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Ideas for Winter/Holiday/Snow theme appetizers?

Asked by JasonsMom08 (441points) December 22nd, 2009
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I am making cream-cheese penguins, a marshmallow igloo salad, but I am trying to find some other ideas for my appetizer platter, keeping with this theme…?

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Here is a recipe for chocolate covered snow peaks.

You could also make something with snow crab and snow peas.

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Snow cones?

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Think in terms of incorporating coconut (snow) in all types of savory as well as sweet applications.

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You could also try mini meatballs sprinkled with grated Parmesan like a dusting of snow.

I’m trying to think more along savory lines cuz sweet is really easy with stuff like whipped cream or Marshmallow Fluff.

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Cream cheese penguins? OH NO! (runs and hides)

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You could use a snowflake cookie cutter to cut regular app sandwiches into a winter shape. What about little snowmen shishkebabs? Use toothpicks to stack three balls in different sizes (I’m thinking three types of olives, or maybe @Buttonstc‘s meatballs…)

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Coconut macaroons, meringue forgotten cookies with cc bits and walnuts (I can give you the recipe if you don’t have one). Or, anything topped with powdered sugar like lemon squares or brownies, you could probably use a stencil to make the sugar into patterns.

Not sure if it can be Christmassy like Veggie crudite using sliced red peppers, sliced green peppers, cucumbers, fresh green beans. Strawberry shortcake. Also, you can use red and green food die in foods I guess. Black cherry jello with whole cranberries and pineapple.

The sandwiches @zephyr826 suggested are a good idea. How about lobster pancakes with cream sauce and pieces of roasted red pepper. Mostly, I think just invest in some holiday looking serving platters and serve some good food. I went to a party a couple of weeks ago and the food was just crackers, poppers, and cookies, it was schedule through dinner time, and I was starving when I left.

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” Mostly, I think just invest in some holiday looking serving platters and serve some good food. ”

I second what @JLeslie said.

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Try this site. I’ve made some of them and they have all been great.

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Is this a kid party? Very few adults?

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Christmas Tree Tostadas :Cut tortillas into tree shapes.With a spoon, spread hamburger mix evenly over each tortilla. Leave a ½ inch border of tortilla all the way around each tostada.

Use green pepper, tomatoes, and olives to decorate tostadas like Christmas trees. Arrange the cheese on each tostada in a zigzag pattern to make a garland.

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Snowman cupcakes!

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You don’t really make these Santa cookies, but they are cute.

Peppermint bark

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If you serve almost all white foods, it will follow the winter theme, but it’s a less appetizing presentation than colorful foods. There are a lot of flavors you can get from white foods, but most of them are dairy or sugar related so it kind of limits what you can do.

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I can’t remember the name for these, but you melt chocolate and peanut butter in a saucepan, stir in rice chex, then dump this in a paper bag that contains 2 cups of powdered sugar. Shake, pour out on wax paper, eat ‘till you burst!

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@stratman37 Puppy Chow!

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@zephyr826 – Thank you!

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- Things garnished with sprigs of Rosemary? (I always think of pine trees)

- Mexican Wedding Cookies/Cakes

- Recently, I posted a recipe for stuffed mushroom caps, where I suppose you could substitute White Mushrooms for Portobellos. The stuffing, wild/brown/white rice, cheese, and sausage, is also soft earth-tones/white.

- You could make a display of broccoli dusted with parmesan or something, simulating snow-covered trees.

- OOH! I just made something up!!
You could grill/bake red bell peppers after cutting down the sides and spreading them like a blossom reminiscent of pointsettias! You could stack them to conserve platter space and achieve the flower’s layered look, and serve them with some sort of delicious dipping sauce (I’m thinking savory, maybe with a little ancho or chipotle chili flavor.)

- Another idea! (I’m on a creative roll!) Mashed/baked potato “hills” with peppery country gravy. If you’re adventurous, add some diced green chilis They don’t overpower the gravy or make it spicy, but add a really interesting kick. Plus they could be “trees beneath an avalanche” or something. Alternately, you could bake biscuits and have your guests add their own “snow.” :P

Now I wish I were cooking for Christmas!

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- If it were my party, I might also consider making savory meatballs (or choc. covered raisins/coffee beans on the sweet end of things,) placing them in a bowl, and calling them deer pellets. But that’s because I’m weird and my friends and family appreciate my twisted humor without losing their appetites. :P

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