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Do you walk around the earth, or is the entire universe moving around you?

Asked by XOIIO (18325points) January 2nd, 2010
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Well, it mainly started out with thinking how in racing games the map and the oponents are actually moving around you, not you moving around a 3 dimentional map which makes it easier to make the game, so what about real life? Are we as individuals moving around a 3 dimentional space, or is all of creation moving around us? And if that is so, how could it move around each of us individually at the same time? Now even try walking around thinking that everything is actually moving around you, it’s kinda wierd, and you get sort of stuck thinking that way.

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I feel as if the universe is going around me. It sounds wierd saying that I go around the universe.

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as nice as it would be for everything to revolve around us….............. I dont think so. isnt the sun the focal point of our universe?
personally…....I think everything revolves around Television…......

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Yep. Every time I take a step, the earth moves beneath my feet. I’m super strong like that.

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All motion is relative. So both, i think.

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You are the moving element, just as the continents move on the Earth, the Earth around our Sun, the Sun in this arm of the galaxy, the galaxy in the Universe. You rely on the Earth and physics to become mobile, not the other way around – nature does not need us to move.

@scotsbloke The Sun is the focal point of the Solar System, not the universe.

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@Grisaille – cheers, I sit corrected.

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we are moving through a 4…or whatever it is dimensional plain….we are the object, but earth is the place we walk around on, we walk on the land, we move around, it rotates but we still move around, gravity gives us that principle…universe is something different…

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@bean – Do you subscribe to this 4 dimensional donut stuff?

@XOIIO – WEIRD!..... I thought I was the only nutter who had that thought. I actually walk round thinking that quite often, and then get puzzled how that whould apply to everybody else since we seem to move closer together, then further apart.

The only thing I could come up with is that distance is a perception, and it is the relationship between all points in the universe that change and give the perception of physical distance (if that makes any sense).

probably not…...

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it always gets me that the Sun is considered the axis, can any celestial body be declared as the axis, why not mercury or jupiter? isn’t the choice arbitary?

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you guys are tripping me out.

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@Pazza – u making a simpsons relation?!....totally different dimensional stuff…. i’m not talking about another dimension, I’m talking about our world, our world is a dimension what exists is what we see, smell or touch…but what we see that involves perception and distance so what you said to XOIIO is all about dimension as well and you seem to agree to all that… but thats m theory, I was just quoting we live in a dimension. but apart from that, I’m saying we live on earth, our principles don’t apply to the outside world. we move on earth, but the earth moves around something much bigger, and I agree the sun is the axis for our solar system, everything that happens in our solar system is to do with our centre (the sun) because all the planetary movement is because of the suns gravitational pull, how strong or weak that may be on the planets, their movement still revolves around the sun and because of the sun.
but as i said before…us on earth, the sun being the centre of our solar system and all of creation:i think they are two seperate principles :D
Our planet and our solar system revolve around the sun, all other creation revolve around other principles

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sorry, wrong grammer, I think they ARE serpate principles U_U my bad

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oh! and we do move on earth! cuz of gravity and all that….but again, seperate princples to everything else, like the sun and all other creations

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Is @ninjacolin lost for words!..... shorley not ;-)

I watched a UK programme called Horizon, one of the episodes looking at the universe said that we must be living on a 4 dimensional donut if Einsteins theory of 2 dimensional space time was to be believed. I wondered if that was what you were refering to when you mentioned 4 dimensions.

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@Pazza LOL…..say something then…. I thought you were talking about simpons U_U (i don’t like simpsons)

explain more about this theory? he was probably also refering to m theory…sounds like m theory… interesting thought though

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@Pazza but it sounds pretty much like what i said, about different principles

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Horizon programme posed the question ‘how big is the universe’ and used Einstein’s 2 dimensional space time to give an answer by saying, what if your travelling along in 2 dimensional space time (lets say like a sheet of paper), eventially you’l get to the end of the paper, then what. If you roll the paper around in untill the two edges touch you create a loop, so when you get to the end of the page you’l end up back where you started. Similarly, take the tube and roll it around end to end, now you’ve got a donut (Homer would be so pleased to find he lived in a 4 dimensional donut!), so now which ever way you travel you can just keep going. The programme even said that the maths boffins were even trying to justify their funding find out how big this donut was (and if it was made of infinitely thin dough!) DOH!......

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lol…interesting theory…. and yeah, I agree

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Everything revolves around suppertime!

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It is irrelevant, since I control the universe.
It seamlessly adapts as I move.

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We move in our immediate environment (going out for firewood), but at the same time the earth is rotating on its axis, revolving around the sun, the solar system moving within the galaxy and our galaxy itself moving. It is all a matter of defining your frame of reference.Personally, I am going to inspect the latrine.

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Einstein says both but I happen to know I’m at the center of it all and the universe revolves around me.

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Movement is always relative to something or the other.When we move from one place to another,We take a reference point,for example a tree near your house.It’s static wrt the place it is rooted in,but earth is revolving and rotating so, w.r.t another celestial body,it keeps on moving.When you move you move on the surface of earth w,r,t another fixed object.So, the concern is, what is your refence point.If it’s something on earth then we need to know the relative velocity.
When things of space are concerned,Our solar system moves at amlost the same speed in the Milky way as we don’t see all the planets racing in a particular direction.It’s all about frames are reference points.So when you are moving,you need to decide what you are refering your movement with.
Hope that helps.

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@mammal, but the planets do go around the sun—the center (not axis) of our solar system. For each one, a complete trip around defines a year. It takes the earth 365 and a fraction earth days to go once around the sun. We don’t go around Mercury at all. Mercury is a fellow traveler around the sun.

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i`ve always felt the ones who think their answer is final on these types of questions could so far be wrong ..ive thought our galaxy moves within a moving universe…and the entire universe moves at the same time as our galaxy does…so you really cant say it does or it doesnt if eveything thing is moving ..we will never know for sure…good question ..i liked it

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Glad you did.

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