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Where do testicles go on a snowman?

Asked by Ansible1 (4836points) December 20th, 2009
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If you were gonna give Frosty some balls they’d go on lowest, largest snowball right? But would you put them dead center? a little low, towards the bottom? Towards the top close to the middle snowball? Anyone take snowman anatomy?

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Need an extra carrot too ;)

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I do not understand why a snowman would need genitalia.

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They would go near the upper third of the bottom ball of snow.

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Since he is a Snow“man” ; I guess he does need a set…

Probably about 8–10 incehes below the belly button…. along with a cucumber . (Carrots are just too thin !)

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To the coal bin.

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Frosty is more like a one cell organism. He has no genitalia. He’s gender neutral.

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Up inside… because he’s so damned cold!

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In the snow blower ;)

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What’s really important is to make sure they hang unevenly. You want to be as realistic as possible, I assume.

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@HighShaman – Nah it needs to be a carrot, need shrinkage because of the cold!

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Up,up and’s cold out ;)

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just measure the height of your average “snowblower ”

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This should help you determine where to put them.

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If ya’ don’t know by now…..

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just under canada ,, thats the “snowbelt”

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Wow… Frosty’s been circumcised. I didn’t know he was Jewish.

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You can have my serving of rocky mountain snowman oysters.

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Well when you give a snow“man” breasts they go on the upper half of the second ball, so I think testicles should go between the second and third ball. The bottom ball replaces legs, right?

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I’m not Jewish….. um nevermind. ;P

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@The_Anonymous_Witch That’s how I feel about it too!!! LMAO!!!

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In his armpits to keep them warm.

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@Axemusica Haven’t you ever put your hands in your armpits to warm them up? I think it would keep a snowmans balls warm too.

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Most men would want you to put your hands on their balls to keep them warm, keep the armpits out of the equation. LOL!!!

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@Silhouette yea, your hands, but when is the last time you’ve seen any creature be able to put their marbles there?

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@PretentiousArtist How else are they going to make baby snowpeople?

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Snow men have snow balls, don’t they?

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They’re hiding in Santas sac

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@Axemusica You’d be surprised at the strange places I’ve seen a guy try to put his balls.

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I would think that he’d be sitting on them.

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No no no. You have to put it under his wood. The hard one.

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I would say after the last button on the bottom.

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@janbb the last I checked they had 3
but I would say that the snowman anatomy would sit inside cause he has to be child friendly

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I don’t know about Frosty’s balls
but you certainly have huge cohones.

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put a bird there…. a “woodpecker ”

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if you use a stick… make sure it’s “mourning wood ’ and you should ” viagrathane” it.

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If I put balls on a snowman, I’d use some blue food coloroing on them to make them blue balls.

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oh shit , i got confused and put the snowman on my balls . WOW THATS COLD ! .

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@SABOTEUR ~^cojones ;)

@Silhouette I guess lol

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Between his ^ICICLES* of course!

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