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Organizing Fluther Questions?

Asked by shumone (60points) January 9th, 2010
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anyone ever thought of a way to organize Fluther questions in terms of number of responses?

i really want to answer questions that little help has been offered to but the current system forces me to go page by page to manually look for questions with very few responses.

What are your thoughts on this recommendation?

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There is this.

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yes, but I don’t necessarily know answers to the Orphan question which I’ve tried

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Fluther allows for you to tag yourself with areas of expertise or interest in your profile. The more tags you add to your profile, the more questions that pop up in the “Questions for You” link as soon as they’re asked. As you’ve found out by looking at the orphans, most of the questions that have few or no answers are often very specific and narrow. The more general questions get answered or commented upon pretty quickly. If you set up other Jellies in your Fluther, you can look at just the questions asked by those people as well.

It’s far more effective to filter by topic.

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I’d like to see a time and date with each posting, I dont live in the US so I like to know dates and times.

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@octopussy That’s actually something I’d like as well, or at least a date noting the time of the last post so I don’t accidentally resurrect a zombie.

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Actually Fluther doesn’t mind resurrections. Just because they’ve been dormant for awhile doesn’t necessarily make them zombies :)

Like a Disney Princess, they may just be sleeping.

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fluther protip:

Move your mouse to the right of the flag icon for any answer and a ΒΆ symbol will appear. Hover over that symbol and a tooltip with appear telling you how long ago the response was made.

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