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Am I the only one whose finger itches for a "Great Answer" button on other sites?

Asked by MagsRags (5769points) December 28th, 2009
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I have two or three other social or networking sites pretty much vintage or fashion related that I have visited nearly every day for years, reading and posting. I have “gotten to know” many of the other regular posters through the ongoing association.

I have been here on Fluther for not quite 6 months, but now I find myself wanting to give lurve in places where it’s just not an option. I won’t say Fluther has ruined my old favorite sites for me, but dang. I think I’ve been reconditioned.

Do you find ways to be more interactive with other posters on more formal websites after getting accustomed to the Fluther way?

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I even look at everyday responses and think great answer or as a former Aber…I once thought things were plus 5 or plus 3 depending on the response =P sad I know

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@Gossamer Yepper!! Can I say a quiet +5 for that??????? I really miss giving points. I REALLY miss giving points. As far as other sites go, I kinda like this one the best so far.

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@baileysmom12 so on Ab, you graded the “great answer” on a curve? Interesting.

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Better if there were a button which would send a spring loaded boxing glove into the face of the facetious.

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No, but that is because I don’t frequent other sites.

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Yeah…I do that too!

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the difference between other sites and this one is quite compelling. Does that make this one the best? Not by a long shot. The GA button is about the only thing the other sites should have, but don’t.

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Hello my friends from AB .
I miss the comment section too. I also miss giving points.

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I don’t wish to give GA at other sites but I do have to stop myself from typing that I lurve something or someone!

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Other sites? There are other sites?

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I’m a recovering point-alholic. I am trying to reform my behavior to Fluther standards. On a previous site I would +6 everything but an outright insult.

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Absolutely! I was just thinking about this earlier when I reached for my mouse to give a GA and then realized that site didn’t have it.

I had a similar problem when I first got a DVR – I kept wanting to rewind live radio.

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I want to “GA” people in real life.

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I don’t see the need for it myself.

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@MagsRags Yeah, on AB we had a points system. If you like an answer you could give points, if you didn’t like it you could give negative points or flag it. The only one I flagged were spam. People would answer a question with an ad for a website where you could buy shoes, clothes,,,etc. Those I flagged. AB and Fluther have a lot in common by way of real time answers. This has been the closest thing I have found to AB since I left. I really like it here.

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@baileysmom12 Same on wisdm….I think it caused trouble more than anything. For some reason, some folks got really hung up on the points, and would troll around calling other people “Point whores.” I never really saw the point….wait! O, I’m funny!!

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@Val123 hahaha That was funny. Actually we had the same phrase on AB. We had different levels that we could reach once we got enough points. I was a Sage when I left. I did like attaining a new level and when it got to where I only needed 20 or so points to get the next level I got kinda excited. That was the only time though. It was kinda like watching your odometer rolling over to 100,000 or so.

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@baileysmom12 I like the way the community would pull together to push a person over 10,000, 20,000 and so on. We had two users who made a million! I think…I don’t remember where I was. Over 100,000 I think….other than that, points weren’t anything I paid attention to.

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yeah you seem to take a little from every site your active on and give a little on the other sites as well just from them being different with different people. ;)

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What is ab?

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AB is Answerbag, another Q&A website. There was a big shakeup there in mid Decemember that brought a lot of AB refugees to fluther’s friendly shores.

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