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This is probably a really simple (and almost stupid) question, but what does "PM" mean?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5624points) December 21st, 2009
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I keep hearing about people “PMing” and stuff on here…but I can’t figure it out! I have a feeling it’s IMing of some sort…

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It stands for Private Messaging. You click on a person’s profile and send them a message.

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Poop Machine

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Pm me and I’ll tell you.


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@Zen_Again Wants to be Poop Machined?


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@ChazMaz Or maybe he wants his Potatoes Mashed?

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@ChocolateReigns In case you’re wondering, the correct answer was b: @gemiwing.‘s

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On Fluther, Private Message. Go to the person’s page and write a message with the “private” box checked. Out in the world, PM generally stands for afternoon/evening (Post Meridian) or Prime Minister.

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Pac Man?

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Throws mashed potatoes @ChazMaz

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The answers were much stupider than the question.

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PM – Private Message. They appear on your top right under comments for you.

Some others:

OP – Original Poster
GA – Great Answer
GQ – Great Question
Collective – all of the people on fluther
Jellies – all of the people on fluther

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Pre-menstrual, I think..

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Personal Masseuse, Psycho Magnet… so many possibilities!

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Ya I figured it out. All the others I knew of.

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In answer to the question I see on here now of what makes you laugh? Posts like these. All of your senses of humor.

AC…you did it again. :-)

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Aw, shucks.

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Ok, I will try it again.

Potato Masher.

I though it was funnier at the top. I guess it is ok as long as it is at position 3 or lower. Will make a note.

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@ChazMaz I guess they liked Poop Machine better.

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I concur.

Me too!

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Throws poop machine @ChazMaz.

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Pester Me

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PM (Personal Message)
This is just one of the places that can show slang on the web, here is a list that has many great places to look for more information.


Here are some web sites for those trying to learn the lingo of the web, it covers for chat to computers terms and more: real good one! real good!

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I myself wondered what PM meant at one time. Everyone kept saying it and kept confusing me. I finally figured out it meant private message.

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