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What do you like or dislike about Fluther?

Asked by Blondy (150points) January 14th, 2010
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I am new here….....

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The moderation, and many of the peoples comments really get me laughing sometimes, that is the best part of Fluther. If a place makes you laugh, it can’t be bad.

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Only the smart survive here. It is like the biggest enemy of Nambla. It separates the men from the boys.

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The people are what’s great about Fluther, but the people are also what’s bad about Fluther. I like many of you, but god damn, sometimes… I’m sure I’m the same way with others.

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@ragingloli And the women from the girls?

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nice to meet you all

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I love the honest discourse.
I hate when it breaks down to knee jerk flame wars.
I like the intelligent reflection and sharing of different ideas.
I love strong opinions which foster the dialectic process.
I hate when people slam the door on new or different ideas.
I love when we can adapt new information to our own.
I love when we can have differences and still give each other lurve.

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I love the fact it gives me something to do on the internet when I’m bored.

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Oh and also I sometimes hate that I feel compelled to respond to a question or comment at times. It’s like a voice mail from three thousand miles away. There’s an addictive quality about it that I have to walk away from for my own peace of mind.

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You should notice an improvement in your writing in RL…

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Fluther has given me the opportunity to become friends with people of different ages from all around the world. Something that wouldn’t normally happen living in a small town in central Illinois. Most of the people here are very helpful and caring when you need help or advice.

Dislikes? A few can be rude and hurtful at times. Such is life.

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What isnt great are the odd Mac fanboy or that the first comment is at the top. It should be the comment with the most great answers should be at the top. What is great is that any question will be answered. except for mine.

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I love the interaction with so many people. Some are incredibly bright and gifted in certain areas, so it’s possible to learn a great deal and form some lasting friendships with incredibly interesting people.

I don’t like the lack of indented threading and wish it were easy to attach images and videos. has Fluther beat hands down on those two issues.

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Like: The quality questions that we used to have often.

Dislike: The quality of questions we’ve been having lately.

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One of the smartest groups of people I’ve ever had the privilege to interact with. Funny, too, which is always a plus!

Psst, @AstroChuck. So go ask a great question, would ya?

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Hell, Auggie. Mine have sucked too lately.

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@AstroChuck Make sure you put NSFW in the title. You’ll get tons of responses!~

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Ain’t that the truth. :)

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I like that they try to raise the bar a little. I don’t like stupid questions.

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I dislike constant questions about what people like or dislike about fluther. There are a million of them. You can do a search and find all of them and it’d take a week to read them all.

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@AstroChuck omg…you got a GA. Who would do such a thing?. ;)

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I like picking through the questions, and I like the way the place evolves.

I’m not keen on some of the rules people try to inflict on the place.

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Also I like the varying questions. From the profound to the down right stupid.

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I like fluther because being a part of the community has done as much to develop my written communication skills as any class has. But unlike class I only have to take the assignments I want.

I think being able to put together short, but efficient arguments for your position helps you to learn proper persuasive writing skills faster than writing a few essays does. It has also taught me to recognize what I want out of a debate or discussion before I start running my mouth. And I’m getting better at recognizing when a person isn’t worth talking to because they have no interest in logical discussion. Though I still can’t bring myself to exit a debate until I’ve addressed all their points and they are just repeating themselves or spouting gibberish. Fortunately that doesn’t happen excessively around here.

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I love the intelligent community and the level of discourse is really unsurpassed on the Internet, most likely because of excellent moderation and great guidelines for questions and answers.

I dislike the fact that the amount of lurve you get for an answer seems to be directly proportional to how early in the thread you answer a question. I wish there was some function incouraging keeping old questions with great discussions alive, and promoting great answers even though they are given long after the question was asked.

I also wish there would be some way to see the answers with the most GA’s (today, this month/week, ever). I would love to be able to find those great answers that teach you something.

I would also like if when asking a question, there was some function that searches the archive and presents similar threads, and you had to make sure your question was somewhat unique, or has not been answered properly before being allowed to ask it again. Ie. some moderation to try to keep the amount of stock duplicate questions off the front page (for example “what is the meaning of life” or “does god exist”).

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@nisse You can search for similar questions beofre posting one. Put your key words in the search box at the top right of the home page and similar question results should appear.

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@janbb I know you can search for similar questions, thank you though. However I doubt that more than a handful new posters actually go through the trouble of searching before asking (I know I didn’t when i started posting here).

I think if showing questions that appear similar was an automatic part of the process of asking questions on this site, and that you had to make sure there weren’t any duplicates before asking, and duplicates were moderated more often, that more people would return to old discussions, and there wouldn’t be as many duplicate questions as there is now.

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@nisse Ah -got it.

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