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What do you love about Fluther?

Asked by jonsblond (43808points) December 29th, 2009
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Yes, I know @andrew. You asked this question in August of 2008. I entered “What do you love about Fluther?” in search and there you were! great minds ;)

I tried a new site today and it made me dizzy. It was such a mess. The notification system is terrible and it just isn’t as clean as Fluther. Fluther is easy to navigate and has the kindest, wittiest smart asses on the internet. imo

Why do you love Fluther?

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i love the lurve

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I used to love how close the community was and how it was on the smaller side. It seems to be ever expanding and it’s kind of depressing :(

But I do love that it has great mods that keep trolls out. I also love how easy it is to navigate. And how it’s not billions and billions of random, ridiculous questions that get very few, if any, responses like some other sites out there.

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I can’t find out if my answers are noticed at a couple or if I’m answering to myself. This is a great site.

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I like all of the little easter eggs. The messages that appear under your name, the ‘add yourself to your own fluther’ joke, and its also the only Q and A site that I’m on , so it makes it that much better.

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The people. Well, some of the people. :P

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I love that I can ask really random questions and get great answers.

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It’s a place for me to bounce ideas around. It is a place where I am Judi. Not jeff’s wife or someone’s mom or grandma. I like being me!

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The fact I can sit around naked with you guys and none of you seem to mind.

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@Grisaille but do you mind sitting naked next to Blondesjon? ;)

That other site was like a bad acid trip. Thanks for bringing me back to reality everyone!

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I like the wit, the wisdom, the depth of information soem of our members provide. I like getting to know lots of people in lots of different places and having lots of different backgrounds and experiences to share.

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I don’t like it when I feel like someone is randomly passing out lurve to everyone who posts and skips me
I think I am getting hormonal or something that something so silly hurts my feelings.
Edit: Oh crap, now I got one. All better now.

Judi (40025points)“Great Answer” (14points)
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@Judi I feel your pain. I’ve noticed that too. stupid hormones!

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Wait a bit, your brain goes.

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@jamesfoley2 I understand. Maybe your brother can help?

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I learn something new every time most times I’m on here. There’s also a nice feeling of unconditional lurve. I can go away and come back at any moment and feel like I’m apart of something positive.

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I love the people. I truly feel like a have a second family here and I love it. Thank you all for making my life so much richer.

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Wait, what? You tried another site? Did you at least use protection?

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But home is where the heart is.

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I like the fact that you can freely contact other members personally.
In fact, the interpersonal contact is brilliant!
I also think that, generally-speaking, you can make open comments quite freely, except if they are over-the-top against some other particular person.
I also like that points are given on credibility but not able to be extracted because someone doesn’t like your religion, or feels his/her own need to put down your strong opposing argument if he/she is in disagreement.

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I like the ability to communicate without the worst of the trolling. I like the high degree of moderation and that the moderators are impartial. I lkie the concept that seniority is more important than points lurve. I like the sense of community, even though I’ll never be truly a part of it. I like that there is no intitutionalized pressure to reveal personal information.

My dislikes are not specific to this site, mostly involving people who contact you, pump you for personal information and then use it against you for their own amusement. That is more of a personal isuue with me: a steep learning curve of “hardening up” and not responding to personal inquires.

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I love the way some think they’re on some crusade to educate.Misplaced, condescending & entirely unecessary. I love my family. An emotion incompatible with a website.

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I love the fact that even though I am new here, I have a lot of friends already. The site is great and the people are great. I was an orphan and you took me in, for that I am grateful.

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It’s the people. It’s always the people.

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I love Fluther because;

I’ve made some very special friends, very interesting friends, very caring friends, very respectful friends, to the point where I do consider you guys my second family
You know more about me than some of my closest ‘real life’ friends and family.

And special PMs like the one I got this morning, you know who you are, make me smile, light up inside and know that I touch and am touched by people, if not physically but somewhere and somehow…I feel it.

Yes. Yes, I feel it – the Fluther.

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I like the folk, the new ideas I’ve been exposed to and lives I’ve learned about, and the ability to explore different aspects of myself in a bolder way.

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That it doesn’t care to go fishing.

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The fact that it remembers my password, unlike Y!A, Answerbag,, and Mahalo Answers. I’ve tried all of them and each time after about a month of having the account, it said I had changed my password and I was putting the wrong one in. But I hadn’t!
And the fact that there isn’t a whole TON of people so we actually get to know each other.
And the fact that there are good mods so there isn’t chaos.

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There are people here who are far more intelligent than I am.

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I think for me the best part of it is that it’s a group of people committed to helping others out, whenever possible – just because. I know that if at any time I can’t work something out, there’s a whole batch of people online simply there to do what they can because they want to, and for no other reason. Of course you do hope that your efforts are reciprocated.

There’s something very cool about that. I also feel like Fluther is my secret weapon and I’ve really learned a lot on here – if not just from asking my own questions but also, from reading others answers.

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I like that I can watch people’s progress as jellies (including my own). I enjoy the feed, and I love the fact that I feel part of a bigger, better collective brain than my own.

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Well, she’s very sleek. She is a great swimmer. She does that cool trick where she stands up on her tail in the water and plays with a ball on her nose. Oh. She save people, too.



You meant fluther, not Flipper?

Well color me red.

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@daloon ha! made me smile

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I like the ice-cream the most… can I has today’s flavour please?

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Who else is going to do my dishes?

Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (1points)
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I like that it makes me think. The internet, otherwise, usually just makes me lulz.

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Well, @Dog – I’m about to do MY dishes here; so you are welcome to pitch your bowls in here if you wishLOL!
And wot’s more, I don’t use those Junky dishwashers nor wipers: so the job gets properly done!
Why you’d be more spoilt than a baby!!LOL ;... just as long as you don’t Have one!!

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dammit! I keep missing @jamesfoley2‘s comments.

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@jonsblond Yeah, I keep seeing “Removed by Fluther Moderators” and now I am really wondering what was said.

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RE @jamesfoley2 – I thought it was probably spam?

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all the jelly lurve is so warm and fluffy – makes me feel all squishy

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I am quite new here but I like the instant response you get to questions, however banal or clever they may be. I also like the humour that pervades the site and the benign monitoring that goes on quietly in the background. If an answer is moderated there will be a good reason for it. I am curious as to who is behind the site and why. I must ask that question.

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I am new here and think that having moderators is a good thing. I love the fact, that if someone doesn’t like an answer that I give, at least others in the collective can’t thumb me down, like on some other sites.

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The unbroken quietude.

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Random thread revivals.

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