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Are there vitamins I can take to give me more energy? Also, what types of foods give you more energy?

Asked by eternal_serenity (494points) January 11th, 2010
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I feel tired and drained, reguardless of how much or how little sleep I get.

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get some b12.

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keep in mind you can overdose on vitamins, so dont over do it… Vitamin poisoning…i would suggest that you consult your doctor as you could very well have a sleep disorder.

try eating healthy foods that release energy slower over the course of a day rather than foods with a lot of sugar that just give you fast energy and then leave you feeling drained.

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Make sure you are getting enough protein.

Have you been checked to see if your OK in terms of energy. For example, you could be anemic, which would leave you short of energy.

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wow I didn’t realize there were so many different things that could contribute to energy. I guess I will go to the doctor and find out

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Almonds, yogurt, beans, peanut butter, orange juice, berries, hard boilded eggs, and energy bars!

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The vitamin B combinations will give you energy and it would take many, many to be an overdose. My world is different since adding B12.

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