I was given the basic First Aid training, before. It is not at all hard, if. **smiles**

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Thanks @doesnotmakesenseatall smiles back atcha!

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I thought we just found out that mouth-to-mouth isn’t required?

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It isn’t required, but it is also of value.

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Ah, I hope they don’t teach students that if you think mouth to mouth is icky you shouldn’t do it.~~~worried~~ . My instructors told all of us to suck it up or give it up.

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I think I am leaning more towards “takin’ care of business” then worried”. Might be a stranger to ME but he/she is someones son/daughter/grandson/grand daughter/ husband/wife etc and I would not like myself if that person died simply because I was in fear for my own safely. That is just the way I am though.

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As with I, I don’t believe that a person should be taught that half assed CPR is okay. And that if you’re truly afraid of MTM and decide to take CPR you should make sure you have your mask on you at all times.

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Exactly, NUNYA. If my lovedone is lying there dead, I’d rahter hve the person in the crowd who IS willing to give THE BREATH OF LIFE, not just puncturing lungs with cracked ribs. A little crepitus never hurt anybody unless they only want to do a job half-assed.

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Yes I could and yes I am qualified to do so!

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