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Music folk, which song of Clapton's ends with that beautiful instrumental bit (no vocals)

Asked by Jude (32198points) January 17th, 2010
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You know what I’m taking about?

Don’t you?

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Um, you’ll have to be more specific. Have you tried looking up his music on YouTube and skipping to the end of his songs? He’s been very prolific, and many of his songs have instrumental ends.

Can you tell us what kind of instrument?

Tears In Heaven is a very popular one you may have heard.

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@jmah: What kind of instruments, darling?

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Need more information.

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Derek and the Dominoes-Layla (of course!)

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@asmonet A little bit of everything. I think that it’s Layla. Hold on, let me check.

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@sndfreQ and @uberbatman, jinx you owe me a Coke!

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was I the 92nd caller?!?!

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Okay, Derek and the Dominoes (Clapton). It’s Layla.


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Now go to bed.

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Yes, Mom. ;-)

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Tuck me in? ;-)

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Not recognizing Layla instantly is sacriligious. You know Clapton’s nickname is God, right?

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Of course, the piano outro. Perfect end to that song.

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Go to bed right now!

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Girl, I’ve slept all day. I’m wide awake. It’s just that my body is weak (pneumonia).

I’ll try.

(@tinyfaery and I have been pming this evening. She’s just looking out for me. I’m not due for an ass-kicking, really. She means well. :))

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@jmah : did you ask this because of the golden globe awards? i have it recorded and just heard layla played in a montage…. if you didn’t, strangeeeee.

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Here’s a trivia quiz for you Clapton fans: His other nick name was Slow Hand. Know why?
no fair leaving here and googling/wikiing…

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