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Do you suppose that anybody actually believes what comes out of Hugo Chavez' mouth?

Asked by Nullo (21978points) January 21st, 2010
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For instance, he’s now saying that the Haitian earthquake was caused by a U.S.-made earthquake bomb that was tested prior to using it on Iran.

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i would beware to not underestimate the man, obviously the statement alone is more science fiction and madness than reality, but i dont think he is insane. some of the moves he has made so far, specially internally have been quite crafty and clever.

i wonder what he is trying to do here, it must be some publicity thing going on, or maybe he is looking for alliances in the middle east or something.

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Only faux news, they will believe anybody

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@NadaNormal is this a fox video then? this ’‘RT’’ thing. that would explain a lot. if fox are reporting it i imagine hugo probably actually said: “im going for a shit, ill brb.” and glen beck and co. filled in the blanks.

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This comes on the heels of Chavez declaring that the U.S. was sending troops to Haiti in order to occupy it, and not for the humanitarian reasons claimed.

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I think he’s just upset because his name is Hugo. I mean honestly, that’s like a bad cartoon characters name…..... In fact he’s like a bad cartoon character…... so… maybe it’s just a self fulfilling prophecy.

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@Nullo i think its probably a case of trying to bash USA’s reputation. keep the hate going among the masses.

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Unfortunately, I think that there will be people who will believe him.
The same people who believe that no man ever walked on the moon (it was all faked).
Also the same people who think that the US government planed, and then arranged to have planes fly into the WTC.

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Not that it’s worth it for everyone to go down this path, but since you asked, there are two “facts” in his accusation that are either true or untrue. 1) Whether there is such a thing as an earthquake bomb or weapon, and 2) whether the US used such a weapon against Haiti.

I think by and large most people still can’t imagine that the weather or tectonics can be modified or weaponized aside from what we hear about manmade causes of global warming and lukewarm (at best) efforts to make it rain or not rain (a la the 2008 Olympics).

I personally think it’s well within the realm of possibility based on the reading I’ve done. Here are just a couple of examples:

Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen said in 1997 that Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.

An Air Force document about weaponizing the weather.

Alluded to in the Space Preservation Act of 2001.

Finally, a Wired magazine article about ways to induce man made quakes and similar speculation about one of the recent big quakes in China. My point with these articles being that a man made quake is within the realm of possibility.

So, obviously it’s easy to react to this kind of statement by calling it science fiction, madness and conspiracy foolishness, but above there are three government documents from government/mainstream Web sites that all acknowledge or aspire to the possibility.

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@wilma yea, plenty of people will believe it. there are part educated westerners that believe some really crazy things, with all the poverty they have out there, i imagine education levels are far lower. i would be amazed if less than 20% of the population believed him.

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@kevbo i think one thing is to aspire to something, another is to do it. controlling the weather is the ultimate wet dream of weaponry. but looking at some quick numbers off google, i still have to say its science fiction. at least a 7.0 earthquake.

according to the richter scale, a 7.0 earthquake delivers 32 megatons of energy. the nuke that was dropped on hiroshima in ww2 was 1.2 megatons. the largest nuke ever testes was the tsar, 50 megatons.

so, with a nuke just a little smaller than the largest one ever, you could deliver the same kind of energy as a 7.0 earthquake. but thats only delivering the same amount of energy we are talking about here. to actually provoke a 7.0 earthquake, i imagine you would need a brutal amount of energy.

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@poisonedantidote, I’m sure that’s true. You’re assuming, understandably, that this is a “bomb” in a conventional sense. It’s within the realm of possibility that it could be an energy-based or wave-based weapon.

I’m not going to go 12 rounds with you on this, however. I just want to throw out the possibility and the documents that back it up.

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@kevbo well, i dont doubt for a moment they would if they could. in fact i would be a little disappointed if someone somewhere has not already worked on this.

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I believe him. He did, after all, call Dubya the devil.

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the durr is strong with some people, apparently

Nobody capable of thinking critically should believe most of the crap that comes out of his mouth, especially anything about a *gasp, super evil Dubya-powered Haliburton Earthquake Bomb!

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