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Whats the name of the band with the song '37 stiches'?

Asked by DOMINO (146points) January 19th, 2010
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I have an mp3 player that I can record songs off of the radio on to. And the reseption wasn’t so good at the time so I want to download it off the internet but i don’t know the name of the band. The song go’s like this ’‘and i sit hear, waiting for you, to say anything at all, cause you know you are the only one my little taste of hevan, and you know, that i am, the only one, your bitter taste of hell!’’ Anyone know it?

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Damn it I was beat. grrrr

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Nothing came up, DROWNING POOL! lol,be nice.

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Bahhh why was it removed? It was the correct answer. Oh well, Drowning Pool and it’s off of the album Full Circle in which they also cover Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell”. Pretty good cover.

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oooooooooh. Drowning pool is the name of the band, not an insult. Ok thnxs

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[mod says] Telling people to use google in a snarky way or using “let me google that for you” isn’t allowed. Even if it’s followed by the right answer.

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