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Do you like the slow pace of the early morning / late night? Why?

Asked by Xann009 (876points) December 19th, 2009
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I’ve always been a bit of a nocturnal person. I love the slow and easygoing pace of the late night / early morning. Stores (that are open) are completely empty and it’s nice and quiet. Some of the people out and about are pretty entertaining as well. Why or why do you not enjoy this time of the day?

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I love it. I often stay up all night so I can be alone. Its hard to be alone these days, but late nights are still the best times to find solace.

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@jackm Mhmm, I totally agree. I’m used to being alone. It might not be a good thing, but it’s reality.

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Sure do. I’m very much a nocturnal person, I know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s very relaxing.

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I need that quiet. I don’t do well going out during all that noise. I don’t mind watching it from my windows, but don’t want to personally interact with it.

I love feeling like the night watchman.

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Yes I much prefer that, I hate rushing around and shopping in crowds, there is nothing worse!

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I love early morning when everyone else is sleeping. quite in the house is wonderful.
Grocery shopping at 7am! No one in the stores, get the stock clerks to run for you, full attention of the staff, they’ll even load your car. Drawback, deli isn’t open yet…
Right now I have control of the TV, the cat and the dog are on each side of me and the snow falling looks so cool against the outside lights.
In about an hour, everyone will be moving around and getting their day started, but I’ve had my time to enjoy.

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I used to work Graveyard, and I loved it, but this particular Saturday morning I would just as soon have slept.

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@pdworkin I’ve been thinking about asking for some graveyard shifts where I work. The quiet would be great.

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I feel so much more relaxed and at peace during the night. From about 8pm I feel all my anxieties disappear which is why (although I sometimes pay the price in the morning) I like to stay up as late as possible.

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Always been a morning person. Clear mind..well, that is debatable! lol

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I naturally wake up on my own around 4:00 am most mornings. Read: Pandora gets up to go to the bathroom, and can’t go back to sleep. I often go to the grocery, etc. at that hour. I do laundry, pay bills, e-mail, etc. By the time I get to work between 8 and 9, I’ve often put in a full day at home and need a nap.

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I do my best to wake up to the sunrise with a cup of coffee in my hand everyday. Nothing gets the day started off better, and clears your mind as well as a quiet morning.

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Late night or early morning is about the same for me as I have that time all to myself. Life it too short to waste it sleeping. Case in point got a nice hike in the snow this am had the woods to myself!

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I also love being alone. In the morning, though. Nighttime is good for watching a movie or reading a book by myself.:)

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I love late night. It feels like the only time I am really alone even though I have the house to myself every day for the 4 hours my daughter is in school. There is just something relaxed and easy about it.

I have wished I was a morning person who could enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee before starting the day, but I am not. Getting up early makes the day feel so long.

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I love being up late. Nobody asking me to do things, nobody to question how I spend my time, and my monitor performs best in the dark.
In my freshman year of college, I would stay up late working (or not working) on projects. I would also chat with people on my IM contact list, who were scattered across the Western Hemisphere. It was… nice, bidding my European friends goodnight and seeing them off to bed, and being there to say “good morning” when they woke up.
Also in my freshman year, I learned (thanks to a 7:00 a.m. public speaking class) the joys of being up before everybody else, reading the paper and working my way through my pancakes and eggs.

I also like low-light settings. One of my favorite fantasy settings (as in mental vacation fantasy, not the literary genre) is a place that’s dark overhead all the time (but clear, so that you can see the stars and moon and all), and cool and quiet like a late summer evening, properly illuminated with lamps and populated by the sorts of people that you like to hang out with around a campfire.

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@Leanne1986 I’m exactly the same way. Love the way you expressed it. Alone and at peace.

@Supacase I love late night. Have never been a morning person

@Nullo Love being up late.

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