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What makes you laugh?

Asked by JustPlainBarb (5027points) December 21st, 2009
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What kinds of things make you laugh out loud?
Do you think someone’s sense of humor is kind of “inherited” based upon what was funny in your household growing up?
Do you have the same sense of humor as your parents or siblings?

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Fluther just kills me!!!

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Mel Brooks says that Tragedy is when I get a paper cut, and Comedy is when you fall in a sewer and die.

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@pdworkin Wow, I like Mel Brooks more than I thought I did!!

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@ChazMaz I hope that’s not catching!!

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Soooooooooo many things;
Funny jokes, A good stand up routine, Slapstick comedy films, Kids when they are deadly serious and talking nonsense, Politicians when they are trying to tell the truth! Any film with Eddie Murphy or Richard Pryor or Dom De louise, Gosh, SO many things…...........................

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People who laugh make me laugh

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My family, my friends’ drunken activities, politics, a well thought out comedy movie, just about anything Judd Apatow directs, just about anything Seth Rogen is in, the ridiculous shit that happened at my job in a restaurant, (and as a result) the movie Waiting, and just about anything when I’m high.

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Wit, irony, slapstick, deadpan twisted stories of awful times that aren’t quite tragedy, good puns, situational humor, practical jokes, stuffed-shirt absurdity of the kind that politicians and priests (and the dowagers in The Three Stooges) are often noted for creating all by themselves (even without the Stooges), other people who take themselves far too seriously (and myself, when I do that), and dogs.

I think I read somewhere (don’t quote me) that tragedy is comedy taken to its natural conclusion, or something like that. By which I understood that what’s funny today will end in tragedy for both of us… eventually. I’ll die; you’ll die—tragedy.

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i have examined my humor quite closely. i can tell you exactly what makes me laugh. in order of most humorous to less humorous:

- confusion
– chaos
– madness
– intelligence
– weirdness
– truth

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@azlotto That’s pretty funny… and amazing that people didn’t punch that guy in the nose!! :)

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@JendayiH It is pretty hard not to laugh with someone who’s laughing, I agree!

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Anything stupid, or ridiculous.

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@CyanoticWasp Wow great insight into humor… I hadn’t thought about it that way!!

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AstroChuck just cracks me up!

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@scotsbloke @TitsMcGhee I agree… especially with “real” things being the most hilarious sometimes .. nothing funnier than real life!

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@AstroChuck That’s nice!! Might as well enjoy yourself… :)

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The extension and contraction of certain muscles are activated during the laughing sequence. When we laugh, our brains are producing endorphins. Specific visual and auditory stimuli such as assorted nasty jokes, contrived filthy words, strange looking persons, and generalized silliness can provide hours of fun and pleasure.

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Usually something inappropriate. Dark humor, smart humor, sarcasm. Watching “Funniest Home Videos” with my kids. When one of my kids says something in all seriousness that strikes me funny (like when my 4 year old said he had a bad feeling about his butt) or when they swear and don’t realize it. Sometimes I have to leave the room for a while before I can reprimand them because if they see me laugh they’ll do it again and again.

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@poisonedantidote Pretty good list… you have thought about this!!

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My husband makes me laugh

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@JustPlainBarb, thanks. Humor is my middle name. Well, it’s humorous, anyway. No, I’m not telling.

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@SirGoofy Now that’s very analytical of you SirG! I learned something today! Thanks.

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Totally innocent statements/things turned into something sexual.
That’s what she said… ;P

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir My husband makes me laugh too. I often think that the two of us have the wrong type of sense of humor for parenting.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Personally, I think that’s so important in a relationship!

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@SirGoofy, jeez, if you make it sound like exercise, that’ll take all the fun out of it.

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Watching a dog clowning around.

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I am 180° away from my family in humour. Well, wait, we all liked Richard Pryor and early Eddie Murphy when I was a girl, so I’ll say 100°.

The first time I laughed out loud at Monty Python in the presence of my cousin, he said, “Why do you like all that corny, honky English shit? Girl, you need help.” And he shook his head at me. But there it is, I like wordplay, wittiness, all the bookish stuff. I imagine my family’d hate Eddie Izzard as much as I love him. Even my surrogate family busts a got over Tyler Perry, 227 and Martin reruns, while I can’t be arsed to crack a smile, much less laugh. It’s not funny to me.

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@aprilsimnel I mostly agree with you. When I laugh at something that others just don’t see as funny, it’s usually because they don’t see the inter-connectedness of things that I do, or alternatively, the gulf between action and intention, which is also quite often a laugh riot. Many people will shake their heads and think, “How sad,” over some failed attempt at something, and I’m splitting my sides laughing, “What the hell did you expect?”

But I’m really responding about the Monty Python thing. My mother was in her 50s and I was a teenager when she introduced me to Monty Python on Boston’s PBS channel in the early 70s. How many kids had mothers in their 50s in the 1960s-70s who would tell them, “You might enjoy this…” and show them that? She was so cool.

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My sense of humor is generlly incomprehensible to others.

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Funny stuff.

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Usually a brilliant pun or witty riposte sets me off – particularly when I’m the one making it! My sense of humor is a combination of my Jewish literary/verbal upbringing and my husband’s northern England deadpan sarcasm (think the Beatles.) I once described it as “schmalz on wry.”

I also really love the Marx Brothers, Monty Python, Basil Fawlty and some of the old vaudeville shticks.

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I think anything is funny if I didn’t see it coming. A ten minute lead-in to a penis joke? Please kill me. An unexpected witty comeback? Gets me every time.

Not funny: Epic Movie, Scary Movie and 90% of sitcoms.

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Sarcasm, dry, dark humour.

Also, slapstick never fails to amuse.

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Dogs wearing hats and sunglasses….now thats funny!

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Apparently too much of everything. I have been told on numerous occasions that I have an entirely too liberal sense of humor. My response to that is, F*ck em if they can’t take a joke.

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Watching my dog play with bricks… he throws them in the air and tries to catch the bricks… They wack him in the head and hit the ground ; then he sits there looking at the brick , like “WHY” ?

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Not much is off limits for me to laugh about;) Everyone is my family shares the same sense of humor….except for…she who shall not be named….!@#$%^

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something that makes me really laugh is telling jokes with a person with a sense of humor

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Most people don’t understand my sense of humor so in turn, most people never understand what I’m laughing at or why. Hell, I don’t even know what I’m laughing at half the time. Whatever it is, I just find it funny.
There are, however, only a hand full of people that get what I find funny and those are usually the ones that could say anything and make me laugh.

Or sometimes I just look at somebody’s face and burst into laughter. It’s a habit I’m trying to break. ;)

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Pop stars who get paid a fortune to do a LIVE concert then proceed to let the crowd sing half the songs! while they stand there and point thier mic at everyone! That makes me laugh !!

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@Sueanne_Tremendous I have to agree .. and Tits’ name is pretty good too!!

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@HighShaman Oh the poor little pooch!! :)

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@Vunessuh I know just how you feel… my sense of humor often escapes other people… but it doesn’t stop us does it!! I do try to control myself before I get on my own nerves though!!

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@scotsbloke That is pretty funny .. pretty good if they can get away with it!! :)

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@janbb I like the British sense of humor to .. my grandparents were British and I grew up with it… some folks think they’re pretty dry .. but I find them hilarious!!

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@gemiwing You’re right… you sure didn’t expect that!!! Great clip and pretty funny.

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While flutherbating (masturbating while fluthering) my dog licked my ankle at a crucial moment and all hell broke loose.

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I have a very dry sense of humor but extremely goofy jokes do me in every time. I can find humor in many things, but slapstick is generally dumb, IMO. I have never understood the appeal of The Three Stooges.

I laugh daily at the things my daughter says. They are astonishingly hilarious, unexpected and usually unintentional.

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@Zen_Again Way TMI

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I do not know what my type of humour is…but as it is one of my new years resolutions to do this more I’ve decided…prompted by your question to write it down if I find something funny and rate the funniness and then maybe ask you guys what type of humour you think I have because I really have no idea

@Zen_Again made me smirk…

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My Husband , my Son . I also laugh a lot when I watch big Bang .

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@philosopher Isn’t it fun when you all find something you can enjoy together!!

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George Carlin was a keen observer of human nature. His early and middle career material makes me laugh out loud. His later material was too dark and existential for my tastes. Robin Williams quick wit and improvisational humour always made me laugh. I guess humour that identifies and lays bare common human foibles is what really makes me laugh.
Much of the humour of the original SNL cast was head and shoulders above most of what came after it. Nothing of Americas funniest home videos is funny at all to me!

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@Dr_Lawrence Normally, nothing on America’s Funniest Home Videos is funny to me, either. However, watching the show with three young children adds this whole new and completely hysterical level to the show. Few things make me laugh as much as the sight and sound of my kids rolling around with belly laughs, which is what they do when Funniest Videos is on. Children find other peoples’ pain and embarrassment so entertaining.

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So do socially immature persons paste the age of majority! I delight in watching my grandchildren roll on the floor laughing. Sometimes my children still do that as well and I get a kick out of that too!

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My sense of humor isn’t the same as my parents, but it is the same as my siblings… and usually when people first meet me they don’t get my humor, but if we stay friends for a long time they kind of grow to understand (my friends and siblings call it “the mind”, when you have the same sense of humor as we do).

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Pull my finger

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The absurd and the unexpected. Everything from puns to slapstick to intellectual humor and sometimes everything in between. My sense of humor frequently goes off without warning.

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My mother screaming in terror on roller coasters or when she gets really mad and her voice cracks.

The way my ex husband impersonates a Cerebral Palsied person in public and harangues my mom.

The hissing giggle my SO makes when he’s feeling sweet and goofy. Kind of like Ernie on Sesame Street.

My little dog attacking his plush squeak toys, throwing them up into the air and jumping to catch them before they hit the ground so he can smash them down with his snout and continue mauling them.

Peter Sellers when he asks, “does your dog bite?”

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Silly stuff, dry humor.

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My own jokes.

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South Park makes me laugh! I love how they are always taking the “P” out of people, and it’s like theres no limits, anything goes!!! And poor Kenny get’s mollicated in every episode! Sweeeeet.

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Tom and Jerry

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All great… thanks to everyone.

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Strange 1 and open your mind. ;)

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This always makes me laugh…............always.

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What kinds of things make me laugh out loud?

The list is long and fairly undignified.
Irony, accidental slap stick, plays on words, and anything that qualifies as ridiculous all get me going.

I think our tastes in humor are strongly influenced by what is around us as kids.

I share a similar sense of humor with my parents and siblings…some of them more than others :)

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@JessicaisinLove Love those babies laughing!!!!

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@Merriment GA… I agree

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Good clean humour like. I said, “Waiter, whats that in my soup? He said, ‘I’d better call the boss, because I cant tell one insect from another.’

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Good one!

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@Schonberg I like that kind too my friend!

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Yo know it’s not my day! I backed a horse today 20 to 1 – it came in 20 past four.He was so late coming in he had to tiptoe back to the stables.And the jockey kept hitting him with a whip.And the horse said ‘What are you doing that for? There’s nobody behind us!’

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You know, I nearly forgot; Sesame Street, the US version, from 1972 to 1975 (when I started school full time) was a major, major force in developing my sense of humour.

Don Music? Kermit the Frog for Sesame Street News? Prairie Dawn’s silly plays? Grover as the Waiter and Fat Blue as his put-upon customer? The Golden AN (which is probably one of the best sketches ever)? Classic, classic stuff.

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I liked Waldorf and Stadtler.

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@Schonberg I really like those 2 grumpy old guys too!! I also love the Swedish Chef and Professor Bunson Honeydew! I guess we’re all just big kids when it comes to Muppets!!

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Have you ever see Wallace and Grommit?

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@Schonberg I adore Wallace and Grommit. My husband is from the north of England so we find that humor highly congenial.

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I live in the North West of England too.

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@Schonberg Where abouts? Hubby is from Crosby, near Liverpool.

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@JustPlainBarb All of those are my favorite Muppets, too. :-)

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@Dr_Dredd You mentioned you think a dog clowning around is funny… I agree. We just had a ton of snow here and my neighbor’s dog thought he’d just run outside and jump into the snow… you should have seen the “look” on his furry face when he jumped into a snow drift and got stuck!!! Poor little pooch!! :)

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Oh no! Snowbound pup!

Mine’s never actually gotten stuck, but she’s buried herself in it so that only her two black eyes and little black nose is showing. It’s so cute. :-)

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@Dr_Dredd Aw. They just love the snow!!

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They love it. I, on the other hand, can’t stand it! :-)

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~nitrous oxide~

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When people attempt idiotic activity’s and ultimately hurt themselves, I’m laughing. When a person refuses to stop arguing after being proven wrong, I point and laugh. Men in pink trucks, cars or shirts. Women who spend more social time with there dogs instead of there children, well actually, that’s kinda sad…


The sound of my young children laughing.

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…a good tickle

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