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Would you rather read a book, watch a movie, or listen to music?

Asked by Polly_Math (1738points) December 22nd, 2009
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What do find most entertaining and worthwhile?
What do you spend the most time doing?
Do you do these things for pure entertainment or something more?

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Music, movies, then books
I don’t really have the patience for books, but I do enjoy them.

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Depends on the mood. Music is the easiest to do. I think I enjoy books the most, but I watch more movies because they are less time consuming.

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reading a book wile listening to music is more entertaining/worthwhile than watching a movie for me…
and sometimes it’s the other way around lol.

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I listen to a lot of music

I watch a lot of movies too.

I need to read more. But I barely ever do if I am at home. But if I leave the house I take a book with me.

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Read a book. I love the feel of a book in my hands.

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Being a writer, much of my inspiration comes from music.
I watch films a lot too. Depending on the movie, I’ll usually watch it twice. Once for enjoyment, once to study it.

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Movies definitely. Music second. Books last. I do enjoy books though, they’re just last on my priority list.

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I’d rather read a book in a hot bath…

But, being a mom, I don’t have time for that. So I spend most of my idle time watching TV.

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@stemnyjones I never could figure out how to do that without getting the pages wet!

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@Dr_Dredd Get yourself clean, dry your hands on a towel, then read without touching the water or anything wet.

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@stemnyjones Easier said than done! I usually end up splashing water on the pages… :-)

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Depends. If I want to/have to do something with my family, I pick a movie (preferably a cute love story ;) ). If I have time to myself, I like read a book while listening to quiet music that I won’t get wrapped up in. If it’s music that I like, I’ll get wrapped up in singing along to the music and I won’t get any reading done.

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I love Music but I also love good Science Fiction. Books like that help me escape.

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Much to wife’s chagrin I can often do all three at once.

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Watch a movie. I watch movies for entertainment

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I usually listen to music while i read.

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A good book with a little soft music playing, but not loud enough to distract.

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Read a book I think. Unless the film was 5 stars. Music is great accompanying other things.

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I would rather watch a movie with good music! I can’t choose between the two.

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Usually I will prefer a good movie or watch tv…

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Book, music, movie… ?

The thing though is that as much as I enjoy reading, my attention span seriously fails me after about an hour of reading, at which point I play video games (or listen to music) or do something else.

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At the moment I would prefer to read.

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I enjoy all three, but I would order them this way: book, movie, music. A good book fills my mind and lasts a while, whereas a movie is over quickly and usually leaves a lot untouched. I love music, but I miss the visual component.

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boogers! – just wanted to honestly see if I could get a great answer!

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I spend the most time listening to music,then reading.I rarely ever turn the tv on anymore.and I don’t go to the show very often unless I need a nap.

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Read, usually in the evening (after dark).
Music, works when driving and working around the house.

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Yes, please, I would.

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Are those my only three choices? Because I don’t do any of them. I troll the internet for interesting shit.

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@daloon . . . interesting shit is the nicest thing you’ve ever referred to me as.

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@Blondesjon we aim to please!


if I’d known I was being nice to you, I would have killed myself at the time, instead of waiting for now…..

Take your pick. Ah, good times. Good times!

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Music, books, then movies. Actually, I rarely watch movies. Music is always going and books are rather nice before I hit the hay.

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Probably movies.

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I’d rather sit and sketch….OR….play the guitar or the banjo.

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I like to read books and listen to music at the same time. I find it very relaxing.
I watch movies, but not very often.

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I enjoy a novel best… sometimes with a little music in the background.

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watch a movie. My bf and I watch about one movie a day/night. I don’t really like going to the theatres, so we mostly rent, but he owns thousands of movies

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I will choose to read a book.

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That really depends on my mood but all 3 help me to relax, I love to do all 3 so its difficult to choose!

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Of the 3 I’d like to listen to music.

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Depends on where I am or what I am doing, walking to train to work: music; on train: music/book; at the end of long day: watch movie or “LOST.”

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I sometimes do all three at once – reading Diana Wynne Jones, watching the news, and listening to the Mighty Shadow singing “Dingolay” (from a nightclub in the next street: somehow the noise abatement laws stop working on a Saturday night). And I do listen: that is one sweet calypso. But my first love is reading: my daughter once said that if there was a room with a book and a comfortable chair I was good to go.

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