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Do you hate smokers?,can you tolerate them?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8235points) January 14th, 2010
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Sometime smokers may appear in your life,spreading their toxic-cloud around your nose and eyes,making you uncomfortable or suffocate. how can you deal with these people?,can you tolerate/allow them if they smoke around you?,do you know the bad impact from smoking?,will you dare to confront them in public smoking-area?(you’ll wait in the same room with them).

(Please be honest).

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I don’t hate anyone – just their words or actions. I have been a smoker and a non-smoker. The only time I hate people for smoking is when they are smoking right into their children’s faces or around them – I feel bad for the children who didn’t choose to be exposed to the smoke. Along the same lines, I do not tolerate smokers inside the public playground where my kids play – I find that to be a problem because they should respect the space where children interact and I tell them so and ask them to put their cigarettes out. Otherwise, when it comes to myself, if necessary, I will move away from a smoker, but I don’t consider it to be such a horrid thing. And, yes I am aware of smoking’s impact, I work for the American Cancer Society.

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I’m a smoker. If my smoking bothers you, let me know – I’ll smoke somewhere else. Just because I like to smoke doesn’t mean I’m an inconsiderate asshole :)

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It depends on the type of smoke it is. I won’t be around cigarette smoke. My man likes to smoke cigars, but he brushes his teeth before he kisses me or whatever. Marijuana smoke is ok in my book. I think I’d actually rather hang out with weed smokers than those who don’t smoke weed lol.

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i can’t even tolerate myself smoking

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I don’t hate them at all. Why would I? Strangely enough I don’t mind being around smokers. I don’t smoke myself but I don’t mind the smell and don’t freak out about it lingering on my clothes etc. If I enjoy the company of someone then I won’t leave just because they are smoking.

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I can’t be around cigarette smoke. I used to have to back in the 80s when offices were not smoke-free, but my tolerance has really decreased.

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I hate cigarette smoke. I’ve dated a smoker and my extended family has a lot of smokers in it (Grandma’s whole house reeks of cigarettes) but I really prefer not to be exposed to it. Luckily I rarely am, so on occasion when I’m outside and a friend (or Granny) lights up, I just stand upwind and deal with it.

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I agree with much of what @Simone_De_Beauvoir said. I quit smoking 7 years ago. When I smoked, I was considerate of others. That is all I ask in return. I get a terrible reaction to smoke now. My mother smokes, and when I visit her I always return home with a headache and soar throat.

It angers me when I see someone driving around with a cigarette and they have children in their car, then they toss their butt out the window. I hate coming across cigarette butts on the playground. When I am grocery shopping and someone is near me that smells like smoke, I leave the area or try to find what I’m looking for quickly so I can get away from the person. I’m the same way with those that wear strong cologne. I’m just sensitive to strong smells now.

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I don’t hate smokers, but I do hate smoke and can’t stand to be around it (which makes the fact that I don’t hate smokers irrelevant – as they’ll never know why I avoid them).

Problem is I grew up with a chain smoker (2–3 packs-a-day) and thought nothing of it.

After I moved out (after about 6 months), I noticed I coudn’t go back and visit often. I would develop a cough, headache and feel nauseous. I now feel the same way just being around any smoker.

Sorry smokers – no offense. Just stand (way) over there please.

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@cprevite cheers to you for growing up with a chain smoker and never picking up the habit!

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My wife used to smoke. She’s quit now, but she will occasionally get offended when I express my opinion of smokers:

I saw a lady in a red muscle car puffing on a cigarette and pretty much ignoring the rest of traffic. I said [outloud], “Put the cigarette out and drive, you stupid smoker!”. My wife heard me and said, “You don’t know she’s a ‘stupid smoker’” I said “Ok, I’ll reserve judgement until I see what she does with the butt.” The strip we were on is filthy with cigarette butts.

So, no, I don’t hate smokers, but I hate what they do, and I am apt to call them names.

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Hating someone for smoking is the same as hating them for wearing certain clothes or having a certain hairstyle you don’t like. It’s their choice to smoke, and if it bothers you, simply avoid that behavior.

I’ve had plenty of friends who smoked. I liked them for who they were, and just didn’t stay around them when they smoked. I abhor the act of smoking and what it does to the environment, people who inhale the smoke second-hand, and the smokers’ own bodies. I try to deter people who are interested in starting smoking, and if I know smokers who want to quit, I give them all the encouragement and support I can muster. If the person is a grown adult who has no intention of quitting, arguing with them is pointless.

However, smoking around one’s own children and babies is absolutely unforgivable in my eyes. If I see someone I don’t know doing this I will immediately have a very negative opinion of them, and if I do know does it, I’ll be sure to make a comment.

Luckily, I’ve heard that smoking has decreased in a lot of industrial countries. I can’t wait for the day when the human race realizes how stupid it really is and finally stops for good. If that day ever comes, that is.

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@ParaParaYukiko people will always find a high/be addicted to substances.

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It depends on what the person is smoking. I hate cigarettes or any tobacco products, I love to smoke marijuana and the smell of marijuana smoke.

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What I really hate is people who think that their rights outweigh those of others. Some people want to smoke, and there are fewer and fewer places where people can actually do it. So if you don’t like it, then you leave. I am not a smoker.

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I don’t hate the people themselves, unless they’re doing it intentionally, of course. But asthma really isn’t a fun thing to have. And smoking just makes that a whole lot worse.

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Does anyone else think marijuana smoke smells like skunk spray? I didn’t think anyone actually liked the way it smelled!

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I know, I know, but I can’t dream, can’t I?

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@fireinthepriory Me and my whole family loves it. Now you know, there are people who like it. lol

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I don’t like smoking but the people who do it I don’t always hate. A friend of mine smokes, I don’t hate her but she knows there’s no smoking at my house unless she’s outside. @daemonelson – I also have asthma which is why I don’t allow it in the house, plus I don’t want the furniture to smell of smoke.
So unless someone is blowing smoke in my face on purpose then I don’t have a problem with it. One of my relatives died of lung cancer because she smoked so even if asthma wasn’t an issue I still wouldn’t smoke nor would I even consider allowing it inside.

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@tinyfaery What if he/she come into my house?,you suggest me to leave my own house then?.

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Yeah. That is exactly what I meant.~

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If the smoker could evict you from your own house long enough, could they claim ownership by squatters rights?

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@tinyfaery you were talking more about public places right ?

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Yeah. I thought that was fairly obvious.

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I occasionally smoke ciggies when I drink, but, being around it too long (with a roomful for smokers) gives me a headache.

My girlfriend and I often smoke cigars (out on her deck) when hanging out at home (usually, with a glass of wine in tow). And, of course, we smoke bud , occasionally.

I’m always respectful of others when smoking. I never smoke in anyone’s home, nor in my own. I’ll go outside. No biggie. If it’s cold, I put on my warm woolies.

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lol it was, I was asking because of what Doctor D said to you

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@Doctor_D Wow, that’s pretty harsh. I smoke occasionally, and I always try to be considerate of other people by smoking outside and away from other people. I don’t think my rights to do something harmful outweigh other people’s right to be away from it. But there are fewer and fewer places where people are allowed to smoke, and we’ve already had to adapt our habits in a lot of ways. I’d appreciate a little consideration in return. A lot of non-smokers have some really harsh language for smokers, and sometimes it makes me wonder why I am bothering to be considerate.

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The main issue here is respect. Non-smokers should respect smokers and vice-versa. There’s no need to get into someone’s face. Politeness is the key.

The only thing that really bothers me about banning smoking in certain places is when it’s banned in bars. “Could you please put out that cigarette? I’m killing my brain cells and trying to sleep with a drunk whore over here!” Businesses should have the right to choose to ban smoking or not to ban it.

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@Sampson—drunk whore?! harsh—

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir They’re out there. I’ve seen them. They wear body glitter and drink daiquiris.

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I smoke, but it’s the people are inconsiderate about smoking that bother me. If someone nicely asks me to put out my cigarette I gladly will.

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I am a smoker and I can’t say I hate others, but I can’t stand it when other smokers blow the smoke into the faces of the elderly and the young children. I don’t smoke when there are children around and if I am at a bus stop and there is no wind I actually ask if there is smoke getting into their faces. It’s weird but it’s my common courtesy. If it is I move or put it out.

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I ate the smoke mostly. I know some nice people that are smokers, I don’t mind being around them until they start smoking. I have held my breath numerous times while walking past smokers. I would recommend that they find somewhere that isn’t a main walkway to smoke.

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no, i don’t mind smokers. because i know that within a few months or years, they’ll get struck with lung cancer or something similar and die.

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Here, there is no indoor public smoking. All smoking must be done out-of-doors, including bars, restaurants, etc. I have no reason to hang around outside in smoking areas. In my home, people must go outside to smoke.

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I can’t tolerate smokers cuz im kind of upset for them not at them. They’re killing themselves…and they like it __

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Some of these comments actually make me WANT to start smoking again! Jeeze! I pray that none of you ever gets addictied to anything. Kicking any serious addiction is pure hell.

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I don’t hate smokers, since I was one for several years. I am very understanding actually, and even though I try to persuade/help my friends to quit, I know how they feel. But I really can’t stand the smell in my own home, so they have to smoke on the balcony.

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Of course I don’t hate them, I once was a smoker. I quit by accident, I ended up with chemically induced pneumonia once from a chlorine leak. The final touch was an allergic reaction to a water proofing shoe spray. I couldn’t smoke if I wanted to and when I pass through the smokers outside the door I hold the cough until I’m away from them. I know how hard it is to quit and I don’t want them to feel any worse than they already do. I just can’t tolerate the smoke. Hell, I can’t even smoke a joint, my throat and lungs close right up.

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My very best friend is a smoker and I love him. But, he abides by all my preferences. He doesn’t smoke around me and he is an outdoor smoker by choice, so I don’t have to smell it on him. He also doesn’t LITTER his effing butts all over the freaking place.

I appreciate reading what you had to say, @eternal_serenity, but I think, unfortunately you are not in the majority. If I was around a stranger who was smoking and told them it was bothering me, I’d probably get a few choice words and maybe a hand gesture or two. Or maybe I just anticipate that because that’s how my mother would always react (complete with blowing the smoke directly in our faces).

A few weeks ago, I was entering the mall when a very nice man and I sort of did the, “Go ahead…” “No, you go ahead” dance for a second. He said, I want you to go first because I’m going to put out this cigarette and I don’t want to get the smoke on you. So, I know you exist out there, you considerate smokers you!

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@Sampson fascinating. and none the wiser.

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@Jack79 me too.

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I think it is frankly ridiculous to hate someone because they smoke.

If it is a public area where smoking is allowed, even, why would you have to “confront” them, anyway? Go away if it bothers you, or ask them nicely if they could move downwind, or whatever. You won’t instantly develop lung cancer or die from breathing smoke once.

And even if it is a non-smoking area, you can just politely say, “excuse me, but you are not allowed to smoke here” and point to the sign. Hate is completely out of proportion even then.

Oh, and I don’t smoke myself, nor do I find the smell pleasant. But neither do I think the world needs to revolve around my preferences or even my health.

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Me thinks the question is a wee bit biased.

I don’t hate someone because they smoke. I don’t hate someone because they don’t agree with my life principles. I don’t hate someone because they do something I wouldn’t do.

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I don’t hate anybody. Whether I like people or not has nothing to do whether they smoke or not. I like many people who are smoker. When they smoke I usually am not around. It’s none of my business.

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Hate is a very strong emotion. I personally try not to judge people either.

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This question comes, to me, at a fortuitous time. My wife made a deal, she’ll quit smoking if I quit using the MasterCard. Even better, I can still use my debit card, as long as I give here the receipts. Win, Win for all around. So far, I’ve gone almost three weeks without using the card.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@Ron_C what a wonderful compromise!

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I just hope her addiction isn’t as strong as mine. Another month and I may take up smoking.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@Ron_C Let’s hope

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I loathe smokers. I’m pretty certain I developed asthma from being around them as a child. I remember playing in a poorly ventilated house (babysitter’s, perhaps) where the smoke stayed forever. It was fun at first, then we had to all go outside because we were literally sick of it. We were children, and we had no idea how bad for us that smoke was…

My asthma has only resurfaced recently. Laughter is the only trigger, thankfully, so I can still be active. I can’t laugh or I’ll have a painful coughing fit. I haven’t laughed in a month.

I really hate those smokers that just say, “Deal with it. We can hardly smoke anywhere anymore…” No, YOU deal with it. When you smoke near me you inflict pain on my lungs. If you were assaulting me directly, you’d face consequences. Say I should move? I say I have the right to remain where I stand without you being detrimental to my health.

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Yeah. The world should cater to you.~

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@Knarfu – Not if the smoking takes place in a smoking-permitted area and especially not if the smoker was there first. In that particular instance, the smoker has just as much right to be there as you do. To say otherwise would indicate that you; 1) willingly place yourself in jeopardy by 2) having prior knowledge that a smoker was already in the area and 3) that you purposefully entered the area just to bitch and complain about it. That would be a pretty lame and petty tactic for anyone to use. Try that one around me and not only would I eagerly and avidly tell you to go f**k yourself, but the smoke would quickly become the least unhealthy thing that you might experience.

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Internet tough guy detected.

I said nothing about entering a smoking area and demanding that they not smoke. You’re awfully violent and presumptuous, truly a credit to the smokers.

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@Knarfu – I didn’t say that I smoked, but I know what it feels like to be singled out. If a non-smoker is going to be anally-retentive enough to give someone shit about smoking they should respond with the same level of assholiness. The point I was trying to make was that if a smoker is sitting in a park or on a street corner bus stop or wherever and someone walks up to them demanding that they put out their cigarette, I highly doubt they’re going to be very receptive. As far as violence and aggression, I’ve seen much more hostility, outward hatred and aggression being directed at smokers in the above comments than I’ve ever heard from a smoker. Those folks are clearly a credit to non-smoking jerks everywhere.

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I give them shit because I never CHOSE to have a life-changing illness. Why defend their bad habit when they hurt themselves, hurt others, and put money in the pockets of people would profit off their suffering?

I’m hateful and aggressive towards them because no matter how healthy I eat, how fit I am, I will ALWAYS have this illness.

Insult me over the net all you want, it will never change how I feel.

Rufus_T_Firefly's avatar

@Knarfu – So, you excuse your own hate-speak and condemn smokers for theirs? Quite the double standard you’ve got going there. And you wonder why smokers give you shit right back? You get what you give. Nobody CHOOSES to have a life-changing illness. I didn’t CHOOSE to have coronary artery disease either, but if I resort to your form of logic, then I should hate everyone who ever cooked a greasy hamburger or anyone who added extra gravy to my mashed potatoes? Please spare us.

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That’s some pretty bad logic you have there, yourself. When you were a child, were you force-fed greasy foods? Does eating greasy foods not just hurt you, but everybody around you? Do children develop coronary artery disease prior to becoming an adult from second-hand GREASE?

Rufus_T_Firefly's avatar

As a matter of fact, many children do. I was forced to eat what was put before me and, since I was a child, I couldn’t buy, cook or prepare my own cuisine and poor people ate a lot of fried foods in those days. I wasn’t obese or overweight and as far as I knew was in good health up until a few years ago. I didn’t even know I was susceptible until I had to have some blood work done after I collapsed at home. My doctor told me that I needed surgery to place a stent.

It is a medically-proven fact that the unborn DO inherit certain maladies and various other tendencies from the mother’s DNA, the blood circulating through the mother’s womb, her personal hygiene, her vices, her habits and her environment. We’ve all heard the horror stories of babies born addicted to drugs thanks the the mother’s addiction. A death from coronary artery disease is no different than any other unnecessary death. It affects those closest to the deceased, so, yeah, I guess it does hurt others.

Sorry, but your personal angst and apparent self-pity don’t justify your hate and they don’t justify your loathing of ALL smokers.

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I smoke and have always been a considerate smoker. Even before anyone mentioned the effects of second hand smoke. I always perferred to smoke outside an away from people. I don’t like smoke blowing in my face, so why would I inflict it on someone else.
However, I agree with @Rufus_T_Firefly. I find it equally annoying that sometimes people will go outside and follow me to converse and then ask me to turn off my ciggarette because its blowing in their face. I always respond with, ” I came outside to smoke away from them to begin with, so no I won’t put it out.” However, if they come outside with a child I will turn it off, simply because the child doesn’t understand what a dope his parents are being.
I can’t stand people who smoke around children either. They don’t have a choice in the matter.
However an adult who goes nears a smoker has a choice to go up wind or simply not be near the smoker.
I make no appologies for my smoking. And yes I do know what I am doing to my body. And somedays I can’t stand smoking and wish I could quit.
But the choice is mine. I harm no one else with my choice, no more so than an alcoholic who drinks in private and is harmless when drunk.

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I smoked until January now, I cant stand them smokers.

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