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I can't find stove burner covers I like, so I would like to put an image onto black ones - any idea how?

Asked by eternal_serenity (494points) December 22nd, 2009
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I want to put Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” album cover onto stove burner covers for my house, but no idea how

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The stove is not being used and these cover the burners and they have a flat top? Peel and Stick printer paper, clean the surface with alcohol and print the image on the paper and peel and stick. at least this is the way I might get it done!

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@phil196662 has a great idea. You can also find self adhesive lamination. (8½×11 clear stickey paper). A cheaper way would be to use clear packing tape to tape your pictures on the covers.

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Ahhhh- print them and use double sided sticky tape, the peel and stick will be more reliable.

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you could decoupage them.

a word of caution for burner covers in general: i had them on my electric stove. one day silly me turned on the wrong burner (burner still had the cover on it) and almost started a fire. so just be careful no matter what you do.

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When I cook I take all of them off!

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@jca I’ve done that a time or two as well – I’ll have to remember to be careful :)

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Another thought..
You could get plain stainless covers, trace the design on them and then using a small punch and hammer emboss the outline and then paint with high temp enamel. Or just use the paint.

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Why not make ceramic covers? An image can be embedded in the glaze, they don’t conduct heat very well, are inflammable, and add protection as the burner cools down.

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